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C baby names and what they mean, with 411 results. The most trendy birth names in this compilation are Camden (#104), Carter (#24), Clark (#373), Colton (#59) and Corbin (#221), while Cao (TOP 2%) and Cates (1%) are familiar C- surnames. Here is the list of C- names for girls.

Caballero - Caerwyn | Caesar - Caley | Calhoun - Canice | Canning - Carlyle | Carmel - Carver | Carwyn - Cato | .. - .. | Cuthbert - Czar

Caballero - Caerwyn

Top 2000 baby names ranking of C- names: Cade, Caden, Cadyn, Caelan, Caiden, Cayden

Root fr. Spanish word. "Horseman." Caballero (compare Calero, Carralero) is a common -lero suffix last name.

Cable, var. Cabell, Cabe
Origin fr. Old French. "Rope-maker." Cable, Cabe and Cabell are rare as birth names.

Cabot, var. Cabbot
Source fr. French language. "Strolling player." Cabot and Cabbot are not in the Top 2000.

Cadby, var. Cadbie, Cadbey, Cadbee
Derivative of Old English language. "Fighter's settlement." Cadby, Cadbie, etc. are seldom used as children's names.

Caddis, var. Caddiss, Caddice
From Old English language. "Worsted fabric." Caddis, Caddice and Caddiss are not Top 2000 names.

Cade and variants

Cade, var. Caden1, Caide
Based on Old English, Old French elements. "Round, gentle; cask." Caide and variants were favored by parents in 2007 and are less widespread today.

Cadell, var. Caddell, Cadel
Based on Welsh word. "Battle." Cadell, Cadel and Caddell are hardly found as men's names.

Kaden and variants

Caydon, Caydin, Cayden1, Caidon, Caydan, Caidin, Caiden, Caden2, Caidan
Var. of Kaden. Based on Arabic language. "Companion." Conventional, with usage of 0.277% for Caden and variants as birth names in 2015, though lower than 0.285% the year before.

Caden and variants

Caden3, var. Cayden2, Caedan, Cadyn, Cadan, Cadon
From Scottish language. "Son of Cadán." Common, with usage of 0.21% for Caden and variants as birth names in 2015, but lower than 0.214% in 2014.

Cadfael, var. Cadoc1
Stems fr. Welsh word. "Battle metal." Cofael and Coffael are creative variations.

Root fr. Welsh. "Battle peak." Rather quaint as a birth name. See also Cadman.

Origin fr. Anglo Welsh element. "Battle." Not in popularity charts. See also Cadmar.

Cadmus, var. Cadmuss, Cadmos, Cadmo, Cadmar
Root fr. Greek language. "From the east." Unusual, with the common -us suffix for Cadmus, like Caduceus, Cronus.

Derived fr. Welsh language. "Battle." Outside Top 2000. See also Cadog.

Cadogan, var. Cadog, Caddock
Source fr. Welsh element. "Battle glory." Unusual. Cadogan (compare Conan, Calan) has the -an suffix.

From Greek word. .. the caduceus was the insignia of .. Not in popularity charts.


Form of Kaelan. Stems fr. Gaelic word. Meaning uncertain. Somewhat atypical as a children's name. Cross-gender use.

Caelan2, var. Caley, Calan
Root fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Slender." Somewhat common as baby names, Caelan, Calan, etc. are pronounced like the popular Callan.

Caeo, var. Cayo, Caio
Root fr. Welsh element. Name of a village and parish .. Cheo is a slightly favored baby name.

Based on Welsh word. "Love, fair, blessed." Caerwyn is uncommon as a birth name. See also Corwyn.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for C- names for boys.

1. Caballero - Caerwyn
Caballero, Cable [Cabell, ..], Cabot [Cabbot], Cadby [Cadbie, ..], Caddis [Caddiss, ..], Cade [Caden, ..], Cadell [Caddell, ..], Kaden [Caydon, ..], Caden [Cayden, ..], Cadfael [Cadoc], Cadfan, Cadman, Cadmus [Cadmuss, ..], Cadoc, Cadogan [Cadog, ..], Caduceus, Kaelan [Caelan], Caelan [Caley, ..], Caeo [Cayo, ..], Caerwyn

Caesar [Cezar, ..], Gaetano [Cayetano, ..], Kane [Cathan, ..], Gaius [Caio, ..], Cai [Caw, ..], Cailean [Cailin], Cain [Caine], Caine, Caird [Cairde, ..], Cairn [Cairns, ..], Cairo, Caius [Caio, ..], Cajetan [Cajetano, ..], Cal, Calder [Caulder], Caldwell, Cale [Cayle, ..], Kaleb [Caleb], Caleb [Cayleb, ..], Caley [Caily, ..]

