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Eu- baby names and what they mean, with 22 results. These boy names were at the height of their popularity during 1920-1929 (ADOPTION OF 0.78%) and are now much less widespread (ADOPTION 0.01%, DOWN 98.2%), with names like Eugene going out of style. Eum (TOP 58%) and Euton (52%) are conventional Eu- last names. Here is the list of Eu- names for girls.

Eu- names

Euan - Euripides | Eusebius - Eustace

Euan - Euripides

Euen1, Euan1
Forms of Ewan. Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "Born of yew; youth." Eren is a slightly prominent boys' name.

Euen2, Euan2
Var. of Evan. Root fr. Hebrew, Welsh, Scottish elements. "God is gracious." Unusual, but Euen is comparable to common last names Juen (TOP 48%), Ebuen (90%), which also end with -uen.

From Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Born of yew; youth." Scarce as a boys' name, but Euan is similar to the more popular Juan. See also Eann.

Form of John. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Esan and Euno are creative forms. See also Eon.

Euclid and variants

Euclid, var. Euclides
The Greek mathematician, generally considered as .. Euclid and forms were popular in the 1880s.

Var. of Edward. Stems fr. Old English language. "Wealthy guard." Eudard is unique as a first name.

Var. of Udell. From Old English element. "Yew-tree valley." Uncommon. Eudel, like Edsel, Eskel, has the -el ending. See also Edel.

Based on Greek word. "Well thought of." Eudocio is not frequently used as a children's name.


Form of Ewald. Origin fr. Old German, Old English languages. "Law-powerful." Slightly infrequent as a birth name, Euell occurs more frequently as a surname.

Form of Yule. Root fr. Old English. "Winter solstice." Euell is scantly used as a given name, appearing often (UPPER 37%) as a surname.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Eu- names: Euclid, Euell, Eugene, Eugenio

Eugene and variants

Eugene, var. Eugeniusz, Eugenius, Eugenios, Eugenio, Eugen
Derivative of Greek word. "Noble aristocrat." Eugene (UPPER 6%) and Eugenio (69%) are recognizable as men's names, whereas Eugen, Eugenios, Eugenius and Eugeniusz are atypical.

From Greek. "Reasoning well." Eulogio is not in the Top 2000. See also Eligio.

Var. of Edmund. Based on Old English element. "Wealthy protector." Unusual, with the -nn suffix for Eumann, like Eachann, Egann. See also Eamann.

From Irish, Scottish element. "Little horror." Unusual. Eunan, similar to Eliran, Ewan, ends with -an. See also Eumann.

Stems fr. Greek language. "Good fortune." Euodias is uncommon as a baby name.

Euphemios, var. Euphemius, Euphemio, Eufemius, Eufemio
Derived fr. Greek. "Well-spoken." Unique, with the -ios suffix for Euphemios, like Eugenios, Eusevios.

Euphrates, var. Eufrates
Derived fr. Turkish. "Great river." Euphrates and Eufrates are rare as baby names.

Var. of Eric. From Old Norse word. "Complete ruler." Not in popularity charts. See also Erric.

Stems fr. Welsh element. "Golden." Eurion is not a Top 2000 name. See also Gurion.

Root fr. Greek element. Greek playwright of the fifth century .. A scarce children's name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Eu- names for boys.

1. Euan - Euripides
Ewan [Euan, Euen], Evan [Euan, Euen], Euan, John [Euan], Euclid [Euclides], Edward [Eudard], Udell [Eudel], Eudocio, Ewald [Euell], Yule [Euell], Eugene [Eugen, Eugenio, Eugenios, Eugenius, Eugeniusz], Eulogio, Edmund [Eumann], Eunan, Euodias, Euphemios [Eufemio, Eufemius, Euphemio, Euphemius], Euphrates [Eufrates], Eric [Eurico], Eurion, Euripides

Eusebius [Eusaio, Eusebe, Eusebio, Eusavio, Eusevio, Eusabio, Eusebios, Eusevios], Eustace [Eustis, Eustiss, Eustashe, Eustachy, Eustazio, Eustaquio, Eustatius, Eustasius, ..]

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