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Virginia - Virtue

Virginia, var. Virgy, Virginnia, Virginie, Virgine, Virgina, Virgenya, Virgie, Virge1, Virgene, Virgena, Virge2
Origin fr. Latin. "Maiden."

Viridiana, var. Viridis, Viridianne, Viridianna, Viridian, Viridia, Virdis
Source fr. Latin element. "Green."

Var. of Verna. Derivative of Latin element. "Spring green."

Source fr. Latin. "Strength."

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1. Virginia - Virtue
Virginia [Virgy, Virge, Virgie, Virgine, Virgina, Virginie, Virgenya, Virginnia, ..], Viridiana [Virdis, Viridis, Viridia, Viridian, Viridianne, Viridianna], Verna [Virna], Virtue