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K baby names and what they mean, with 271 results. The more fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Kai (#145), Kayden (#95), King (#163), Kingston (#142) and Kyrie (#334), while Karp (top 4%) and Kolb (2%) are common K- last names. Here is the list of K- names for girls.

Kacey - Kaird | Kairn - Kane | Kaniel - Kasey | Kasi - Kay | Kaycee - Keenan | Kefir - Kenan | .. - .. | Kurt - Kyrone

Kacey - Kaird

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kacey, Kacper, Kade, Kaden, Kadin

Kacey and variantsKacey, var. Kacy, Kasey, KC
Variant of Casey or a creation .. Popular, and Kacey is comparable to common -acey last names Facey (top 13%), Macey (8%).

Var. of Jasper. Based on Greek. .. Possibly (Persian) "treasure keeper". Kacper is familiar as a boys' name compared to other variations. See also Kaspar.

Kade and variantsKade1, var. Kaden1, Kadon1, Kadrick
Source fr. Scottish. "From the wetlands." Kadon and Kadrick are more exclusive as children's names among the variant forms of Kade.

Cade and variantsKade2, Kaden2, Kayde, Kayden1
Var. of Cade. Derived fr. Old English, Old French. "Round, gentle; cask." Kade, Kaden and Kayden are Top 2000 baby names.

Caden and variantsKaden3, Kadin1, Kadyn, Kaeden
Forms of Caden. Source fr. Scottish word. "Son of Cadán." Adoption of Kaden and variants as children's names in 2015 was down 9% compared to the year before.

Kaden and variantsKaden4, var. Kadan, Kadin2, Kadon2, Kaiden, Kaidan, Kaidin, Kaidon, Kayden2, Kaydan, Kaydin, Kaydon
Origin fr. Arabic element. "Companion." Kaden (upper 27%), Kadin (47%), Kayden (61%), Kadan (88%) and Kaiden (96%) occur regularly as surnames.

Kadir, var. Kadeer
Stems fr. Arabic element. "Capable, competent." Kadir and Kadeer are unusual as birth names.

Stems fr. Hebrew. "Who stands before God." Kadmel and Karmiel are creative variations.

Kadmos, Kadmus
Var. of Cadmus. Source fr. Greek language. "From the east." Not in Top 2000.

Kaelan and variantsKaelan, var. Kael, Kaelin, Kalan, Kaley, Kalen, Kalin, Kellen
Origin fr. Gaelic element. Meaning uncertain. Kaley is rare as a children's name among the variations of Kaelan.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kadyn, Kaeden, Kael, Kaelan, Kaelin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kai, Kaidan, Kaiden, Kain, Kaine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kalan, Kale, Kalen, Kalin, Kasey

Top 2000 baby names ranking of K- names: Kayden, Kaydin, Kaydon, Kellen, Kye

Root fr. Japanese element. "Joyful; right-handed." Kaedon is a slightly prominent boys' name. See also Keenon.

Kaeto, Kato
Var. of Cato. Derivative of Latin word. "All-knowing." Outside Top 2000.

Based on Hebrew, German languages. "Priest." Kahn is unusual as a baby name. See also Kayne.

Form of Cai. Origin fr. Welsh element. .. The name of King Arthur's seneschal .. Kai has risen in favor since 1880-1889. Gender-neutral name.

Kai and variantsKai2, var. Kaj, Keh, Kye
From Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek languages. "Keeper of the keys; earth." Kai has historically been preferred by parents, although Kye seems to be becoming a favorite too.

Cale and variantsKail, Kaile, Kale, Kayle
Var. of Cale. Root fr. English. Modern fashionable sounding name of uncertain .. Kayle and variants were popular with parents in 2008 and are now less conventional.

From Hawaiian language. "The seeker." Compare surnames Kami (top 61%), Karimi (13%). See also Kam.

Derivative of Hebrew element. "Acquire." Usage of Kain as a birth name in 2015 was up 41.3% compared to 2005. See also Kadin.

Cain and variantsKain2, Kaine
Var. of Cain. Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Acquired; spear." Kain and Kaine are more popular as baby names compared to other variations.

Kaird, Kairde
Forms of Caird. Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Traveling metalsmith; tinker, worker with tin." Kaird and Kairde are not Top 2000 names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for K- names for boys.

1. Kacey - Kaird
Kacey [KC, ..], Jasper [Kacper], Kade [Kadrick, ..], Cade [Kayden, ..], Caden [Kaeden, ..], Kaden [Kaydon, ..], Kadir [Kadeer], Kadmiel, Cadmus [Kadmus, ..], Kaelan [Kellen, ..], Kaemon, Cato [Kato, ..], Kahn, Cai [Kai], Kai [Kye, ..], Cale [Kayle, ..], Kaimi, Kain, Cain [Kaine, ..], Caird [Kairde, ..]

Cairn [Kairns, ..], Caesar [Kaiser], Kaiser, Gaetano [Kayetan, ..], Cajetan [Kajetano, ..], Kalani, Kaleb [Kaylob, ..], Caleb [Kaylob, ..], Kalil [Khalil, ..], Colman [Kalman], Kalogeros [Kalogerus], Calogero [Kalogerus, ..], Kalvin [Kalvyn], Calvin [Kalvin], Kamal [Kamil, ..], Kamden [Kamdon], Kameron [Kamryn, ..], Cameron [Kamrey, ..], Kana, Kane [Keane, ..]

