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G baby names and what they mean, with 255 results. The most fashionable baby names among these are Gideon (#328), Graham (#176), Grayson (#47), Greyson (#111) and Gunner (#238), while Giron (top 2%) and Gammon (3%) are familiar G- surnames. Here is the list of G- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of G- names: Gabe, Gabriel, Gadiel, Gael, Gaetano

From Middle English word. "Scoff, joke." Rare. Compare Gabbo and popular surnames Galbo (top 24%), Gobbo (53%), which also end with -bo. See also Gabe.

Origin fr. Old French language. .. The name is famous due to .. Gable is a unique male name, occurring commonly (top 2%) as a last name. See also Gabie.

Gabriel and variantsGabriel, var. Gab, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabe, Gabby, Gabi, Gabie, Gabrian, Gabor, Gabriele, Gabrielli, Gaby, Gabriello, Garbriele, Gavrel, Gavril, Gavriel, Gavrilo, Gay
Source fr. Hebrew language. "Man of God." Gabriel, Gabe, Gavriel and Gay are more popular as baby names among these forms.

Gad, var. Gadi
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Fortune, luck." Gad and Gadi are not often adopted as boys' names.

Gadiel and variantsGadiel, var. Gaddiel
Based on Arabic word. "God is my fortune." Uncommon, with usage of 0.001% for Gadiel and Gaddiel as children's names in 2015, lower than 0.004% the year before.

Source fr. Arabic word. "Shock of corn." Gadish is not frequently adopted as a baby name.

Gael and variantsGael1, var. Gale1
Root fr. French. .. The name may also be a .. Gael and Gale became less popular last year, falling -7 rankings as children's names with Gael dropping the most.

Gaetano and variantsGaetano, var. Gaetan, Gaetane, Gaeton
Source fr. Italian, Latin languages. "From Gaeta." Less used today. Gaetano was the version last appearing (1970-1979) in the Top 2000.

Gage and variantsGage, var. Gaige, Gauge
Derivative of Old French element. "Pledge, oath." Gage, Gaige and Gauge are Top 2000 baby names.

Gahan, var. Gehan
Possibly a Scottish variant of John .. Guhan is a somewhat common birth name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of G- names: Gage, Gaige, Gail, Gaines, Gale

Top 2000 baby names ranking of G- names: Galen, Gauge, Gavriel, Gay, Gayle

Top 2000 baby names ranking of G- names: Gaylen, Gaylon

Gaillard, var. Gaillhard, Gaillardet, Galliard
Derivative of Middle English word. "Brave, cheerful, spirited." Unique. Gaillard, Gaillhard, Galliard, like Giffard, Gardnard, have the -ard ending.

Gaines and variantsGaines, var. Gains, Gayne, Gaynes
May be linked to modern day .. Less popular today. Gaines was the variant last found (1950-1959) in the Top 2000.

Gair, var. Gaer, Geir
From Irish, Gaelic. "Small one." Compare surnames Gaii (upper 94%), Gahr (25%).

Derived fr. Latin word. "Happy." Gabius and Guiius are creative forms. See also Gus.

Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Wave, roller, swell." Also used for girls. Gal is not in the Top 2000.

Galahad, var. Galath
Derived fr. Welsh. "Hawk, hero." Not in popularity charts.

Galbraith, var. Galbrait, Galbreath, Gallbraith, Gallbreath
Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "Foreign Briton." Gallbraith and variants are unique as children's names.

Gale and variantsGale2, var. Gael2, Gaell, Gaelle, Gaill, Gail, Gaille, Gaile, Gayle
Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic, Old English words. "Foreigner; cheerful, happy." Usage of Gale and variants as baby names in 2015 was up 69.5% compared to the previous decade.

Galen and variantsGalen, var. Gaelan, Gaillen, Galan, Galin, Galeno, Galyn, Gaylen, Gaylinn, Gaylin, Gaylon
Stems fr. Greek element. "Calm." Galen, Gaylen and Gaylon are more common as birth names among these variations.

Galfrid, var. Gal2
Galfrid and Gal are not often used as baby names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for G- names for boys.

1. Gabbo - Galfrid
Gabbo, Gable, Gabriel [Gay, ..], Gad [Gadi], Gadiel [Gaddiel], Gadish, Gael [Gale], Gaetano [Gaeton, ..], Gage [Gauge, ..], Gahan [Gehan], Gaillard [Galliard, ..], Gaines [Gaynes, ..], Gair [Geir, ..], Gaius, Gal, Galahad [Galath], Galbraith [Gallbreath, ..], Gale [Gayle, ..], Galen [Gaylon, ..], Galfrid [Gal]

Galil, Galileo, Gall, Gallagher, Gallatin, Galloway [Galway, ..], Galo [Gallo], Galt, Galton [Gallton, ..], Galvin [Galvon, ..], Galway, Gamal [Gemul, ..], Gamaliel [Gmali, ..], Gamble [Gamlin, ..], Ganesh [Ganesha], Gannet [Gannett], Gannon, Harold [Garold, ..], Gardner [Gardnard, ..], Gareth [Gaz, ..]

Garfield [Gary, ..], Garland [Garlyn, ..], Garman [Garrman, ..], Garmon, Garner [Garnier, ..], Garnet [Garnett], Garnock, Garrad [Gerred, ..], Garrard [Gerard, ..], Garret [Gerrity, ..], Garrick [Garryk, ..], Garrison [Garrisson], Garron [Geron, ..], Garroway [Garraway], Garry, Garson, Garth, Garton [Gorton], Garvan [Garvin], Garvey [Garvy, ..]

