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H baby names and what they mean, with 294 results. The trendier names for newborns among these are Hank (#534), Harrison (#119), Hayes (#539), Hudson (#65) and Hunter (#41), while Haas (top 1%) and Hanks (1%) are popular H- surnames. Here is the list of H- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of H- names: Haden, Hadi, Hadley, Hagan, Hagen

From Arabic element. "Praiser." Hamad is a somewhat popular boys' name. See also Hammad.

Habakkuk, var. Habacuc, Habbakuk
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Embrace." Not in Top 2000.

Habib1, var. Habeeb
Derivative of Arabic language. "Loved one." Halbib and Harbib are creative variations.

Habib2, Haviv
Var. of Chaviv. Based on Hebrew language. "Loved one." Common as surnames, and Habib (upper 6%) is similar to common last names Heib (upper 60%), Labib (45%), which also end with -ib.

Hackett, var. Hacket, Hackit, Hackitt
Root fr. Old French, German words. "Little hewer (of wood)." Outside Top 2000.

Root fr. Old French, German elements. "Hewer, hacker (of wood)." Unique. Hackman, like Haddan, Heman, ends with -an.

Hadar, var. Hadaram, Hadur, Heder
Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Splendor, glory. ornament; citrus fruit." Hadur and variants are not in the Top 2000.

Hadden and variantsHadden, var. Haddan, Haddon, Haddin, Hadon, Haden
Based on Old English element. "Hill of heather." Usage of Haden as a baby name has faded circa 2003.

From Arabic language. "Leader, guide." Hadi became less popular in 2015, dropping -319 rankings as a boys' name to reach #1886. See also Gadi.

Hadley and variantsHadley, var. Hadlea, Hadlee, Hadleigh, Hadly
Stems fr. Old English element. "Heather meadow." Hadlea and variants are hardly found as male names, and Hadley is found commonly (top 1%) as a last name.

Hadrian1, Hadriano, Hadrien1, Haydrien, Haydrian
Forms of Adrian. Stems fr. Latin. "From Hadria." Not in popularity charts.

Hadrian2, var. Hadrien2
Based on Latin element. "From Hadria." Unusual. Hadrian and Hadrien are not found in the US Census.

Root fr. Hebrew. "Splendor of Jehovah." Uncommon. Hadriel, similar to Harrel, Havel, uses the -el ending. See also Hadrien.

Hadwin, var. Hadwinn, Hadwyn, Hadwynne, Hedwinn, Hedwin
Based on Old English word. "Friend in war." Hadwyn and variants are seldom adopted as baby names.

Hafiz, var. Hafeez, Hapheez, Haphiz
From Arabic language. "Guardian." Not Top 2000 names.

Hagen and variantsHagen, var. Hagan, Haggan
Source fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Youthful one." Adoption of Hagan and forms was common in 2009 and is less today.

Hagley, var. Haglea, Haglee, Hagleigh, Hagly
Origin fr. Old English language. "Enclosed meadow." Hagle (upper 19%), Hagler (4%) are popular last names.

Var. of Chai. From Hebrew. "Living, vital." Not that common as a birth name, Hai is found more frequently as a surname. See also Dai.

Haidar, var. Haider, Haydar, Hayder, Hyder
Source fr. Arabic element. "Lion." Not in Top 2000.

Origin fr. Old English element. "Enclosed with hedges." Haig is not often used as a boys' name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for H- names for boys.

1. Haamad - Haig
Haamad, Habakkuk [Habbakuk, ..], Habib [Habeeb], Chaviv [Haviv, ..], Hackett [Hackitt, ..], Hackman, Hadar [Heder, ..], Hadden [Hadon, ..], Hadi, Hadley [Hadly, ..], Adrian [Haydrien, ..], Hadrian [Hadrien], Hadriel, Hadwin [Hedwinn, ..], Hafiz [Haphiz, ..], Hagen [Haggan, ..], Hagley [Hagly, ..], Chai [Hai], Haidar [Hyder, ..], Haig

Chaim [Hymie, ..], Haim [Hayyim, ..], Aimon [Heman, ..], Chairo [Hiro, ..], Hakeem [Hakim, ..], Hakon [Hako, ..], Hal, Halbert [Halburt], Halden [Halvdan, ..], Hale [Hayle], Halen [Haylan, ..], Haley [Hayley, ..], Halford [Hallford], Hali, Halim, Hall, Hallam [Hallem], Hallberg [Hallburg, ..], Halldor, Halle

Halley, Halliwell [Helliwell, ..], Hallstein, Hallward [Hawarden, ..], Halsey [Halsy, ..], Halstead [Halsted, ..], Halton [Halton, ..], Halvard [Halvor, ..], Ham, Hamal [Hamahl], Hamar, Hamdani, Hamdi, Muhammad [Hammad, ..], Hamid [Hammad, ..], Hamilcar, Hamill [Hammill, ..], Hamilton [Hamill, ..], James [Hamish], Jacob [Hamish]

Hamish, Hamlet [Hamnett, ..], Hamlin [Hamlyn, ..], Hammer [Hammur, ..], Hammond, Hampden, Hampton [Hampten], Hampus, Hamza, Chanan [Hanan], Hancock [Handcock], Hanford, Hani [Hany], Chaniel [Hanyel, ..], Hanif, Hank, Hanley [Henley, ..], Hannan, John [Heanno, ..], Hannibal

