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Je- baby names and what they mean, with 84 results. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity in the 1970s (ADOPTION OF 3.6%) and have become much less widespread since (ADOPTION 1.1%, 69.3% LESS), with names such as Jeffery becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy boy names among these are Jensen (#396), Jett (#332), Jedidiah (#716), Jericho (#1014) and Jeremiah (#55), while Jew (TOP 12%) and Jessen (5%) are conventional Je- surnames. Here is the list of Je- names for girls.

Je- names

Je- - Jeladhi | Jelal - Jerald | Jerald - Jeronimo | Jerrell - Jet | Jethro - Jevstachi

Je- - Jeladhi

Je- and variantsJe-, var. Jevon, Jevan, Jerone, Jeron, Jerell, Jerelle, Jerae, Jemario, Jemar
Root fr. American language. Combination of the Je prefix with .. Jevon has waned in popularity as a baby name since 2000.

John and variantsJens, Jenkins, Jenkin, Jehan1, Jean1, Jeannot
Var. of John. Derivative of Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Jsean is also a moderately common boys' name.

Jean and variantsJean2, var. Jeanpierre, Jeanphilippe, Jeanpaul, Jeanluc, Jeancarlo, Jeanclaude
Derived fr. French, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Common as surnames. Compare Jean (TOP 1%) with common surnames Pean (TOP 27%), Wean (35%), which also end with -ean.

.. Politician Jeb Bush. Less used today. Jeb was last listed in 2004 in the Top 2000.

Var. of Jacob. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "He who supplants." Less popular today. Jeb was last listed in 2004 in the Top 2000. See also Jobe.

Jed and variantsJed1, var. Jedediah1, Jedd1
Based on Hebrew element. "Beloved of the Lord." Jedediah and variants were popular 45 years ago and are now less widespread.

Jediah, var. Jedaiah
Based on Hebrew word. "Jehovah knows." Jedaiah and Jediah are uncommon male names.

Jedidiah and variantsJedidiah, var. Jedediah2, Jedd2, Jedadiah, Jed2
Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Beloved of the Lord." Jedediah and variants were popular with parents less than a decade ago and have remained popular.

Jedrek, var. Jedrick
Derived fr. Polish element. "A strong man." Jedrek and Jedrick are scantly used men's names.

Geoffrey and variantsJephry, Jephrey, Jepherson, Jephers, Jeoffrey, Jeoffroy, Jefry1, Jeffries1, Jeffrie, Jeffrey1, Jeffry1, Jeffree1, Jeffery1, Jefferies1, Jeff1, Jefferey1, Jefery1
Var. of Geoffrey. From Old German element. "Peace." Somewhat popular as birth names, Jefry, Jefery, etc. are comparable to the popular Jerry.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Je- names: Jean, Jeancarlo, Jeanluc, Jeanpaul, Jeb

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Je- names: Jed, Jedediah, Jedidiah, Jeff, Jefferey

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Je- names: Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffie, Jeffrey, Jeffrie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Je- names: Jeffry, Jenkins, Jens, Jerell, Jeron

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Je- names: Jerone, Jevon

Root fr. Old German element. Short form of Jefferson and Jeffrey .. Adoption of Jeff as a baby name in 2015 was 100% less than the year before. See also Jeffy.

Jefferson and variantsJefferson1, var. Jeffie, Jeffey, Jeffersson, Jeffers, Jeff3
Origin fr. Old English word. "Son of Jeffrey." Conventional, with usage of 0.02% for Jefferson and variants as children's names in 2015, though lower than 0.028% in 2014.

Origin fr. Old English language. English surname and place name. Jefford was not among 2015's Top names.

Jeffrey and variantsJeffrey2, var. Jeoffroi, Jefry2, Jeffy, Jeffry2, Jeffree2, Jeffries2, Jeffery2, Jefferson2, Jefferies2, Jeff4, Jefferey2, Jefery2
From Old German language. Probably refers to "peace" .. Jeffrey (top 2%), Jeff (10%), Jeffery (10%), Jeffry (51%), Jefferson (54%) and Jefferey (82%) are commonplace men's names.

