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A baby names and what they mean, with 452 results. The most fashionable names for newborns in this list are Abel (#125), Amir (#188), Archer (#289), Asher (#83) and Axel (#123), while Arana (top 3%) and Abreu (2%) are common A- surnames. Here is the list of A- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Aadi, Aaron, Aarron, Ab, Abbas

Root fr. Danish, Latin words. "From Hadria." Outside Top 2000.

Root fr. Sanskrit element. "Beginning." Aadit is also a somewhat popular baby name. See also Adi.

From Old German element. "Ancestor." Unconventional. Compare Aage and popular -age last names Wage (top 34%), Cage (4%). See also Ase.

Stems fr. Sanskrit language. "Light of divinity." Aralok and Arlok are creative forms. See also Alik.

Aaron and variantsAaron, var. Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaronas, Aaro, Aaronn, Aarron, Aeron, Aaryn, Aeryn, Aharon, Ahren, Ahran, Ahron, Airen, Aran, Airyn, Arand, Arek, Arend, Aren, Ari, Arin, Aron, Arnie, Aronne, Arran, Arun, Arron, Auron, Ayren, Ayron
Based on Hebrew language. "Mountain of strength." Adoption of Ahran and forms was well-received among parents in 1994 and is lower today, with Arron becoming less trendy.

Abbas and variantsAbbas, var. Ab1, Abba1, Abbe1, Abbie1, Abbey1, Abo
Stems fr. Arabic, Hebrew elements. "Stern, somber; father." Abbas, Abba, etc. are hardly found as masculine names.

Abbey and variantsAbbey2, var. Abbie2, Abby1
.. Political activist Abbie Hoffman. Abbey, Abbie and Abby are hardly found as men's names.

Abbott and variantsAbbott, var. Ab2, Abad, Abba2, Abe1, Abbe2, Abbey3, Abbie3, Abby2, Abbot, Abot, Abott
Stems fr. Old English. "Father, priest." Abbott, Abbey, etc. became more popular in 2015, rising on average +14 positions as baby names with Abe rising the most.

Root fr. Arabic element. "Servant." Compare last names Abdi (upper 9%), Abdo (10%). See also Abot.

Source fr. Hebrew word. "My servant." Abdi, like the similar-sounding Abid, occurs more often as a surname. See also Abda.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Abbie, Abbott, Abdul, Abdullah, Abe

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Abel, Abelardo, Abie, Aharon, Aren

Top 2000 baby names ranking of A- names: Ari, Arin, Arnie, Aron, Arron, Arun

Abdul and variantsAbdul, var. Ab3, Abdal, Abdall, Abdallah1, Abdalla1, Abdel, Abdell, Abdellah, Abdella1, Abdoul, Abdoull, Abdoullah, Abdoulla, Abdull
Source fr. Arabic word. "Servant." Abdul, Abdel, etc. became more trendy in 2015, gaining +139 positions as children's names with Abdul leading the upswing.

Abdullah and variantsAbdullah, var. Abdalah, Abdalla2, Abdallah2, Abdualla, Abdella2, Abdulah, Abdulla, Abedellah
Derived fr. Arabic. "God's servant." Adoption of Abdullah and variants as birth names in 2015 was down 4.6% compared to the previous year.

Abe and variantsAbe2, var. Abey1, Abie1
Based on Hebrew. Short form of Abner, Abraham, and .. Abe is a frequently occurring (upper 70%) given name, while Abey and Abie are scarcely used.

Abednago, var. Abednego
From Aramaic language. "Servant of Nabu." Outside Top 2000.

Abejundio, var. Abejundo
Stems fr. Spanish. "Bee-like." Abejundio and Abejundo are not in the Top 2000.

Abel and variantsAbel1, var. Abe3, Abele, Abell, Abey2, Abelson, Abie2, Able, Avel
Source fr. Hebrew element. "Breath, vapour." Abel and Abe were among 2015's Top names.

