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Mc- baby names and what they mean, with 22 results. Mc- names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity 126 years ago (ADOPTION OF 0.04%) and have become significantly less widespread since (ADOPTION 0.01%, 79%), with names like Mckinley going out of style. Mccartney (TOP 2%) and Mccarty (1%) are familiar Mc- last names.

Mc- names

Mc- - Mcmahon | Mcmurray - Mcneal

Mc- - Mcmahon

Mc- and variants

Mc-, var. Mckinley1, Mckay, Mckade, Mccoy1, Mcclain, Mccormick, Mccaulay, Mccarthy, Mccain, Mcarthur1
Derivative of Scottish, Irish languages. Surnames occasionally used as given names. Mccoy is in the Top 2000.

Var. of Macadam. Stems fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Son of Adam." Common as surname, and Mcadam (TOP 9%) is comparable to common -am surnames Mallam (TOP 82%), Midlam (63%).

Mcallister, Mcalister
Var. of Macallister. Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic words. "Son of Alistair." Mcalister and Mcallister are scarce as masculine names.

Mcalpine, Mcalpin
Forms of Alpin. Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic words. "Fair." Mcalpin (TOP 6%) and Mcalpine (6%) appear frequently as last names.


Var. of Macarthur. Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic elements. "Son of Arthur." Mcarthur is common as a boys' name among the variant forms of Macarthur.

Form of Macbride. From Irish, Gaelic. "Son of the follower of Saint Brigid." Mabride and Mcbrine are creative forms.

Form of Macardle. Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Son of great courage." Mccardell was not among 2016's Top names.


Var. of Maccoy. Based on Irish, Gaelic element. "Son of Hugh." A conventional baby name (#1134 THE PREVIOUS YEAR), Mccoy also exists frequently as a surname. See also Mckay.

Origin fr. English word. "Son of Aodh." Mccoy became less trendy last year, dropping -84 positions as a birth name to reach #1134. See also Mckay.

Var. of Maccrea. From Irish, Gaelic element. "Son of grace." Mccrea was not a Top birth name in 2016.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mc- names: Mcarthur, Mccoy, Mckay, Mckenna, Mckenzie, Mckinley

Form of Macdonald. From Scottish, Gaelic. "Son of Donald." Not in Top 2000.

Mcdowell, Mcdougal
Forms of Macdougal. Origin fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Son of Dougal." Mcdougal and Mcdowell were not among 2016's Top names.

Form of Magee. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "Son of Hugh." Rather quirky as a children's name, Mcgee is found more often as a last name.

Mcgown, Mcgowen, Mcgowan
Var. of Macgowan. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Son of the blacksmith." Mcgowan, Mcgowen and Mcgown are unusual as children's names.

Mcgwire, Mcguire
Var. of Maguire. Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Son of the beige one." Compare surnames Mcguirl (UPPER 56%), Mcguirk (9%).

Var. of Machenry. Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "Son of Henry." Not Top 2000 name.

Mckenna and variants

Mckenna, var. Mckennon
Root fr. Gaelic element. "Ascend." Mckenna and Mckennon are unique as masculine names.

Mackenzie and variants

Mckenzie, Mckensie
Var. of Mackenzie. Source fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Son of the wise ruler." Mckensie (UPPER 38%) and Mckenzie (1%) occur commonly as last names.

Mackinley and variants

Mckinley2, Mckinlay
Forms of Mackinley. Based on Gaelic. "Son of the white warrior." Mckinlay is novel as a children's name among the versions of Mackinley.

Var. of Macmahon. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic. "Son of the bear." Rather quaint as a children's name, Mcmahon exists more often as a last name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Mc- names for boys.

1. Mc- - Mcmahon
Mc- [Mckay, Mccoy, Mckade, Mcclain, Mckinley, Mccaulay, Mccarthy, Mccormick, ..], Macadam [Mcadam], Macallister [Mcalister, Mcallister], Alpin [Mcalpin, Mcalpine], Macarthur [Mcarthur], Macbride [Mcbride], Macardle [Mccardell], Maccoy [Mccoy], Mccoy, Maccrea [Mccrea], Macdonald [Mcdonald], Macdougal [Mcdowell, Mcdougal], Magee [Mcgee], Macgowan [Mcgown, Mcgowen, Mcgowan], Maguire [Mcgwire, Mcguire], Machenry [Mchenry], Mckenna [Mckennon], Mackenzie [Mckenzie, Mckensie], Mackinley [Mckinley, Mckinlay], Macmahon [Mcmahon]

Macmurray [Mcmurray], Macniel [Mcneal, Mcneil, Mcneill]

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