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Nuala - Nurit

Nuala1, var. Nula, Nualla
Short form of Fionnula (Irish, Gaelic) ..

Var. of Fionnula. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic. "White shoulder."

.. a region in ancient Africa, in ..

Nunzia, var. Nunciata
Stems fr. Italian word. "Messenger."

Nura, var. Nuru, Nurine, Nureen, Nur
Derivative of Arabic, Aramaic words. "Light."

From Hebrew element. "A plant with yellow or red flowers."

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1. Nuala - Nurit
Nuala [Nula, Nualla], Fionnula [Nuala], Nubia, Nunzia [Nunciata], Nura [Nur, Nuru, Nurine, Nureen], Nurit


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