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Ky- baby names and what they mean, with 11 results. Ky- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these boy names was at its apex in the year 1990 (USAGE OF 1.12%) and is now significantly lower (USAGE 0.32%, 71.4%), with names such as Kyle becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable baby names in this list are Kyrie (#222), Kye (#760), Kylan (#549), Kylen (#987) and Kyler (#303), while Kyaw (TOP 59%) and Kyes (30%) are common Ky- last names. Here is the list of Ky- names for girls.

Ky- names

Kye - Kyrone


Form of Kai. Derived fr. Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek. "Keeper of the keys; earth." Adoption of Kye was more pronounced among parents 2 years ago and has remained conventional.

Kyle and variants

Kyle, var. Kyrell, Kyler1, Kylen, Kylar, Kye2, Kylan
Based on Gaelic language. "Narrow, straight." Kyre is also a marginally favored boys' name.

Kyler and variants

Kyler2, var. Kylor
Derived fr. Danish element. "Bowman, archer." Common as surnames, and Kyler (UPPER 11%) is comparable to popular last names Syler (UPPER 21%), Eyler (8%), with the -yler suffix.

Root fr. Old English element. "Royal peace settlement." Kynaston is seldom used as a boys' name.

Var. of Kipp. Root fr. Old English language. "Pointed hill." Kyu, Kyi are common surnames. See also Kye.


Form of Kiran. Based on Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Beam of light." Kyran soared in popularity a decade ago and is less conventional today. See also Kern.


Origin fr. Greek. "Lord." Unisex name. Well-used, with usage of 0.093% for Kyrie as a birth name in 2018, but lower than 0.096% in 2017.

Var. of Cyril. Derivative of Greek word. "Master, lord." Unusual as a boys' name, but Kyril is similar to the more conventional Kyrie. See also Karel.

Kyrill, Kyril2
Var. of Kiril. Origin fr. Greek language. "Lord." Kyril and Kyrill are unique as birth names.

Var. of Kirk. Derivative of Old Norse, Old German languages. "Church." Not that popular as a boys' name. See also Dyrk.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ky- names: Kye, Kylan, Kylar, Kyle, Kylen

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ky- names: Kyler, Kyran, Kyrie, Kyron

Kyrone and variants

Kyrone, var. Kyron
.. Tyrone (Irish, Gaelic) "land of Owen" .. Usage of Kyrone and Kyron as baby names in 2018 was 34% more than the previous decade.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ky- names for boys.

1. Kye - Kyrone
Kai [Kye], Kyle [Kye, Kyler, Kylen, Kylar, Kylan, Kyrell], Kyler [Kylor], Kynaston, Kipp [Kyp], Kiran [Kyran], Kyrie, Cyril [Kyril], Kiril [Kyril, Kyrill], Kirk [Kyrk], Kyrone [Kyron]

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