Calhoun [Colquhoun, ..], Callan [Cailean], Callis [Callyx, ..], Calogero [Calogeros], Calum [Colum, ..], Calumet [Callumet], Calvert [Calbert], Calvin [Calvino, ..], Camden [Camdon, ..], Kameron [Cameron], Cameron [Camry, ..], Camilo [Comillo, ..], Campbell [Campbel], Campion [Campian], Kennedy [Canady, ..], Canby [Canbie, ..], Candelario [Candelero, ..], Candido [Candidio, ..], Canfield, Canice

Canning [Cannan], Cannon [Canon], Knute [Cnut, ..], Canute [Cnut], Canyon, Caolan [Caolain, ..], Capp [Capps, ..], Caradoc [Caradog], Cardell [Cardelle], Carden [Cardon, ..], Carew [Crewe, ..], Karl [Carl], Carl [Carel], Carley [Carleigh], Carlin [Carly, ..], Carlos [Carrlos, ..], Carlow [Carlowe], Carlsen [Carlsson, ..], Carlton [Charlton, ..], Carlyle [Carly, ..]

Karmel [Carmelo, ..], Carmelo [Carmello, ..], Carmichael, Carmine [Carmino, ..], Kernaghan [Carnahan], Carnell [Carnelle, ..], Carney [Carny], Carollan [Carolan, ..], Caron, Carpenter [Charpentier], Kerr [Carr], Carr, Carrick, Carrington [Caryngton, ..], Carroll [Caryll, ..], Carson [Cason, ..], Carswell [Caswell], Carter [Cartrell, ..], Carvell [Carville, ..], Carver

Carwyn [Caerwyn], Cary [Carrey, ..], Case, Casey [Caycey, ..], Kacey [Casey], Cash [Casshe], Casimir [Caz, ..], Caspar [Cass, ..], Gaspard [Casper], Caspian, Cassander [Cassandero, ..], Cassian, Cassidy [Cassidey, ..], Cassiel, Cassius [Cassio, ..], Castor [Castorio, ..], Cathal [Cal], Cathan, Catlin [Cattlin], Cato [Cayto]

Catullus [Catullo], Cavan, Kavan [Cavan], Kavanagh [Cavanaugh, ..], Cavanagh [Cavanaugh], Caxton, Ceallach, Cecil [Celio, ..], Cedric [Cedro, ..], Cedro, Seferino [Cefirino], Celesto [Celindo, ..], Celio, Celso [Celsus, ..], Cephas, Sereno [Cereno], Ceri, Cesar [Chezare, ..], Cetus, Chad [Chadwick, ..]

Chadwick [Chadwyck], Chai, Chaim [Chayyim, ..], Chairo [Chiro], Chalkley [Chalklie, ..], Chalmers [Chambers, ..], Chamberlain [Chambers, ..], Champ, Champion [Champeon, ..], Chan, Chanan, Chance [Choncey, ..], Chancellor [Chaunce, ..], Chand [Chandan, ..], Chandler, Chaney [Cheney, ..], Chang, Chaniel [Chanyel], Channing [Channon, ..], Chano

Enoch [Chanoch], Chanoch [Chanok, ..], Chantrey [Chantry], Chaparral [Chaparall], Chaplin [Chappelin, ..], Chapman [Chappy, ..], Chappel [Chaps, ..], Charles [Chuck, ..], Charlie [Charly], Charlton [Charleton, ..], Charro, Chase [Chayse, ..], Chauncey [Chawncey, ..], Chaviv, Chayo, Chaz [Chazz, ..], Joseph [Che], Che, Cherokee, Cherut [Cheroot]

Chesley [Chesly, ..], Chesney [Chesny, ..], Chessie, Rochester [Chet, ..], Chester [Chet, ..], Chetwin [Chetwynn, ..], Chevalier [Chevy], Chevron, Chevy [Chevall, ..], Cheyenne [Chayann, ..], Cheyne [Cheney, ..], Chick [Chik, ..], Francisco [Chico], Chico, Francis [Curro, ..], Chiko, Chilton [Chill, ..], Chino, Chip [Chipper], Choni

Koresh [Choresh], Chris [Cris, ..], Christian [Cristy, ..], Christie [Christy], Christmas, Christopher [Cristovano, ..], Chuck [Chuckie], Churchill [Churchil], Cian, Kieran [Ciaran], Ciaran, Cicero, Cid [Cyd], Cillian, Cimarron [Cimeron], Cincinnatus, Cipriano [Cyprien, ..], Ciriaco, Ciro, Scirocco [Cirocco]

