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Mi- baby names and what they mean, with 37 results. Mi- names are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these boy names was at its apex during the years 1950-1959 (usage of 4.91%) and is now significantly reduced (usage 1.49%, 69.7% less), with names such as Micheal going out of style. The most trendy names for newborns among these are Miles (#107), Milo (#288), Milan (#424), Micah (#108) and Miller (#825), while Mireles (top 2%) and Millan (2%) are common Mi- last names. Here is the list of Mi- names for girls.

Mi- names

Micah - Millard | Miller - Mitford

Micah - Millard

Micah and variantsMicah, var. Mike1, Mikey1, Mikal
Root fr. Hebrew element. "Who is like God?." Miciah is also a slightly favored baby name.

Michael and variantsMichael, var. Micael, Mical, Micha, Michaelangelo, Michal, Michail, Michale, Miche, Micheal, Michelangelo1, Michel, Michele, Michelet, Michiel, Mickey1, Mick1, Micky, Miesha, Miguel1, Mihail, Mihai, Mihailo, Mihaly, Mihangel, Mike2, Mikael, Mikel, Mikell, Mikey2, Mikhail, Mikkel1, Mikhalis, Mikhos, Mikkel2, Mikol, Miko, Miky, Miquel, Mischa, Mitch, Misha, Mitchell
Derivative of Hebrew. "Who is like God?." Michael (compare Mikhael, Macmichael) is a common -ael suffix surname.

.. Use, mostly Italian, probably refers to .. Michelangelo became more trendy in 2015, rising +30 positions as a children's name to reach #1910. See also Michaelangelo.

Source fr. Japanese language. "Man with strength of three thousand." Not Top 2000 name. See also Miche.

Derived fr. Old English language. "Settlement in the middle." Not in popularity charts.

Biblical .. Midian was not a Top birth name in 2015.

Migdal, var. Migdahl, Migdoll
Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Tower." Not in Top 2000.

Miguel and variantsMiguel2, var. Migelly
Derived fr. Old French element. Variant of Michael (Hebrew) who is .. Migelly is uncommon as a boys' name among the versions of Miguel.

Var. of Muhammad. From Arabic language. "Praiseworthy." Not in Top 2000.

Mike and variantsMike3, var. Mickey2, Mick2
Source fr. English language. Short form of Michael and Micah .. Mickey (top 44%) and Mike (9%) are common as men's names, whereas Mick is rare.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Micah, Michael, Michaelangelo, Michal, Michale

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Micheal, Michel, Michelangelo, Michele, Michiel

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Mick, Mickey, Micky, Miguel, Mikael

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Mikal, Mike, Mikel, Mikhail, Milan

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Milburn, Miles, Milford, Millard, Milo

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Mi- names: Miquel, Mitch, Mitchell

Miki, var. Mikio
Root fr. Japanese. "Tree." Compare surnames Mika, Miks.

Based on Slavic. "Gracious, dear." Milan has become progressively more popular as a boys' name since the 1890s. See also Eilan.

Var. of Emiliano. Derived fr. Spanish, Italian, Latin. "Rival; laborious; eager." Milan became less popular in 2015, falling -13 rankings as a children's name to reach #424. See also Eilan.

Milbank, var. Millbank
From Old English word. "Mill on the bank." Kibank and Milman are creative forms.

Melbourne and variantsMilbourn, Milbourne1, Milburn1, Millburn, Millburne1
Forms of Melbourne. Origin fr. Old English element. "Mill stream." Milburn is common as a children's name among the versions of Melbourne.

Milburn2, var. Milborn, Milborne, Milbourne2, Millborn, Millbourne, Millborne, Millburne2
From Old English element. "Mill near the stream." Less used today. Milburn was the version last found (1950-1959) in the Top 2000.

Miles and variantsMiles, var. Milan3, Milo
.. Historical. Used widely as children's names, Miles, Milo, etc. are comparable to the familiar Malek.

Var. of Melesio. Origin fr. Spanish, Greek. "Careful, attentive." Milesio is not often adopted as a boys' name.

Milford and variantsMilford, var. Millford
Source fr. Old English. "Mill-ford." Milford is commonplace (upper 74%) as a given name, while Millford is infrequently used.

Millard and variantsMillard, var. Millerd, Millward, Milward
From Old English word. "Guardian of the mill." Millard has diminished in favor as a birth name since the 1880s.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Mi- names for boys.

1. Micah - Millard
Micah [Mike, Mikey, Mikal], Michael [Miko, Miky, Mikol, Misha, Mitch, Mischa, Miquel, Mitchell, ..], Michelangelo, Michio, Middleton, Midian, Migdal [Migdahl, Migdoll], Miguel [Migelly], Muhammad [Mihammad], Mike [Mick, Mickey], Miki [Mikio], Milan, Emiliano [Milan], Milbank [Millbank], Melbourne [Milburn, Millburn, Milbourn, Millburne, Milbourne], Milburn [Milborn, Milborne, Millborn, Millborne, Milbourne, Millburne, Millbourne], Miles [Milo, Milan], Melesio [Milesio], Milford [Millford], Millard [Milward, Millerd, Millward]

Miller [Millen, Millar, Millard], Mills, Milo, Milton [Milt, Miltie, Milten, Miltin, Millton], Miner, Minor [Miner], Minoru, Minos, Minster, Moses [Mioshe, Mioshye], Myron [Miron], Miroslav [Mirek, Mirko, Mircea, Miroslaw, Miroslawy], Misha [Mischa], Mishal [Mishaal], Mistral, Mitchell [Mitch, Mitchel, Mitchill], Mitford

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