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Bar- baby names and what they mean, with 34 results. Bar- names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the top of their popularity during 1950-1959 (usage of 0.3%) and are now much less conventional (usage 0.1%, 75.8%), with names such as Barry becoming less fashionable. Barrett (#313) is the most trendy boy name among these, while Bartz (top 4%) and Barley (5%) are conventional Bar- last names.

Bar- names

Bar - Barney | Barnum - Baruch

Bar - Barney

Bar1, Bard1, Barde1, Barr1
Var. of Baird. Source fr. Gaelic, Scottish, Irish languages. "Poet, one who sings ballads." Common as surnames. Compare Bard (top 3%) and popular surnames Bisard (top 64%), Bierd (67%), which also end with -rd.

Bar2, Barklay1, Barkley1, Barklie1, Barrclay1
Forms of Berkeley. Derivative of Old English element. "The birch tree meadow." Bar (upper 20%) and Barkley (2%) exist often as surnames.

Barack, var. Barak, Barrak
Derived fr. Hebrew, Swahili, African languages. "Lightning; blessing." Compare last names Barck (upper 55%), Barac (83%).

Derivative of Hebrew word. "The nation's son." A rare baby name, Baram is found more commonly as a last name. See also Byrum.

Barber, var. Barbar, Barbour
Derivative of Old French word. "Beard." Barbor and Berber are creative forms.

Barclay and variantsBarclay, var. Bar3, Barcley, Barklay2, Barkley2, Barklie2, Bartley, Barrclay2
Based on Scottish, Old English. "Birch tree meadow." Barkley and variants were popular as birth names during 1900-1909.

Bard2, var. Bar4, Barde2, Barden1, Bardo, Bardon1, Barr2
Source fr. English, Irish languages. "Minstrel, singer-poet." Uncommon, with the androgynous-sounding -rd suffix for Bard, like Byford.

Barden2, var. Bardon2
Stems fr. Old English word. "Barley valley." Barden and Bardon are infrequently used male names.

Bardolf, var. Bardolph, Bardou, Bardoul, Bardulf, Bardulph
Root fr. Old English word. "Axe-wolf." Not in Top 2000.

Bardrick, var. Bardric, Bardrich
Derived fr. Teutonic element. "Axe-ruler." Unique. Bardrick, similar to Brick, Barrick, has the -ick ending.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bar- names: Barnard, Barnet, Barnett, Barney, Barnie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bar- names: Barrie, Barron, Barry, Bartley

Root fr. Arabic language. "Noble." Barek is unique as a children's name. See also Tarek.

Origin fr. Old German. "Hard bear." Not in Top 2000. See also Brand.

Based on Old English element. .. Used more frequently in the 19th .. Uncommon. Barker, similar to Baker, Becker, ends with -ker.

Source fr. Old English. "Birch valley." Barksdale is a sparsely used male name, occurring frequently (upper 2%) as a last name.

Barlow, var. Barlowe, Barrlow
Stems fr. Old English language. "The bare hillside." Not in popularity charts.

Barnabas and variantsBarnabas, var. Barna, Barnaba, Barnabe, Barnabee, Barnabey, Barnabus, Barnabie, Barnaby, Barnebas, Barnebus, Barney1, Barnie1, Barni, Barny1
Based on Greek, Aramaic languages. "Son of consolation." Usage of Barney as a children's name has dwindled circa the 1880s.

Bernard and variantsBarnard, Barnardo, Barney2, Barnhard, Barnhardo, Barny2, Barnie2
Forms of Bernard. Source fr. Old French, Old German languages. "Strong, brave bear." Less popular today. Barney was the version last appearing (1980-1989) in the Top 2000.

Derivative of Old English language. "Near the barns." Outside Top 2000. See also Burns.

Barnett and variantsBarnett, var. Barnet, Barney3, Barnie3, Baronet, Baronett, Barron, Barrie, Barry
Source fr. Old English. "Burned clearing." Barney (top 58%) and Barry (11%) are conventional given names.

Barney4, var. Barnie4, Barny3
Origin fr. English element. Pet form of Barnabas and Barnaby .. Barney is found often (upper 1%) as a surname.