Form of Jay. Derived fr. Latin element. "Blue crested bird." Not in popularity charts. Unisex name.

Form of Jahan. Based on Hindi, Sanskrit elements. "The world." Not Top 2000 name. See also Johann.

Jehoiakim, var. Jehoiakin, Jehoioachim
Based on Hebrew. "Established by God." Not in popularity charts.

Form of Joshua. Root fr. Hebrew. "Jehovah is salvation." Not in Top 2000.

From Hebrew element. "He is God." Jehu is unique as a birth name. See also Je-.

Jeladi, Jeladhi
Var. of Jaladhi. From Hindi element. "Ocean." Jeladhi and Jeladi are not Top 2000 names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Je- names for boys.

1. Je- - Jeladhi
Je- [Jevan, Jevon, ..], John [Jens, Jenkins, ..], Jean [Jeanpierre, Jeanphilippe, ..], Jeb, Jacob [Jeb], Jed [Jedd, Jedediah], Jediah [Jedaiah], Jedidiah [Jedd, Jedediah, ..], Jedrek [Jedrick], Geoffrey [Jephry, Jephrey, ..], Jeff, Jefferson [Jeffey, Jeffie, ..], Jefford, Jeffrey [Jefry, Jeoffroi, ..], Jay [Jeh], Jahan [Jehan], Jehoiakim [Jehoiakin, Jehoioachim], Joshua [Jehoshua], Jehu, Jaladhi [Jeladi, Jeladhi]

Jalal [Jelal, Jellal], James [Jem, Jemmy], Jem, Gamal [Jemal, Jemaal], Jamal [Jemahl, Jemall, ..], Jemal, Jamar [Jemar, Jemarr], Janus [Jennaro, Jenarius, ..], Genesis [Jenesis, Jennesis], Jenkin [Jenkyns, Jennings, ..], Gino [Jeno], Eugene [Jeno], Gene [Jeno], Jens [Jenson, Jensson, ..], Janson [Jensen, Jenson], Gentian [Jentian, Jenshian], Jovan [Jeovany, Jeovanni, ..], Jared [Jerred, Jerrod, ..], Jordan [Jerrot, Jerrott, ..], Jerald [Jerrald, Jerrold, ..]

Gerald [Jerry, Jerrold, ..], Jaron [Jerrin, Jerron, ..], Geraint [Jerant, Jeraint], Jerard [Jerardo, Jerrard], Gerard [Jerry, Jerrott, ..], Jeremiah [Jerry, Jermyn, ..], Jeremy [Jerry, Jeromy, ..], Jareth [Jereth], Jarrett [Jerrot, Jerrott, ..], Jeriah [Jerah, Jerrah], Jarah [Jeriah], Jericho [Jerico, Jerrico, ..], Jeriel [Jerrell, Jerriel], Eric [Jerk, Jerker], Germain [Jernayn, Jermayne, ..], Jermaine [Jermin, Jermyn, ..], Jarman [Jerman], Jeroboam, Jerome [Jerry, Jerrone, ..], Geronimo [Jeronimo, Jeronimus]

Jerrell [Jeryl, Jerryl, ..], Jorell [Jerrell], Jarell [Jerrell], Jerrick [Jerrik, Jerriq, ..], Jarrod [Jerrod], Jerrod [Jerred, Jerryd, ..], Jerry [Jerrey, Jerrie, ..], Jarvis [Jervey, Jervis], Gervase [Jervis], George [Jerzy], Jerzy, Ezekiel [Jesekijel], Jesimiel [Jessimiel], Jasper [Jesper], Jessamine [Jessamyn], Jesse [Jessy, Jessie, ..], Joseph [Jessop, Jessup], Jestin [Jeston, Jesstin], Jesus [Jesous], Jet [Jett, Jette]

Jethro [Jeth, Jethroe], Eoghan [Jevon], Jevon [Jevvin, Jevvyn, ..], Eustace [Jevstachi]

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