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Mel- baby names and what they mean, with 10 results. Mel- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names were at the top of their popularity 9 decades ago (adoption of 0.4%) and have become much less common since, with names like Melville becoming less fashionable. Melby (top 8%) and Melchiorre (19%) are popular Mel- last names. Here is the list of Mel- names for girls.

Mel- names

Mel - Melvin

Short form of Melvin and other .. Less common today. Mel was last listed in the 1970s in the Top 2000. Also used for girls.

Melbourne and variantsMelbourne, var. Mel2, Melborn, Melburn
Stems fr. Old English language. "Mill stream." Melbourne (cf. Malacarne, Mewbourne) is a common -rne suffix surname.

Melchior, var. Melker, Melkior
Origin fr. Polish, Persian, Farsi elements. .. From Christian tradition, the name of .. Not Top 2000 names.

Melchisedek, var. Melchisadak, Melchisadeck, Melchizadek
Root fr. Hebrew. "My king is righteousness." Scarce. Melchisedek and variants are not listed in the US Census.

Meldon, var. Melden
Stems fr. Old English language. "Mill hill." Meldon and Melden are not often used as birth names.

Meldrick, var. Melderick, Meldric
Derived fr. Old English. "Mill ruler." Uncommon. Meldrick, Melderick, similar to Merrick, use the androgynous -ck ending.

Melesio, var. Melacio, Melasio, Melecio, Melicio, Meliseo
Based on Spanish, Greek words. "Careful, attentive." Melesio, Melasio, etc. are barely found as male names.

Mellen, var. Meldan, Mellan, Mellin, Mellon
Derivative of Irish, Gaelic language. "Small pleasant one." Mellen, Mellan, etc. are unique as children's names.

Source fr. Old French. "Bad settlement." A moderately rare birth name, Melville is used more often as a surname.

Melvin and variantsMelvin, var. Mel3, Melvon, Melvyn, Melwin, Melwyn, Melwynn
.. (Irish, Gaelic) "polished chief". Usage of Melwynn and forms peaked in the 1930s and has become lower, with Melvin falling out of fashion.

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1. Mel - Melvin
Mel, Melbourne [Mel, Melborn, Melburn], Melchior [Melker, Melkior], Melchisedek [Melchizadek, Melchisadak, Melchisadeck], Meldon [Melden], Meldrick [Meldric, Melderick], Melesio [Melacio, Melasio, Melecio, Melicio, Meliseo], Mellen [Meldan, Mellan, Mellin, Mellon], Melville, Melvin [Mel, Melvon, Melvyn, Melwin, Melwyn, Melwynn]

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