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Gr- baby names and what they mean, with 29 results. Gr- names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these boy names was at its apex during the years 1960-1969 (USAGE OF 1.31%) and is almost as conventional today (USAGE 1.07%, 18.5% LESS), but with names such as Gregg going out of style. The most fashionable birth names here are Grayson (#47), Greyson (#111), Graham (#176), Grey (#916) and Griffin (#236), while Grafton (TOP 6%) and Grisham (3%) are popular Gr- last names. Here is the list of Gr- names for girls.

Gr- names

Grady - Gridley | Griffin - Grover

Grady - Gridley

Grady and variantsGrady, var. Graidy, Graidey, Gradey, Gradee, Gradea
Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Descendant of Grádaigh." Gradyn is also a somewhat common boys' name.

Graham and variantsGraham, var. Gram, Grahame, Graeme, Graeham
Derivative of Old English element. "Gravel homestead." Popular as last names, and Graham (TOP 1%), Graeham are similar to popular -ham last names Grenham (TOP 75%), Grasham (48%).

Granger, var. Grange, Grainger
Origin fr. Middle French element. "Farmer." Granger, Grainger and Grange are not in the Top 2000.

Grant and variantsGrant, var. Grantley1, Grantham
Derived fr. English, Gaelic languages. "Tall, big." Grant (upper 1%) and Grantham (2%) are found frequently as last names.

Grantland, var. Grantly, Grantley2, Grantleigh
Derivative of Old English language. "The large fields." Grantleigh and variants are not in the Top 2000.

Granville and variantsGranville, var. Grenville, Granvill, Granvile, Granvil
Stems fr. Old French element. "Large town." Less common today. Granville was the variant last appearing (1960-1969) in the Top 2000.

Gratien, var. Graziano1, Graciano1
Derivative of Latin language. "Pleasing." Catien and Gartien are creative variations.

Based on Old English language. Place name .. Less widespread today. Graves was last recorded in 1880-1889 in the Top 2000.

Gray and variantsGray1, var. Grey1, Graye
Root fr. Old English element. "Gray-haired." Adoption of Gray and forms was more pronounced among parents in 2015.

Graydon and variantsGraydon1, var. Grayton
Stems fr. Old English element. Possibly son of the gray haired .. Graydon and Grayton are rarely used as male names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gr- names: Grady, Graeme, Graham, Graig, Grant

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gr- names: Granville, Graves, Gray, Graydon, Grayson

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gr- names: Greely, Greg, Gregg, Greggory, Gregor

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Gr- names: Gregorio, Gregory, Greig, Grey, Greyson

Grayson and variantsGrayson, var. Greyson, Greydon, Graydon2
From Middle English, Old Norse words. "Son of a steward." Usage of Grayson and variants as boys' names in 2015 was significantly more than the previous decade.

Graziano2, var. Graciano2, Gracian
Stems fr. Italian word. "Beloved, dear." Graziano, Gracian and Graciano are barely found as masculine names.

Greeley and variantsGreeley, var. Greely, Greeleigh, Greelea
Based on Old English language. "Gray meadow." Greely is popular as a baby name among the variant forms of Greeley.

From Old English. "Green wood." Greenwood is intermittently used as a given name, existing often (top 1%) as a surname.

Source fr. Scottish, Greek languages. Scottish form of Gregory, and an .. Gregor grew in popularity 55 years ago. See also Gregoire.

Gregory and variantsGregory, var. Grzegorz, Grygor, Grisha, Griogair, Grigorios, Grigory, Grigori, Grigor, Greig, Gregoriy, Gregos, Gregorius, Gregorios, Gregorio, Gregor2, Gregori, Gregoor, Gregoire, Greggory, Gregers, Gregg, Greger, Greg, Greer, Graig, Greagoir
Derivative of Latin, Greek elements. "Watchful, vigilant." Gregos and forms were favored as birth names 6 decades ago and are now less common, with Gregory becoming somewhat outmoded.

Origin fr. Old English word. "Village surrounded by pasture." Gresham is unconventional as a male name, existing commonly (top 2%) as a last name. See also Gersham.

Greville, var. Grevill
Root fr. Old French element. Place name .. Unique, with the unusual androgynous -lle suffix for Greville, like Gaille.

Grey2, var. Gray2
Root fr. Old English word. "Grey hair or beard." Gray has historically been the top pick of parents, though Grey has become trendy as well.

Gridley, var. Gridly, Gridlie
Source fr. Old English element. "Level meadow." Compare last names Grigley (TOP 62%), Grilley (39%).