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Le- baby names and what they mean, with 56 results. Le- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity 115 years ago (USAGE OF 2.7%) and have become much less conventional since (USAGE 1.3%, DOWN 53.7%), with names like Leslie going out of style. The more fashionable names for newborns among these are Levi (#42), Leonardo (#103), Lennox (#488), Leonidas (#519) and Leonel (#389), while Lerner (TOP 3%) and Leong (3%) are conventional Le- surnames. Here is the list of Le- names for girls.

Le- names

Le- - Leith | Leland - Lesandro | Leslie - Lexus

Le- - Leith

Le- and variants

Le-, var. Lewayne, Levon, Levelle, Levell, Lesean, Leshawn, Lerone, Leron, Leondre, Lemar
Derived fr. American. Combination of the Le prefix with .. Levon was among 2015's Top names.

Leander and variants

Leander, var. Leo, Leiandros, Lee1, Leanther, Leandro, Leandros, Leandrew, Leandre
Derivative of Greek word. "Lion man." Lexander is also a marginally prominent birth name.

Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Herder." Common as surname, and Leary (TOP 1%) is comparable to common -ary last names Lafary (TOP 41%), Neary (4%). See also Laray.

Lebrun and variants

Lebrun, var. Lebron
Derived fr. French word. "Brown-haired." Lebron (UPPER 3%) and Lebrun (6%) exist frequently as last names.

Stems fr. Slavic element. Slavic mythology .. Leca (TOP 62%), Lecy (30%) are common surnames. See also Lexo.

Form of Lydell. Source fr. Scottish word. Surname used as a given name. A rare baby name. See also Lendell.

Leedon, Ledon
Forms of Lidon. Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Judgment is mine." Lawdon and Loddon are creative forms.


Form of Ashley. Based on Old English element. "Ash meadow." Lee became more popular in 2015, rising +22 rankings as a boys' name to reach #679. Cross-gender use.

Var. of Bradley. Origin fr. Old English word. "Broad meadow." Unisex name. Adoption of Lee as a birth name in 2015 was 6.6% more than in 2014.

Lee and variants

Lee4, var. Leigh1, Lea
Based on Old English element. "Pasture or meadow." Adoption of Lee, Leigh, etc. as baby names in 2015 was up 6.6% compared to 2014.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Le- names: Lea, Leander, Leandre, Leandro, Lebron

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Le- names: Lee, Lehman, Leif, Leigh, Leighton

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Le- names: Lemar, Leo, Leron, Levon, Leyton

Form of Bentley. Derived fr. Old English element. "Bent grass meadow." Lee was favored as a birth name in the 1890s and is now less common, with Lee becoming somewhat dated. Unisex name.

Finlay and variants

Leigh2, Lee6
Forms of Finlay. Stems fr. Scottish, Gaelic words. "Fair, white warrior." Common, with usage of 0.02% for Lee and Leigh as birth names in 2015, higher than 0.018% a year ago.

Leigh3, Lee7
Forms of Farley. From Old English language. "Fern wood." Lee (TOP 1%) and Leigh (2%) exist often as surnames.

Var. of Liron. Based on Hebrew element. "My song." Leeron is unusual as a children's name. See also Lerone.

Leggett, var. Leggitt, Legate
Derived fr. Old French word. "One who is sent, delegate." Legate (UPPER 17%), Leggett (2%) and Leggitt (27%) appear often as surnames.

Lehman and variants

Lehman, var. Lehmann
Stems fr. German language. "Tenant, renter." Lehman is common as a boys' name compared to Lehmann.


Derived fr. Scandinavian element. "Heir; loved." Leif peaked in popularity in 2014 and is almost as common now. See also Levi.


Var. of Hadley. Source fr. Old English. "Heather meadow." Gender-neutral name. A somewhat offbeat birth name, Leigh is found more commonly as a surname.

Leighton and variants

Leighton, var. Leyton
Origin fr. Old English language. "Meadow settlement." Leighton has been the most prevalent.

Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Broad river." Also a girls' name. Outside Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Le- names for boys.

1. Le- - Leith
Le- [Levon, Levell, Lesean, Leshawn, Levelle, Lewayne, ..], Leander [Leo, Lee, Leandro, Leandros, Leanther, Leiandros, ..], Leary, Lebrun [Lebron], Lech, Lydell [Ledell], Lidon [Ledon, Leedon], Ashley [Lee], Bradley [Lee], Lee [Lea, Leigh], Bentley [Lee], Finlay [Lee, Leigh], Farley [Lee, Leigh], Liron [Leeron], Leggett [Legate, Leggitt], Lehman [Lehmann], Leif, Hadley [Leigh], Leighton [Leyton], Leith

Leland [Le, Leeland, Leyland, Leighland], Lamar [Lemar, Lemarr], Lamont [Lemond], Lemuel [Lem, Lemmie], Lawrence [Lenci], Lindell [Lendall, Lendell], Lennox [Lenox], Lenny [Len, Lenn, Lennie, Lennell], Leo [Lev, Leon, Leonel, Leoncio, Leonello, Leontios, ..], Leomaris, Napoleon [Leon, Leone], Leon [Leone, Leoncio], Leonard [Leonid, Leonis, Leonerd, Leonhard, Leonidas, Leonides, ..], Leonardo, Lionel [Leonel, Leonello], Leopold [Leo, Leupold, Leopoldo], Leron, Leroux, Leroy [Lee, Leroi, Leeroy], Lysander [Lesandro]

Leslie [Les, Lezly, Lesly, Leslea, Lesley, Leslee], Lester [Les, Leicester], Lev, Levander, Levant, Laverne [Levern, Leverne], Levi [Levy, Levey, Levon, Levin], Leviticus, Levon, Louis [Lew, Lewes, Lewis], Llewellyn [Lew, Lewellen, Lewellyn], Lewis [Lew], Aloysius [Lewis], Alexander [Lex, Lexo], Lexer [Lex, Lexo, Lexus, Lexis], Lexus

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