Abelard and variantsAbelard, var. Ab4, Abbey4, Abby3, Abel2, Abe4, Abelardo
From Old German element. "Noble strength." Abel is a contemporarily stylish version.

Abia, var. Abiah, Abija, Abijah, Aviah, Avia
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "God is my father." Not in Top 2000.

Abid, var. Abidan
Derivative of Arabic, Hebrew words. "God's worshipper; God knows." Not in popularity charts.

Abiel, var. Abiell, Abyel, Abyell, Aviel, Ahbiel
Source fr. Hebrew. "My father is the Lord." Scarce as children's names, but Abiel, Abyell, etc. are comparable to the more familiar Adiel.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for A- names for boys.

1. Aad - Abiel
Aad, Aadi, Aage, Aalok, Aaron [Ayron, ..], Abbas [Abo, ..], Abbey [Abby, ..], Abbott [Abott, ..], Abda, Abdi, Abdul [Abdull, ..], Abdullah [Abedellah, ..], Abe [Abie, ..], Abednago [Abednego], Abejundio [Abejundo], Abel [Avel, ..], Abelard [Abelardo, ..], Abia [Aviah, ..], Abid [Abidan], Abiel [Aviel, ..]

Abimelech, Abir [Abiri, ..], Abisha [Abishai, ..], Abner [Avner, ..], Abraham [Avrom, ..], Abram [Avrom, ..], Absalom [Avsholom, ..], Abundio [Abundo, ..], Acacio [Accacio], Ace [Acie, ..], Acel, Acelin, Achav [Achiav], Achava [Ahava], Achidan [Avidan, ..], Achilles [Aquilles, ..], Achishar [Avishar, ..], Aciano, Acilino, Acim [Ahim, ..]

Ackerley [Ackerly, ..], Acton, Adael [Adayel], Adair [Adayre, ..], Adal, Adalfieri [Adelfieri], Adalgiso [Adelgiso], Adalhard [Adellard, ..], Adalric [Adelrick, ..], Adam [Atkins, ..], Damek [Adham, ..], Adamson [Addamson, ..], Adar, Addison [Adisson, ..], Addy [Ado, ..], Adel [Adal], Edel [Adlin, ..], Adelmar, Adelphe [Adelphus, ..], Aden [Adon, ..]

Adham, Adil [Adiel, ..], Aditya, Adiv [Adeev], Adlai [Atli, ..], Adler, Admon, Adnah [Adin], Adnan, Adney, Adolph [Adolphus, ..], Adonia [Adoniya, ..], Adonis [Adonys, ..], Adrian [Aydrien, ..], Hadrian [Adrien, ..], Adriel [Adriell], Adulio, Aed, Aegeus [Aigeus, ..], Emil [Aymil, ..]

Aeneas [Ainneas, ..], Aengus, Aeolus [Aiolus, ..], Eric [Arrick, ..], Aeson, Ethelred [Aethelred], Ethelwulf [Aethelwulf, ..], Kofi [Afi], Afif, Afton [Affton], Agamemnon [Agamenon, ..], Agapito [Agapios, ..], Agathias [Agathos, ..], Agilan, Agnolo, Ahab, Ahearn [Aherne, ..], Ahiram [Achiram], Ahmed [Amed, ..], Ahsan

Aidan [Aydin, ..], Aiken [Aykin, ..], Ailesh, Aime, Aimery [Aymery, ..], Aimon [Aymon, ..], Ainsley [Aynslie, ..], Ainsworth [Answorth], Ethan [Aitan], Ajax [Aias], Akalanka, Akbar, Hakeem [Akeem], Akeem [Akim, ..], Akeno, Jehoiakim [Akim], Akim, Joachim [Akim], Akira, Akiva

Jacob [Akiva], Akmal [Aqmal], Akshan, Aktaion, Al, Alain [Allain], Alaire [Alair], Alamar [Alomar], Alan [Alyn, ..], Alard [Aliard, ..], Alaric [Alrick, ..], Alasdair, Alastair [Alyster, ..], Alban [Aubin, ..], Albern, Albert [Aubert, ..], Albin [Aubin, ..], Albion, Alcander [Alkender, ..], Alcott [Alkott, ..]