Hanoch, Chanoch [Hanok, ..], Jan [Hans], Hans [Hanzel, ..], Hansel [Hanzel], Hanson [Hansson, ..], Anson [Hanson], Hansraj, Harbin [Harben], Harcourt, Harden [Hardon, ..], Harding [Hardinge], Hardwick [Harwyck], Hardwin [Hardwynn, ..], Hardy [Hardey], Harel [Harrell, ..], Harford [Harrfurd, ..], Hargrove [Hargreaves, ..], Hari, Harinder [Harendar]

Harish, Harjit [Harjeet], Harkin [Harken, ..], Harlan [Harlynn, ..], Harley [Harly, ..], Harlow [Harloe, ..], Harman [Harmonn, ..], Harmony [Harmonio], Harold [Herryck, ..], Aaron [Haroun], Harpal, Harper [Harpur], Harpreet, Harrell, Harrington, Harris, Harrison [Harrisson, ..], Harry [Heimrich, ..], Harshad, Hart [Harte]

Hartford, Hartley [Harthy, ..], Hartman [Hartmann], Hartwell [Harwill, ..], Hartwig, Harun [Haroun, ..], Harvard, Harvey [Hervey, ..], Harwood [Harewood], Hasani [Hasan], Hasdrubal, Hashim [Hisham, ..], Haskel [Haskell], Ezekiel [Haskel], Haslett [Hazlitt, ..], Hassan [Hassain, ..], Hastings [Hasty, ..], Paul [Havel], Havelock, Haven [Hogan, ..]

Averill [Haverill, ..], Javier [Haviero, ..], Haward [Hawarden], Hawes [Haws], Hawk [Hawke], Hawkin, Hawkins [Hawkyns], Hawley [Hawly, ..], Hawthorne [Hawthorn], Hayden [Haydon, ..], Hayes [Hays], Hayward, Haywood [Heywood], Hazaiah, Hazard [Hazzard], Hazen [Hazin], Hazleton, Hazlewood, Ahearn [Hern, ..], Heath

Heathcliff, Heber [Hebor], Eibhear [Heber], Hector [Heitor, ..], Heddwyn [Hedwynn, ..], Hedeon, Gideon [Hedeon], Hedley [Hedly, ..], Heilyn, Heimdall [Heimann, ..], Heimrich, Heinrich [Heinie, ..], Heinz [Heini, ..], Heladio [Helado], Helge [Helji, ..], Eli [Heli], Alaire [Hilary, ..], Eleodoro [Heliodoros, ..], Heller, Helmut [Hellmuth, ..]

Hem, Henderson [Henryson, ..], Hendrick [Hendrik], Henley [Henlie, ..], Henry [Hinrich, ..], Herbert [Heriberto, ..], Hercules [Herculie, ..], Hereward, Heribert, Herman [Hermon, ..], Hermes [Hermus, ..], Ferdinand [Hernando, ..], Hernando [Hernandez, ..], Herndon, Herne [Hern, ..], Hernley [Hernly, ..], Geronimo [Hieronymus, ..], Cherut [Herut, ..], Herrick [Herryck, ..], Hershel [Hirsh, ..]

Hesed, Hesperos [Hesperus, ..], Heulog, Hevel, Hewett [Hewlitt, ..], Hewie, Hewney, Hewson, Heywood, Hezekiah [Hezeki], Hideo, Hieremias, Jerome [Hieronymus, ..], Hieronymos [Hieronymus, ..], Hilal, Hilary [Hilorio, ..], Hildebrand [Hillebrand, ..], Hildefuns, Hill, Hillard [Hillyer, ..]

Hillel, Hilliard [Hillyerd, ..], Hilton [Hylton], Himesh, Hippolytus [Hyppolytos, ..], Hiram [Hyrum, ..], Hiroshi, Hitchcock, Hjalmar [Hjalmer, ..], Hobart [Hoebart, ..], Hobbes [Hobbs, ..], Hobson [Hobbson], Hockley [Hockly, ..], Hockney [Hockny], Roger [Hodge], Hodgson [Hodges, ..], Hoffman [Hoffmann, ..], Hogan, Holbrook [Holbrooke], Holcomb [Holcoomb, ..]

Holden, Holiday [Holliday], Hollis [Hollister, ..], Holman, Holmes, Holt, Homer [Homerus, ..], Honesto, Choni [Honi], Honore [Honoratus, ..], Hooker, Hooper, Hopkin [Hoppner, ..], Horace [Horry, ..], Horatio, Horatius, Horsley [Horsly, ..], Horst [Hurst], Horton [Horten], Hosea [Hosheia, ..]

Houghton [Hough], Houston [Hutchinson, ..], Hovannes, Howard [Howie], Howe [How], Howell [Howells, ..], Howland [Howlen, ..], Hoyt [Hoyce], Hubbard, Hubert [Hugh, ..], Hudson, Hugh [Huw, ..], Hugo, Hulbert [Hulburt, ..], Humbert [Humberto], Hume [Hulme], Humphrey [Hunfredo, ..], Hunt, Hunter [Hunt], Huntington [Hunt, ..]

Huntley [Huntly, ..], Huon, Hurlbert [Hurlbutt, ..], Hurley [Hurly, ..], Hurst [Horst, ..], Husni [Hosni], Hussein [Hussain, ..], Hutton [Hutten], Huxford, Huxley [Huxly, ..], Hyacinth [Hyakinthos, ..], Hyatt [Hiatt, ..], Hyman [Hymie, ..], Hywel [Hywyn, ..]

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