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Shi- baby names and what they mean, with 19 results. Shi- names are used more often as feminine names.

Shianna - Shivonne

Form of Shyanne. Root fr. Native American Indian. "Unintelligible speakers."

Var. of Sheba. Based on Hebrew word. "Promise."

Shiela, Shila, Shilah, Shilea, Shilla
Forms of Sheila. From Irish, Gaelic language. "Blind."

Shifana, Shivaun1, Shivawn, Shivonne1
Forms of Chevonne. Stems fr. Hebrew. "God is gracious."

Shifra, var. Shifrah
Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Lovely."

Shiloh, var. Shilo
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "His gift."

Var. of Shalom. Root fr. Hebrew element. "Peace."

Shimona, Shimonah
Var. of Simone. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Hear, listen."

Var. of Sinead. Origin fr. Irish, Hebrew words. "God is gracious."

Var. of Shanelle. Source fr. American word. Modern phonetic spelling of Chanel, the ..

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shi- names: Shiela, Shilo, Shiloh, Shira, Shirl

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Shi- names: Shirlee, Shirleen, Shirlene, Shirley, Shirly

Shiona, Shionagh
Var. of Sheena. Stems fr. Irish element. .. Made popular by singer Sheena Easton.

Form of Cheryl. Derived fr. French, Greek elements. "Cherry fruit; green gemstone."

Var. of Cherise. Based on Old French word. "Cherry."

Form of Cherie. Derived fr. French element. "Dear, darling."

Shireen, Shirine
Forms of Shereen. Derived fr. French, Persian languages. "Dear; sweet."

Shiri, var. Shira, Shirah, Shirit
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "My song."

Shirley, var. Shirell, Shirelle, Shirely, Shirl, Shirlea, Shirleen, Shirlee, Shirleigh, Shirlene, Shirlinda, Shirline, Shirly, Shirlley, Shirlyn
From Old English language. "Bright meadow."

Shirvaun, Shivahn, Shivaun2
Forms of Siobhan. Root fr. Irish, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious."

Var. of Shavonne. Origin fr. American, Hebrew words. "God is gracious."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Shi- names for girls.

1. Shianna - Shivonne
Shyanne [Shianna], Sheba [Shieba], Sheila [Shila, Shiela, Shilah, Shilea, Shilla], Chevonne [Shifana, Shivaun, Shivawn, Shivonne], Shifra [Shifrah], Shiloh [Shilo], Shalom [Shilom], Simone [Shimona, Shimonah], Sinead [Shinead], Shanelle [Shinella], Sheena [Shiona, Shionagh], Cheryl [Shiral], Cherise [Shirece], Cherie [Shiree], Shereen [Shireen, Shirine], Shiri [Shira, Shirah, Shirit], Shirley [Shirly, Shirlyn, Shirleen, Shirlene, Shirline, Shirlley, Shirleigh, Shirlinda, ..], Siobhan [Shivaun, Shivahn, Shirvaun], Shavonne [Shivonne]