Alden [Alwine, ..], Aldo [Alldo, ..], Aldous [Alldo, ..], Aldred [Alldred], Eldred [Aldred], Aldrich [Audric, ..], Aldwin [Alswynn, ..], Alec [Alick], Aled, Alejandro [Alexandro, ..], Alek, Alem [Alerio], Aleron [Aileron], Alex [Allex, ..], Alexander [Alyksandr, ..], Alexis [Alexy, ..], Alfio, Alfonso [Alphonz, ..], Alford [Allford, ..], Alfred [Avery, ..]

Alger [Allger, ..], Algernon [Allgernon, ..], Algis, Ali [Alia], Alison [Allyson, ..], Alistair [Aly, ..], Allard [Allart, ..], Ellard [Allerd, ..], Allaster, Allen [Allyn, ..], Almanzo, Almarine [Almarino, ..], Aloiki, Elois [Aloysius, ..], Alon [Allon], Alonzo [Alonso, ..], Louis [Aloysius], Aloysius [Aloys, ..], Alpha [Alfa], Alpheus [Alphoeus, ..]

Alphonse [Alphonzus, ..], Alpin [Alpine], Alston [Allstonn, ..], Alta [Altus, ..], Altair [Altayr, ..], Alter, Altman [Altmann, ..], Elton [Alton], Alton [Alten, ..], Alucio [Aluzio, ..], Aluf [Aluph, ..], Alun, Alured [Ailured], Alva [Alvah, ..], Alvar [Alverio, ..], Alvaro [Alavaro], Alvern, Alvin [Aylwin, ..], Alvis [Alwyss, ..], Elvis [Alvys, ..]

Amadeus [Amyot, ..], Amadour [Amadore, ..], Hamal [Amal, ..], Amal [Amel, ..], Amalio [Amelio], Amaram, Amarillo, Amasa, Amaury [Amory], Ambrose [Amby, ..], Amerigo [Amerikus, ..], Emery [Amory, ..], Ames [Aymes, ..], Amid, Amiel [Amyel], Amil, Hamilcar [Amilcare, ..], Amin [Amyn, ..], Emir [Ameer, ..], Amir [Amiri, ..]

Amit, Amitai [Amitay], Amjad [Amjed], Ammar [Amr, ..], Ammon [Amnon, ..], Eamon [Aymon, ..], Amor, Amory [Amry, ..], Amos [Amoss, ..], Amram, Amrit, Amyas [Amyees, ..], Anacletus [Anacleto], Anael, Anakin [Ani], Analu, Anastasios [Anstice, ..], Anatole [Antoly, ..], Anchor [Anker, ..], Leander [Ander]

Anders [Andersson, ..], Andino, Andre [Aundre, ..], Andreas, Andrew [Antero, ..], Andrian, Andrik [Andrick, ..], Androcles [Androclus], Aneirin [Aneurin], Aneislis, Anfernee [Anferney], Angel [Anyoli, ..], Angus [Anngus, ..], Hannibal [Anibale, ..], Anicho, Aniketos [Anisio, ..], Ankur, Annan, John [Anno], Henry [Arrigo, ..]

Anscom [Anscoombe, ..], Ansel [Ansell, ..], Anselm [Anso, ..], Ansley [Ansly, ..], Anson [Ansson, ..], Anstice [Anstiss], Antaeus [Anteus, ..], Antares, Antenor, Anthony [Antwuan, ..], Antioco [Antiochus, ..], Antoine [Antwone, ..], Anton [Andon], Antonio [Antonius, ..], Anwar, Anwell [Anwyll, ..], Aodh [Aodhagan], Aonghas [Aonghus], Orestes [Aresty, ..], Apollo [Apolo, ..]