Kaniel, Kannon [Kannen, ..], Kano, Kanoa, Cannon [Kanon], Jacob [Kobus, ..], Kareem [Kharim, ..], Charles [Karoly, ..], Carl [Karl, ..], Kari, Karl [Karson, ..], Carlsen [Karlsson, ..], Carmine [Karmen, ..], Karmel [Karmi, ..], Carmelo [Karmello, ..], Carr [Kerr, ..], Karr, Carson [Kason, ..], Casey [Kasey], Kasey [Kacey]

Kasi [Kasie, ..], Kasimir [Kazmer, ..], Casimir [Kazimir, ..], Gaspard [Kasper, ..], Caspar [Kaspar], Kaspar [Kasper], Kassidy [Kass], Kassim [Kasim, ..], Castor [Kastor], Catlin [Kattlin, ..], Katzir [Katzeer], Kauai [Kawai], Kaufman [Kaufmann], Cavan [Kavan], Kavan [Kayven, ..], Kavanagh [Kavanaugh], Cavanagh [Kavanaugh, ..], Kay [Keh, ..], Caius [Keys, ..], Gaius [Keys, ..]

Kaycee, Caley [Kayley], Kayvan [Keyvan], Caolan [Keelin, ..], Cian [Kian, ..], Keandre [Keondre], Keane [Keyne, ..], Keanu, Kearn [Kearney, ..], Kearney [Kearny, ..], Carney [Kearney], Keaton [Keeton], Keats, Kedar [Keder, ..], Kedrick [Kedric, ..], Keefe [Keeffe], Keegan [Kegan, ..], Keelan [Kelan, ..], Keeley [Keely, ..], Keenan [Kienen, ..]

Kefir, Keiji, Keir [Keer], Keitaro, Keith, Kelby [Kellby, ..], Kell, Kellagh [Kellach], Kellen [Kellin, ..], Keller, Kelly [Kelley], Kelsey [Kelsy, ..], Kelton [Keltonn, ..], Kelvin [Kelwyn, ..], Kelvis [Kelvys, ..], Kemp, Kempton, Kemuel, Ken [Kenny, ..], Kenan [Keenan, ..]

Kendall [Kenny, ..], Kendrew, Kendrick [Kenrik, ..], Kenelm [Kennelm, ..], Kenji [Kenjiro], Kenley [Kenly, ..], Kenn, Kennard [Kenner, ..], Kennedy [Kennedey, ..], Kenneth [Kenny, ..], Kenny [Kinney, ..], Kent [Kentt, ..], Kentaro, Kenton [Kentin, ..], Kenward, Kenway, Kenyatta, Kenyon, Keoki, Keon [Kian]

Keoni [Keon], Kepler [Keppler, ..], Kerem, Kermit, Kern [Kearns, ..], Kernaghan [Kernohan], Kerr [Karr], Kerrick, Kerry [Kerrigan, ..], Kershet, Kerwin [Kirwen, ..], Kester, Christopher [Krzysztof, ..], Kettil [Ketti, ..], Kevin [Kevyn, ..], Keyes [Keys, ..], Keyshawn, Khadim [Khadim, ..], Khalid [Khaled], Khalil [Khaleel, ..]

Khanh [Khan], Kibo, Kidd [Kidder], Kiefer [Kueffner, ..], Kieran [Kiran, ..], Ciaran [Kieran], Killian [Killean, ..], Kim, Kimball [Kimble, ..], Kimberly [Kimberley, ..], Kimo, Kincaid [Kinkade], King, Kingman, Kingsley [Kinsly, ..], Kingston, Kingswell, Kinnard [Kinnaird], Kinnell, Kipling [Kippling]

Kipp [Kyp, ..], Kiran [Kyran, ..], Kirby [Kirkby, ..], Kiril [Kyrill, ..], Cyril [Kyril, ..], Kirk [Kyrk, ..], Kirkland [Kirtland], Kirkley [Kirkly, ..], Kirkwell, Kirkwood, Christian [Krystiano, ..], Kit [Kitt], Nicholas [Klaus, ..], Clayborne [Klaibourne, ..], Clarence [Klarenz, ..], Claude [Klaudio], Claus [Klaus], Klaus [Klaes, ..], Clay [Klay], Clayton [Klayton]

Cleanth [Kleanthes, ..], Klein [Kline, ..], Klemens [Kliment, ..], Clement [Kliment, ..], Cleon [Kleon], Cletus [Kletus, ..], Clinton [Klint], Knightley [Knights, ..], Noah [Knoa], Knoll [Knowles, ..], Knox, Knud, Canute [Knute, ..], Knute [Knut], Koa, Coby [Koby, ..], Kobi [Koby, ..], Kodiak, Kody [Kodie, ..], Cody [Kody]

Kofi, Kojo [Kodzo], Kolby [Kelby], Kolton [Koltin, ..], Konnor [Konor, ..], Connor [Konnor], Konrad [Knoz, ..], Conrad [Kurt, ..], Konstantin [Kostas, ..], Constantine [Konstanz, ..], Korbin [Korbyn], Corbin [Korbyn, ..], Corcoran [Korcoran], Cordell [Kordelle, ..], Kordell [Kordel, ..], Koren, Corin [Korrin, ..], Koresh, Corey [Kory, ..], Kornel [Kornell, ..]

Cornelius [Kornelius, ..], Kort, Cort [Kurt, ..], Cortez [Kortez, ..], Kory [Korrey, ..], Cory [Kory], Cosmo [Kosmo], Costas [Kostis, ..], Kraig, Craig [Kraig], Cramer [Kramer, ..], Chris [Kris], Kris, Krispin, Kristian [Kristien, ..], Kristopher [Krzysztof, ..], Crockett [Krock], Kruz, Xavier [Ksawery], Kumar

Kurt [Kort], Curt [Kurt], Curtis [Kurtis], Kurtis [Kurtiss], Kwame [Kwamina, ..], Kwasi [Kwesi, ..], Kyle [Kyrell, ..], Kyler [Kylor], Kynaston, Kyrie, Kyrone [Kyron, ..]

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