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Bon- baby names and what they mean, with 5 results. Bonnett (TOP 5%) and Bonin (5%) are common Bon- last names.

Bon- names

Bonamy - Boniface

Bonamy, var. Bonami
Derivative of French. "Good friend." Banamy and Bennamy are creative forms.

Bonar, var. Bonner, Bonnar
Root fr. Old French word. "Gentle, mannerly." Bonar, Bonnar (compare Banar, Monar) are common -nar suffix surnames.

Bonaventure, var. Bonaventura
Derived fr. Latin word. "Good fortune." Not in popularity charts.

Derivative of Middle English, Old English. "Peasant farmer." Bon is a moderately popular kid's name. See also Boyd.

Boniface and variants

Boniface, var. Bonifacy, Bonifacius, Bonifacio, Boni, Bonfecio
Root fr. Latin word. "Fortunate, auspicious." Bonifacio is familiar as a boys' name among the versions of Boniface.

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1. Bonamy - Boniface
Bonamy [Bonami], Bonar [Bonner, Bonnar], Bonaventure [Bonaventura], Bond, Boniface [Boni, Bonifacy, Bonfecio, Bonifacio, Bonifacius]

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