Cirrus, Cisco, Nicholas [Collin, ..], Claiborne [Claybourne, ..], Clair [Claro, ..], Clancy [Claney, ..], Clare [Clayre, ..], Clarence [Clarry, ..], Clark [Clerk, ..], Clarrie, Claude [Clodomiro, ..], Claus [Clause, ..], Claxton, Clay, Clayborne [Clayburn, ..], Clayland, Clayton [Clayburn, ..], Cleander, Cleanth [Clianthes, ..], Cleary

Cleavant [Cleevont, ..], Clement [Clemmy, ..], Cleon, Cleophas [Cleophus, ..], Anacletus [Cletus, ..], Cletus [Clitus, ..], Cleveland [Clevon, ..], Cliff [Clyffe, ..], Clifford [Clyford, ..], Clifton [Clyffton, ..], Clinton [Clintt, ..], Clitus, Clive [Clyve, ..], Clovis [Clovito, ..], Cloy [Cloyd, ..], Cluny, Clyde [Clydell], Coakley [Cokely, ..], Jacob [Cobi, ..], Cobb [Cobbett]

Cobden [Cobdenn], Kobi [Coby, ..], Cobham [Cobbham], Coburn [Cockburne, ..], Coby [Cobie, ..], Cochise, Cockrell [Cockrill, ..], Cody [Codie, ..], Coffin [Coffen], Colbert [Culbert, ..], Colburn [Collburn, ..], Colby [Collby, ..], Colden [Colldin, ..], Cole [Colson, ..], Coleman, Coleridge [Colrige, ..], Colgate [Colegate], Colin [Colyn, ..], Coll [Colla], Colley [Collis, ..]

Collier [Collyer, ..], Collin [Collins, ..], Collins, Colman [Coleman], Colt [Coulter, ..], Colter, Colton [Colten, ..], Colum [Columcille, ..], Columbus [Colombo, ..], Colville [Colvill, ..], Colwyn [Colwynn, ..], Comanche, Comhghall, Como, Comstock, Comus, Conall [Connell, ..], Conan [Connie, ..], Concord, Coney

Conlan [Connlyn, ..], Conley, Conn, Connor [Conor, ..], Conrad [Curt, ..], Conroy, Gonzalo [Consalvo], Constant, Constantine [Costa, ..], Consuel [Consuelo], Conway [Conwy], Cook [Cookie, ..], Cooper [Coop], Cope, Corbett [Corby, ..], Corbin [Cory, ..], Corbinian, Corcoran [Cork, ..], Cordell [Cordelle, ..], Cordero [Cord]

Corey [Curry, ..], Corin [Cyran, ..], Cork, Corliss [Corley, ..], Cormac [Cormick, ..], Cormick [Cormic, ..], Cornelius [Cornilius, ..], Cornell [Corney, ..], Cornwallis, Corridon, Cort [Curt, ..], Cortez [Cortes], Corvin, Corwin [Corwynn, ..], Cory [Corey], Corydon [Coryell, ..], Cosgrove [Cosgrave], Cosmo [Cosme, ..], Costas [Costa], Coster

Cotton [Cotten], Coty, Coulson [Colson], Council [Counsel], Courtland [Courtlandt, ..], Courtney [Curt, ..], Covell, Covert [Couvert], Covey [Covvey], Covington, Cowal, Cowan [Coe], Cowrie [Cowry, ..], Cox [Coxey, ..], Coy [Coye], Coyan [Coyne], Coyle, Craddock [Cradock, ..], Craig [Craik, ..], Cramer [Cram]

Crandall [Crandell, ..], Crane [Crayne, ..], Cranford [Cranfurd], Cranley [Cranly, ..], Cranston, Craven, Crawford [Crawfurd], Cree, Creed [Creedon], Creek [Creik], Creighton [Crichton, ..], Cresswell [Creswill, ..], Crisanto [Crizanto, ..], Crispin [Crisspin, ..], Cristian [Chrystian], Cristofer [Cristoval, ..], Crockett [Croquett, ..], Crofton [Croffton, ..], Cromwell, Cronus [Cronan]

Crook [Crooks, ..], Crosby [Crosbie, ..], Crosley [Crosslie, ..], Crowell, Crowther [Crothers], Croydon [Croy], Cruz [Cruzito], Cuba, Cullen [Cullinan, ..], Culley [Cully], Culver [Cully, ..], Cunningham [Cunninghame, ..], Curley, Curragh, Curran [Curry, ..], Kern [Curran], Currier [Curry, ..], Curt, Curtis [Curtiss, ..], Custodio

Cuthbert [Cuddy], Cutler, Kyler [Cuyler], Cyd, Cydney, Cyprian [Cyprien, ..], Cyrano [Cyran], Kiril [Cyrill, ..], Cyril [Cyrillus, ..], Cyrus [Cy, ..], Czar

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