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J baby names and what they mean, with 209 results. The most trendy baby names in this list are Jace (#75), Jameson (#144), Jaxon (#44), Jaxson (#84) and Jayce (#132), while Jahn (top 4%) and Jaber (8%) are conventional J- surnames. Here is the list of J- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jabari, Jabbar, Jabez, Jabril, Jace

Ja- and variantsJa-, var. Jalen, Jalenn, Jamaine, Jamari, Jamar, Jamarr, Jamelle, Jamond, Jamon, Jaquan, Jaquille, Jaronn, Jaray, Javaughn, Javon, Jayvon, Javonte
Root fr. American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Usage of Ja-, Jamond, etc. as birth names in 2015 was down 2.9% compared to the previous year.

Source fr. Swahili language. "Valiant." Jahari is also a slightly favored baby name. See also Jafar.

Jabbar and variantsJabbar, var. Jabar
Derivative of Arabic word. "Consoler." Jabbar (upper 24%), Jabar (49%), comparable to Jaggar (upper 88%), Jarrar (58%), are common -ar suffix last names.

Jabez and variantsJabez, var. Jabes, Jabesh
Based on Hebrew element. "Borne in pain." Jabez is popular as a birth name compared to Jabes, Jabesh.

Derived fr. Hebrew word. "God has built." Jabin is a scarce masculine name, registering commonly (upper 78%) as a last name. See also Jasin.

Origin fr. Arabic word. "Consolation." Jabir is not frequently adopted as a children's name.

Gabriel and variantsJabril, Jibril
Forms of Gabriel. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Man of God." Less widespread today. Jabril was the variation last found (1998) in the Top 2000.

Derivative of Hebrew. "Trouble." Compare surnames Jacas (upper 99%), Javan (79%). See also Jaxon.

Jace and variantsJace, var. Jacen, Jacey, Jacian, Jaice, Jacy, Jayce
Source fr. English, Hebrew words. "The Lord is my salvation." Jace and Jayce have gained increasing favor with parents since 1880-1889.

Jachim, Jakim
Forms of Yakim. Source fr. Hebrew language. "Established by God." Jachim and Jakim are scarce men's names, and Jachim is found regularly (upper 28%) as a surname.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jacen, Jacinto, Jack, Jackie, Jackson

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jacky, Jacob, Jacobi, Jacobo, Jacoby

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jacque, Jacques, Jade, Jaden, Jadon

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jaeden, Jaedon, Jaiden, Jaime, Jake

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jakeb, Jakie, Jakob, Jakobe, Jakub

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jalen, Jamaine, Jamar, Jamari, Jamarr

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jamelle, James, Jamey, Jamie, Jamon

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jaquan, Javaughn, Javon, Javonte, Jax

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jaxen, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jay, Jayce

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jayden, Jaydon, Jayme, Jayvon, Jeb

Top 2000 baby names ranking of J- names: Jim, Jimmie, Jock

Based on Hebrew. "He establishes." Uncommon as a birth name, but Jachin is similar to the more common Jacen. See also Jacson.

Jacinto and variantsJacinto, var. Jacindo
Origin fr. Spanish, Greek languages. Masculine form of the Greek flower .. Jacinto is commonplace as a boys' name among these variant forms.

Jack and variantsJack1, var. Jackie1, Jackman, Jacko1, Jacq, Jacky1, Jacqin, Jak, Jaq1
Root fr. Old English, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious; he who supplants." Jacky and variants soared in popularity in the 1930s and are now less conventional, with Jackie becoming less trendy.

Jackson and variantsJackson, var. Jack2, Jackie2, Jacksen, Jacson, Jacky2, Jakson, Jax, Jaxon, Jaxen, Jaxson
Derivative of Old English language. "Son of Jack." Jacksen, Jacson and Jakson are more novel as birth names among the variations of Jackson.

Jacob and variantsJacob, var. Jaap, Jack3, Jackob, Jaco, Jackobus, Jacobo1, Jacobi, Jacoby, Jacobus1, Jacopo1, Jack4, Jacko2, Jackie3, Jacky3, Jacobo2, Jacques1, Jacobus2, Jacquet, Jago, Jake, Jaime, Jakeb, Jakie, Jakobe, Jakob, Jakov, Jakub, Jamesie, James, Jamey, Jamie, Jay, Jamsey, Jayme, Jeb, Jimmie, Jim
Origin fr. Hebrew. "He who supplants." Used frequently as boys' names, Jackie, Jacob, etc. are comparable to the conventional Jace.

Var. of Giacomo. Based on Italian, Hebrew languages. "He who supplants." Jacojo and Jocopo are creative variations. See also Jacobi.

Jacques and variantsJacques2, var. Jacot, Jacque, Jaq2, Jock, Jaques
Source fr. French, Hebrew words. "He who supplants." Jacques is a conventional (top 63%) masculine name, whereas Jacot, Jacque, Jaq, Jaques and Jock are rarely used.

Jade and variantsJade1, var. Jaide, Jayde
Origin fr. Spanish. .. the semiprecious green stone. Jaide and Jayde are more unconventional as baby names among the variant forms of Jade.

Jaden and variantsJaden1, var. Jade2, Jader1, Jadon1, Jaedon1, Jaeden1, Jaiden1, Jaidin1, Jaydon1, Jayden1
Origin fr. American word. Adoption of Jaden, Jaidin, etc. as boys' names in 2015 was 1.7% less than the previous decade.

Jadon2, var. Jade3, Jaden2, Jader2, Jaedon2, Jaeden2, Jaiden2, Jaidin2, Jaydon2, Jayden2
Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Thankful; God will judge." Jaydon and variants were popular as birth names a decade ago and are less popular today, with Jaeden going out of style.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for J- names for boys.