Apolonio [Apollonius, ..], Apostolos, Aquila [Aquilla, ..], Aquilo [Aquillo, ..], Ara, Harold [Arry, ..], Aram [Arram], Aramis, Arcadio [Arkady, ..], Arcelio [Aricelius, ..], Archard [Archerd], Archelaus [Arkelaus, ..], Archer, Archibald [Arquimbaldo, ..], Archie, Archimedes [Arquimedes, ..], Ardal [Ardghal], Ardell [Ardel], Arden [Arrden, ..], Ardian

Ardley [Ardsly, ..], Ardmore [Ardmorr], Ardon [Arden], Arduino, Ares, Argento [Argentino, ..], Argus [Argos], Argyle [Argyll], Ari [Arye, ..], Aric [Arrick, ..], Ariel [Aryell, ..], Aries [Ariese, ..], Arion [Aryon, ..], Aris [Arris], Aristeo [Aristos, ..], Aristides [Aristide, ..], Aristotle [Ary, ..], Arius, Arjay, Arjuna [Arjun]

Erland [Arlan], Orlando [Arlando], Harley [Arley, ..], Arledge [Arrledge, ..], Arlen [Arrlen, ..], Arley [Arly, ..], Arliss, Harlow [Arlo], Arlo [Arrlo, ..], Arman [Armante, ..], Armand [Armondo, ..], Herman [Armino, ..], Armani [Armahni, ..], Armin [Arminius, ..], Armon [Armoni], Armstrong, Arnan, Arnaud [Arnault, ..], Arne [Arnie, ..], Arnett [Arnott, ..]

Arni, Arno [Arnowe, ..], Arnold [Arny, ..], Arnon, Aron, Arran [Arron, ..], Arrigo, Arrio [Aryo, ..], Arrow, Arsenio [Arsino, ..], Art, Artair, Artemas [Arty, ..], Arthel, Arthur [Arty, ..], Arun, Arundel [Arundell, ..], Arvad [Arvie, ..], Arvid, Arvin [Arwyn, ..]

Arvind, Ary [Aryeh, ..], Asa [Ase], Asad [Assad, ..], Asael [Asiel, ..], Asaph [Asiph, ..], Esbjorn [Asbjorn], Ascanius, Ascot [Ascott], Hasdrubal [Asdrubale], Asen, Asgard, Ash [Asshe, ..], Ashbel, Ashby [Ashton, ..], Asher [Asser, ..], Ashford [Ashenford, ..], Ashley [Ashlynn, ..], Ashraf, Ashton [Aston, ..]

Ashur [Asher], Ashwin [Ashywyn], Asim [Aseem], Eskel [Askell, ..], Aslan, Aspen, Aston, Astraeus [Astraios], Aswin [Aswynn, ..], Atahualpa, Athanasios [Athanasius, ..], Athelstan, Athens [Athenios], Atherton, Athol [Atholl], Athos, Atif [Atiph, ..], Atlas [Attlas], Atley [Attley, ..], Atli

Atreo, Atsushi, Atticus, Attila [Attilio, ..], Atwater [Attwater], Atwell, Atwood [Atwoode], Atworth, Auberon [Auberron], Oberon [Auberron, ..], Aubrey [Avery, ..], Auburn, Auden, Audey [Audie], Audley, Audric, August [Austin, ..], Augustine [Avgustin, ..], Augustus [Austyn, ..], Aurelio [Aurelo, ..]

Osten [Austin, ..], Austin [Austyn, ..], Autha, Autry [Autrey], Ava, Avenall [Avenill, ..], Averett [Averret, ..], Everett [Averitt, ..], Averill [Avryll, ..], Avery [Avry, ..], Aviel [Avyel], Aviram [Avi], Avishai, Avital [Amital], Aviv, Avner, Avon, Avram [Avrum, ..], Avshalom, Axel [Axl, ..]

Ayers, Elmer [Aymer, ..], Aylmer [Ayllmer, ..], Aylward, Ayman [Aymeen], Azam, Ezra [Azur, ..], Azariah [Azuriah, ..], Azim [Azeem, ..], Aziz, Azrael, Azriel [Azryel, ..]

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