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Co- baby names and what they mean, with 106 results. Co- names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the height of their popularity 22 years ago (adoption of 2.8%) and are somewhat less popular today (adoption 1.9%, 31.3%), with names such as Coty becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy boy names among these are Colton (#59), Corbin (#221), Colt (#337), Cooper (#77) and Colten (#548), while Coats (top 1%) and Compton (1%) are popular Co- last names. Here is the list of Co- names for girls.

Co- names

Coakley - Coleridge | Colgate - Comhghall | Comillo - Conyngham | Cook - Cort | Cortez - Cowal | Cowan - Coyle

Coakley - Coleridge

Coakley, var. Coakly, Cokeley, Cokelie, Cokely
Origin fr. Old English language. "Charcoal meadow." Coakley, Cokeley (compare Criley, Moakley) are popular -ley suffix last names.

Cob, Cobb1, Cobby, Cobi1
Var. of Jacob. Source fr. Hebrew. "He who supplants." Cob, Cobby, etc. are seldom found as men's names, and Cobb appears often (top 1%) as a surname.

Cobb2, var. Cobbett
Based on Old English language. Probably comes from "cottage" .. Cobb (upper 1%) and Cobbett (39%) appear regularly as surnames.

Cobden, var. Cobdenn
Based on Old English language. "Valley with the cottage." Cobden and Cobdenn were not among 2015's Top names.

Kobi and variantsCobe, Cobey1, Cobi2, Cobie1, Coby1
Forms of Kobi. Based on Hungarian. Variant of Jacob (Hebrew) he who .. Adoption of Cobe, Cobi, etc. as boys' names in 2015 was down 49.2% compared to 2005.

Cobham, var. Cobbham
Source fr. Old English language. "Village with the cottage." Not in Top 2000.

Coburn and variantsCoburn, var. Coburne, Coby2, Cockburn, Cockburne
Stems fr. Scottish, English words. Surname and place name .. Coby has dwindled in popularity as a baby name circa 2001.

Coby3, var. Cobey2, Cobie2
.. Basketball player Kobe Bryant. Coby has waned in popularity as a baby name since 2001.

Stems fr. Native American Indian language. The name of a renowned warrior .. Cochico and Cochile are creative variations.

Cockrell, var. Cockerell, Cockrill
Origin fr. Old French word. "Young rooster." Cockrell, Cockerell and Cockrill were not among 2015's Top names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Co- names: Cobe, Coby, Codey, Codie, Cody

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Co- names: Colbert, Colby, Cole, Coleman, Coley

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Co- names: Colin, Collin, Colson, Colt

Cody and variantsCody, var. Codell, Codey, Codie
Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Helper." Codey, Codie and Cody are more widely used as birth names among these forms.

Coffin, var. Coffen
Source fr. Middle English word. "Basket, container." Coffin and Coffen are rare male names.

Nicholas and variantsColas, Cole1, Colet, Colin, Collin
Var. of Nicholas. Source fr. Greek language. "People of victory." Colas and Colet are more unusual as boys' names among the variations of Nicholas.

Colbert and variantsColbert1, var. Cole2, Colt, Colvert
Root fr. Old French, Old German elements. "Renowned, bright, famous." Colvert is rare as a children's name among the variant forms of Colbert.

Colburn, var. Colbourn, Colbourne, Collbourn, Collburn
Source fr. Old English element. "Cold brook; coal brook." Colbourne and variants are rarely found as male names.

Colby and variantsColby, var. Colbee, Colbert2, Colbey, Colbie, Collby
Source fr. Old Norse element. "Swarthy person's settlement." Usage of Colby and forms was well-received in 2001 and has become less, with Colby becoming less trendy.

Colden, var. Collden, Coldin, Colldin
Root fr. Old English element. "Dark valley." Colden and variants were not among 2015's Top names.

Cole and variantsCole3, var. Coley, Colson
Derived fr. Middle English, Old French. "Swarthy, coal-black, charcoal." Cole is a familiar (top 56%) men's name, while Coley and Colson are unusual.

.. Also derived from the Gaelic personal .. A conventional baby name (#887 the previous year), Coleman is also used conventionally as a last name.

Coleridge, var. Colerige, Colridge, Colrige
Derivative of Old English language. Place name .. Colrige and variants are seldom found as men's names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Co- names for boys.

1. Coakley - Coleridge
Coakley [Cokely, ..], Jacob [Cobi, ..], Cobb [Cobbett], Cobden [Cobdenn], Kobi [Coby, ..], Cobham [Cobbham], Coburn [Cockburne, ..], Coby [Cobie, ..], Cochise, Cockrell [Cockrill, ..], Cody [Codie, ..], Coffin [Coffen], Nicholas [Collin, ..], Colbert [Colvert, ..], Colburn [Collburn, ..], Colby [Collby, ..], Colden [Colldin, ..], Cole [Colson, ..], Coleman, Coleridge [Colrige, ..]

Colgate [Colegate], Calhoun [Colquhoun, ..], Colin [Colyn, ..], Coll [Colla], Colley [Collis, ..], Collier [Collyer, ..], Collin [Collins, ..], Collins, Calum [Colum, ..], Colman [Coleman], Colt [Coulter, ..], Colter, Colton [Colten, ..], Colum [Columcille, ..], Columbus [Colombo, ..], Culver [Colver], Colville [Colvill, ..], Colwyn [Colwynn, ..], Comanche, Comhghall

Camilo [Comillo], Como, Comstock, Comus, Conall [Connell, ..], Conan [Connie, ..], Concord, Coney, Conlan [Connlyn, ..], Conley, Conn, Connor [Conor, ..], Conrad [Cort, ..], Conroy, Gonzalo [Consalvo], Constant, Constantine [Costa, ..], Consuel [Consuelo], Conway [Conwy], Cunningham [Conyngham]

Cook [Cookie, ..], Cooper [Coop], Cope, Corbett [Corby, ..], Corbin [Cory, ..], Corbinian, Corcoran [Cork, ..], Cordell [Cordelle, ..], Cordero [Cord], Corey [Cory, ..], Corin [Corrin, ..], Cork, Corliss [Corley, ..], Cormac [Cormick, ..], Cormick [Cormic, ..], Cornelius [Cornilius, ..], Cornell [Corney, ..], Cornwallis, Corridon, Cort [Courtney, ..]

Cortez [Cortes], Corvin, Corwin [Corwynn, ..], Cory [Corey], Corydon [Coryell, ..], Cosgrove [Cosgrave], Cosmo [Cosme, ..], Costas [Costa], Coster, Cotton [Cotten], Coty, Coulson [Colson], Council [Counsel], Courtland [Courtlandt, ..], Courtney [Courtenay, ..], Covell, Covert [Couvert], Covey [Covvey], Covington, Cowal

Cowan [Coe], Cowrie [Cowry, ..], Cox [Coxey, ..], Coy [Coye], Coyan [Coyne], Coyle

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