1. Ja- - Jadon
Ja- [Jayvon, ..], Jabari, Jabbar [Jabar], Jabez [Jabesh, ..], Jabin, Jabir, Gabriel [Jibril, ..], Jacan, Jace [Jayce, ..], Yakim [Jakim, ..], Jachin, Jacinto [Jacindo], Jack [Jaq, ..], Jackson [Jaxson, ..], Jacob [Jimmie, ..], Giacomo [Jacopo], Jacques [Jock, ..], Jade [Jayde, ..], Jaden [Jaydon, ..], Jadon [Jaydon, ..]

Jadrian, Jaeger [Jagur, ..], Jael, Jafar [Jaffar], Jagger, Jago, Iago [Jago], Jahan [Jehan], Jaime [Jaymie, ..], Jaimini, Jairo [Jairus, ..], Jairus [Jairo, ..], Jake, Jakeem [Jakim], Jaladhi [Jeladi, ..], Jalal [Jellal, ..], Galen [Jaylon, ..], Jalen [Jaylonn, ..], Gamal [Jemal, ..], Jamal [Jomall, ..]

Jamar [Jimarr, ..], James [Jimmy, ..], Jameson [Jamison, ..], Jamie [Jayme, ..], Benjamin [Jamin], Jamin, Jan [Janos, ..], Janak [Janek], Janesh, Janna [Jannai], Janson [Jenson, ..], Gennaro [Januarius, ..], Janus [Jennaro, ..], Yaphet [Japheth, ..], Japheth, Jarah [Jeriah, ..], Gerard [Jerry, ..], Jardine, Jareb, Garret [Jarrott, ..]

Jared [Jerrod, ..], Jarek, Jarell [Jerrell, ..], Jareth [Jereth, ..], Jarius, Jarl [Jarell], Jarlath [Jarlaith, ..], Jarman [Jerman, ..], Jaromir, Jaron [Jerron, ..], Jaroslav [Jaroslaw, ..], Jarrell [Jarrall], Jarrett [Jerrott, ..], Gerald [Jerry, ..], Jarrod [Jerrod, ..], Gervase [Jervis, ..], Jarvis [Jervis, ..], Jascha [Jasha], Jason [Jayson, ..], Gaspard [Jasper, ..]

Caspar [Jasper], Jasper [Jesper, ..], Javan [Jayvon, ..], Xavier [Javier], Javier [Javiero, ..], Jay [Jeh, ..], Jaycee [Jayvee, ..], Jaylen [Jaylon, ..], Jayson [Jaysen, ..], Jazz, Je- [Jevon, ..], Jean [Jeanpierre, ..], Jeb, Jed [Jedediah, ..], Jediah [Jedaiah, ..], Jedidiah [Jedediah, ..], Jedrek [Jedrick], Geoffrey [Joffroy, ..], Jeff, Jefferson [Jeffie, ..]

Jefford, Jeffrey [Joffrey, ..], Jehoiakim [Josquin, ..], Jehu, Jem, Jemal, Genesis [Jennesis, ..], Jenkin [Jennings, ..], Eugene [Jeno], Gino [Jino, ..], Gene [Jeno], Jens [Jensson, ..], Gentian [Jentian, ..], Jerald [Jerrold, ..], Geraint [Jeraint, ..], Jerard [Jerrard, ..], Jeremiah [Jerry, ..], Jeremy [Jerry, ..], Jeriah [Jerrah, ..], Jericho [Jherico, ..]

Jeriel [Jerriel, ..], Eric [Jerker, ..], Germain [Jermayne, ..], Jermaine [Jermyn, ..], Jeroboam, Jerome [Jerry, ..], Geronimo [Jeronimus, ..], Jerrell [Jeryl, ..], Jerrick [Jerriq, ..], Jerrod [Jerryd, ..], Jerry [Jerrie, ..], Jerzy, George [Jurik, ..], Ezekiel [Jesekijel], Jesimiel [Jessimiel], Jessamine [Jessamyn], Jesse [Jessy, ..], Jestin [Jeston, ..], Jesus [Jesous], Jet [Jette, ..]

Jethro [Jethroe, ..], Jevon [Jevvyn, ..], Eoghan [Jevon], Eustace [Jevstachi], Giles [Jyles, ..], Jim [Jimson, ..], Ximenes [Jimenez, ..], Jiro, Jivan, Joab, Joachim [Josquin, ..], Joash, Job [Joby, ..], Joben, Jock [Jocko], Jody [Jodie, ..], Joe [Jomar, ..], Joed, Joel [Joell], Joffrey [Jophrey]

Yochanan [Johanan], Johar, John [Juwan, ..], Johnson [Johnston, ..], Jolyon, Jomei, Jon [Jonpaul, ..], Jonah [Jonasco, ..], Jonathan [Jonathon, ..], Jones, Jonte [Jontez, ..], Joram [Jorim], Jordan [Judd, ..], Jordi, Jorell [Jorrell, ..], Joren [Jory, ..], Jorge [Jorje], Jory [Jorie, ..], Jose [Joseito], Joseph [Jozef, ..]

Joshua [Jozua, ..], Josiah [Joziah, ..], Joss [Josslin, ..], Jotham, Giovanni [Jovanno, ..], Jovan [Jovon, ..], Jove, Joyner [Joiner], Juan [Juwan, ..], Jubal, Yehudi [Judah], Judah [Jude, ..], Judd [Jud], Jude [Judson, ..], Godfrey [Jul], Jules, Julian [Julyan, ..], Julius [Julio, ..], July [Juli, ..], Junior

Juniper, Junius [Junot, ..], Jupiter [Juppiter], Jurgen [Jorgen], Juri [Jaris], Justice [Justyce], Justin [Justyn, ..], Justus [Justis], Juvenal

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