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Cl- baby names and what they mean, with 35 results. Adoption of these boy names was at its highest a century ago (usage of 2.54%) and is now significantly lower (usage 0.2%, 92%), with names like Cleveland going out of style. Clark (#373) is the most chic boy name in this compilation, while Clausen (top 2%) and Cleaves (10%) are common Cl- last names. Here is the list of Cl- names for girls.

Cl- names

Claas - Clement | Cleon - Clyde

Claas - Clement

Nicholas and variantsClaas, Claes1, Claus1
Forms of Nicholas. From Greek word. "People of victory." Claus (cf. Chelius, Cineus) is a popular -us suffix surname.

Claiborne and variantsClaiborne1, var. Claiborn1, Claibourn, Claibourne, Clayborn, Claybourn, Clayborne1, Claybourne1
Stems fr. French, German, Old English elements. "Boundary with clover; boundary of clay." Less used today. Claiborne was the variant last listed (1940-1949) in the Top 2000.

Clair and variantsClair1, var. Claire1, Clare1, Claro
Masculine form of Claire (Latin) "bright". Claro is novel as a baby name among the versions of Clair.

Clancy, var. Clancey, Claney
Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Son of Flannchadh." Clancy, Clancey and Claney are barely found as first names.

Clare2, var. Clair2, Claire2, Clarey, Clayre
.. In Thomas Hardy's tragic novel Tess .. Clair (top 5%), Claire (15%), Clare (5%) and Clarey (17%) exist commonly as last names.

Clarence and variantsClarence, var. Claran, Clarance, Clarens, Claron, Claronz, Clarons, Clarrance, Clarrence, Clarrie1, Clarry
Source fr. Latin word. "One who lives near the River Clare." Usage of Clarence, Clarrie, etc. as boys' names in 2015 was 7.8% less than a year ago.

Clark and variantsClark, var. Clarke, Clerc, Clerk
Derived fr. Latin. "Cleric, clerk." Clark and Clarke are more prevalent as birth names compared to Clerc, Clerk.

Source fr. Latin word. "One who lives near the River Clare." Calrie and Claurie are creative forms.

Claude and variantsClaude, var. Claud, Claudan, Claudell, Claidianus, Claudien, Claudicio, Claudino, Claudio, Claudius, Clodito, Claudon, Clodo, Clodomiro
Source fr. Latin. "Lame." Less used today. Claudio was the version last found (2009) in the Top 2000.

Claus2, var. Claes2, Clause
Origin fr. German, Greek. "People of victory." Somewhat common as children's names, Clause, Claus, etc. are comparable to the conventional Claude.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Claiborne, Clair, Claire, Clarance, Clare

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Clarence, Clark, Clarke, Claud, Claude

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Claudio, Claudius, Claus, Clay, Clayton

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Clem, Clemens, Clement, Clemente, Clemmie

Source fr. Old English. "Clark's town." Claxton is unusual as a baby name. See also Caxton.

Based on Old English language. Occupational or place name involving clay .. Clay is commonplace (top 38%) as a male name, and appears frequently (top 1%) as a last name. See also Cal.

Clayborne and variantsClayborne2, var. Claiborn2, Claiborne2, Clay2, Claybourne2, Clayburn1
Source fr. Old English. "Brook near a clay-bed." Clay is a conventional (upper 38%) men's name, whereas Claiborn, Claiborne, Clayborne, Claybourne and Clayburn are rarely used.

Derivative of Old English element. "Land of clay." Unique. Clayland, like Cleaveland, ends with the androgynous-sounding -nd.

Clayton and variantsClayton, var. Claiborne3, Clay3, Clayborne3, Clayburn2
Source fr. Old English language. "Clay settlement." Clay (top 38%) and Clayton (21%) are commonplace given names, while Claiborne, Clayborne and Clayburn are infrequently used.

Combined name .. Cleander is not in the Top 2000. See also Cleandro.

Cleanth, var. Cleandro, Cleanthes, Cleante, Cleanto, Clianth, Cleneth, Clianthes
Origin fr. Greek. .. Critic Cleanth Brooks. Scarce. Cleanth and variants are not found in the US Census.

Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Learned one." Not in Top 2000.

Cleavant, var. Cleavon, Cleevant, Cleeve, Cleevont
Stems fr. Old English word. "Cliff." Outside Top 2000.

Clement and variantsClement, var. Clem, Clemencio, Clemens, Clemente, Clementius, Clementino, Clemmie, Clemmons, Clemmy
From Latin element. "Merciful." Clem (top 3%), Clemens (2%), Clement (1%), Clemente (3%) and Clemmons (3%) exist often as surnames.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Cl- names for boys.

1. Claas - Clement
Nicholas [Claas, Claes, Claus], Claiborne [Claiborn, Clayborn, Clayborne, Claybourn, Claibourn, Claibourne, Claybourne], Clair [Claro, Clare, Claire], Clancy [Claney, Clancey], Clare [Clair, Claire, Clarey, Clayre], Clarence [Clarry, Claron, Clarons, Claronz, Clarens, Clarrie, Clarrance, Clarrence, ..], Clark [Clerk, Clerc, Clarke], Clarrie, Claude [Clodo, Claudio, Claudon, Clodito, Claudino, Claudius, Claudien, Clodomiro, ..], Claus [Claes, Clause], Claxton, Clay, Clayborne [Clay, Claiborn, Clayburn, Claiborne, Claybourne], Clayland, Clayton [Clay, Clayburn, Claiborne, Clayborne], Cleander, Cleanth [Cleante, Cleneth, Cleanto, Clianth, Cleandro, Cleanthes, Clianthes], Cleary, Cleavant [Cleeve, Cleavon, Cleevant, Cleevont], Clement [Clemmy, Clemens, Clemmie, Clemmons, Clemente, Clemencio, Clementius, Clementino, ..]

Cleon, Cleophas [Cleo, Cleofas, Cleofaso, Cleophus], Anacletus [Cleto, Cletus], Cletus [Cleo, Cleon, Clete, Cletis, Clitus, Cletos, Cleytus], Cleveland [Cleve, Cleon, Clevon, Cleavon, Cleavland, Cleaveland], Cliff [Clyff, Cliffe, Clyffe], Clifford [Cliff, Clyff, Clyford, Clyfford], Clifton [Cliff, Clift, Clyfton, Clyffton, Clyffeton, Cliffeton], Clinton [Clint, Clintt], Clitus, Clive [Clyve, Cleve, Cleavon], Clovis [Clovio, Clovito, Clodoveo, Clovisito], Cloy [Cloyd, Cloyce], Cluny, Clyde [Clydell]

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