Garvin [Garwynn, ..], Gary [Gaz, ..], Caspar [Gasper, ..], Jasper [Gasper, ..], Gaspard [Gasper, ..], Gaston [Gastone, ..], Walter [Gualtiero, ..], Gaurav [Gourav, ..], Gautam [Gotama], Gauthier [Gualtiero, ..], Gavan, Gavin [Gwayne, ..], Gay, Gaylord [Gaylor, ..], Gaynor [Gaynnor, ..], Gaz [Gazza], Geary [Gery, ..], Ged, Gedaliah [Gedalya, ..], Geddes [Geddis, ..]

Gefen [Gephaniah, ..], Eugene [Geno, ..], Gene [Geno, ..], Genesis [Ginesis, ..], Janus [Gennaro, ..], Gennaro [Gennaros, ..], Gentian [Genshian], Gentile [Gentilo], Gentry, Jeffrey [Gottfried, ..], Geoff [Geof], Geoffrey [Goiridh, ..], George [Gyuri, ..], Geraint [Gerant], Gerald [Girault, ..], Jerrell [Gerrall, ..], Gerard [Gherardo, ..], Gerasim, Jeremiah [Geremia], Geremia

Gerlach [Gerlaich], Jermaine [Germaine, ..], Germain [Germin, ..], Jerome [Gerry, ..], Geronimo, Gerontius, Jerry [Gerry, ..], Gerritt [Gerrit, ..], Gerry, Gershom [Gerson, ..], Gervase [Gerwazy, ..], Gery, Gethin, Gevariah [Gevarayahu, ..], Ghalib, Ghassan, Ghazi, Jacob [Giacopo, ..], Jacinto [Giacinto, ..], James [Giacomo]

Giacomo, Gian [Gianny, ..], John [Giovanni, ..], Gibbes [Gybbes, ..], Gibor [Gibbor], Gibson [Gilson, ..], Gideon [Gidon, ..], Gifford [Gyfford, ..], Gilad [Gilead, ..], Gilam, Gilbert [Guilbert, ..], Gilbride, Gilby [Gillby, ..], Gilchrist [Gillchrist], Ermenegildo [Gildo], Giles [Gyles, ..], Gill [Gilley, ..], Gillanders [Gillandreis], Gillean [Gillon, ..], Gillecalum

Gillemartin, Gilleonain, Gillespie [Gillis, ..], Gillett [Gillette, ..], Gillies [Gilliss, ..], Gilman [Gillman], Gilmer, Gilmore [Gilmour, ..], Gilon [Gili, ..], Gilroy [Gilray, ..], Gilson [Gillson], Gilzean [Gilleon, ..], Gino [Geno], Jordan [Giordano], Giovanni [Giovonni, ..], Girvin [Girvon, ..], Julius [Giulio], Giulio [Giuliano], Giuseppe, Joseph [Giuseppino, ..]

Giustino [Giusto, ..], Justin [Giusto, ..], Gjorn [Gjurd], Glade [Glades], Gladstone, Gladwin [Gladwynne, ..], Glanville, Glen [Glynn, ..], Glenavon [Glennavon, ..], Glendon [Glenton, ..], Glenville [Glenvill, ..], Glover, Glyndwr [Glyndwer, ..], Gobban, Gobind [Govinda, ..], Goddard [Gotthart, ..], Godfrey [Gyrd, ..], Godric [Goodrick, ..], Godwin [Goodwynne, ..], Golding [Goldman, ..]

Goldsmith [Goldshmidt, ..], Goldwin [Goldwynn, ..], Goliath [Golyath, ..], Gomer, Gonzalo [Gonzales, ..], Goodman [Guttmann, ..], Goodwin [Goodwynn, ..], Goodyear, Gopal [Gopala], Goran, Gordon [Gordy, ..], Gore [Goring], Goren [Gorrin, ..], Gorham, Gorman, Goronwy [Gronwy], Gorrell, Gorton [Gorten], Gottlieb, Gower

Grady [Graidy, ..], Graham [Gram, ..], Granger [Grange, ..], Grant [Grantley, ..], Grantland [Grantly, ..], Granville [Grenville, ..], Gratien [Graziano, ..], Graves, Gray [Grey, ..], Graydon [Grayton], Grayson [Greyson, ..], Graziano [Graciano, ..], Greeley [Greely, ..], Greenwood, Gregor, Gregory [Grzegorz, ..], Gresham, Greville [Grevill], Grey [Gray], Gridley [Gridly, ..]

Griffin [Gutyn, ..], Griffith [Gutyn, ..], Grimaldo [Grimaldi], Grimshaw, Grimsley [Grimsly, ..], Griswold [Griswald], Grosvenor [Grosveneur], Grover, Guaire, Guerrant, William [Guillermo, ..], Guido, Guildford [Guilford, ..], Guillaume [Gwilym, ..], Gulshan, Gulzar, Gunnar [Guntur, ..], Gunnbjorn, Gunnleif, Gur [Guryon, ..]

Gurdeep, Gurinder [Gurvinder], Augustus [Guus, ..], Angus [Gussie, ..], August [Guss, ..], Gus [Gustav, ..], Gustav [Gusztav, ..], Guthrie [Guthry, ..], Guy [Guido], Gwalchmai, Gwayne, Gwyn [Gwynedd, ..], Gwynedd, Gwynfor, Gyan [Gyandev]

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