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Eli- baby names and what they mean, with 18 results. Eli- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in 2013 (USAGE OF 1.4%) and have remained as popular to this day (USAGE 1.4%, 2.4%). The most trendy boy names in this list are Eli (#53), Elias (#100), Eliezer (#1023), Elijah (#11) and Eliseo (#911), while Eling (TOP 42%) and Eliason (6%) are conventional Eli- last names. Here is the list of Eli- names for girls.

Eli- names

Eli - Eliyahu

Eleazar and variants

Eliezer, Elie1, Eliazar, Eli1
Forms of Eleazar. Root fr. Hebrew word. "God is my help." Elier is also a marginally prominent baby name.

Eli and variants

Eli2, var. Elie2
From Hebrew word. "High." Eli has surged in prominence since 1960-1969.

Elliot and variants

Eliott, Eliot1, Eli3
Var. of Elliot. Derived fr. Greek, Hebrew languages. "Jehovah is God." Popular as last names. Compare Eliot (TOP 21%) and popular last names Ehnot (TOP 89%), Egnot (88%), with the -ot suffix.

Eliachim, var. Eliakim
Source fr. Hebrew language. "God will establish." Eliachim and Eliakim were not Top birth names in 2015.


Root fr. Hebrew. "God is my nation." Somewhat common as a boys' name, Eliam is comparable to the popular Elian. See also Eilam.


Derivative of Spanish, Latin elements. From the clan name Aelianus .. Gender-neutral name. Elian is a unique given name, registering often (TOP 54%) as a surname.

Origin fr. Hebrew language. "My God has answered." Eliana was not among 2015's Top names. Also a girls' name.

Elias and variants

Elias1, var. Eliyahu1, Elis, Eliot2, Elie3, Elice, Elia1, Eliasz, Eli4
Origin fr. Greek, Hebrew. "Jehovah is God." Elias (UPPER 1%), Elia (7%), Elie (9%), Eli (12%) and Eliot (21%) are found commonly as last names.

Eligius, var. Eligiusz, Eligio, Eligia
Based on Latin word. "Elect." Eligius, Eligiusz, etc. are uncommon as birth names.

Elihu and variants

Elihu1, var. Eliu
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "He is my God." Elihu is widely used as a boys' name compared to Eliu.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Eli- names: Eli, Eliam, Elian, Elias, Elie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Eli- names: Eliezer, Elihu, Elija, Elijah, Eliot

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Eli- names: Eliott, Eliseo, Elisha, Eliyahu

Elijah and variants

Elijah, var. Eliyahu2, Eliot3, Elija, Elihu2, Elie4, Elia2, Elias2, Eli5
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Jehovah is God." Elijah and variants became more popular in 2015, rising on average +7 positions as boys' names with Eliyahu gaining the most.

Stems fr. Hebrew. "My God is King." Elimelech was not among 2015's Top names.

Eliphalet, var. Eliphelet, Elifelet, Elifalet
Derivative of Hebrew element. "God delivers me." Elifalet, Eliphalet, etc. are rarely found as male names.

Eliron, var. Eliran
From Hebrew. "My God is song." Not Top 2000 names.

Elisha and variants

Elisha, var. Eliso, Elisher, Elishah, Eliseo, Elisee, Eli6
Origin fr. Hebrew element. "God is salvation." Elisha, Eli and Eliseo are in the Top 2000.

Elisson, Elison
Var. of Ellison. Derivative of Old English language. "Son of Ellis." Compare surnames Elixson (TOP 68%), Eliason (6%).

From Welsh. "Kind." Elisud is not frequently adopted as a baby name.


Root fr. Hebrew. "Jehovah is God." Adoption of Eliyahu as a baby name in 2015 was up 42.6% compared to 2005.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Eli- names for boys.

1. Eli - Eliyahu
Eleazar [Eli, Elie, Eliezer, Eliazar], Eli [Elie], Elliot [Eli, Eliot, Eliott], Eliachim [Eliakim], Eliam, Elian, Eliana, Elias [Eli, Elia, Elie, Elis, Elice, Eliot, Eliasz, Eliyahu], Eligius [Eligia, Eligio, Eligiusz], Elihu [Eliu], Elijah [Eli, Elie, Elia, Elias, Elihu, Eliot, Elija, Eliyahu], Elimelech, Eliphalet [Elifalet, Elifelet, Eliphelet], Eliron [Eliran], Elisha [Eli, Eliso, Eliseo, Elisee, Elishah, Elisher], Ellison [Elison, Elisson], Elisud, Eliyahu

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