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Kha- baby names and what they mean, with 6 results. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in 1995 (USAGE OF 0.07%) and are somewhat less common today (USAGE 0.05%, DOWN 31%). Khalid (#1026) is the most trendy birth name among these, while Khani (TOP 55%) and Khader (33%) are popular Kha- last names.

Kha- names

Khadim - Kharim

Khadim1, var. Khadim2, Khadeem
Based on Arabic element. "Servant." Khadin is a slightly favored birth name.

Kalil and variantsKhalil1, Khaleel1
Forms of Kalil. Based on Arabic. "Friend." Keeleel and Khakee are creative variations.

Khalid and variantsKhalid, var. Khaled
Derived fr. Arabic. "Immortal, eternal." Common as surnames, and Khalid (UPPER 10%) is comparable to popular last names Kofoid (UPPER 72%), Kleid (84%), which also end with -id.

Khalil2, var. Khaleel2
From Arabic language. "Friend." Adoption of Khalil and Khaleel as birth names in 2015 was up 15.5% compared to 2005.

Khanh, var. Khan
Root fr. Turkish, Arabic words. "Prince." Khanh and Khan are rarely adopted as baby names.

Form of Kareem. Based on Arabic element. "Generous, giving." Not that popular as a birth name.

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1. Khadim - Kharim
Khadim [Khadim, Khadeem], Kalil [Khalil, Khaleel], Khalid [Khaled], Khalil [Khaleel], Khanh [Khan], Kareem [Kharim]

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