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O baby names and what they mean, with 106 results. The most fashionable boy names among these are Oakley (#567), Odin (#445), Oliver (#19), Orion (#368) and Owen (#36), while Olvera (top 1%) and Olinger (4%) are familiar O- last names. Here is the list of O- names for girls.

O'Brien - Odysseus | Ofir - Omri | Ondre - Orman | Ormond - Osgood | Osher - Owen | Owen - Oz

O'Brien - Odysseus

Top 2000 baby names ranking of O- names: Oakley, Obadiah, Obed, Obert, Obie

Form of Brian. Source fr. Celtic, Irish, Gaelic. "High, noble." O'brian and O'brion are creative forms.

O- and variantsO-, var. Odell1, O'Keefe, O'Shay, O'Shea
Derivative of Irish. "Descendant of." Odell appears often (upper 1%) as a surname.

Oakes1, var. Oak1, Oaks, Ochs
Derived fr. Old English word. "Near the oak trees." Oaken is a somewhat common boys' name.

Oakley and variantsOakley, var. Oak2, Oakes2, Oakleigh, Oakly, Oaklee
Root fr. Old English language. "Meadow of oak trees." Common as surnames. Compare Oakley (upper 1%) and common -ey surnames Outley (upper 30%), Omey (80%).

Obadiah and variantsObadiah, var. Obadias, Obadya, Obed, Obie, Obediah, Ovadiah, Ovadiach, Oved
Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Servant of God." Obie has trended downward in favor as a baby name circa the 1900s.

Based on African language. "Crooked, somewhat bent." Obama is a rare masculine name. Made famous by American President Barack ..

Oberon1, var. Oberron1
Based on Old German. "Royal bear." Oberon and Oberron were not Top birth names in 2015.

Oberon2, Oberron2, Oeberon
Var. of Auberon. Derived fr. Old German word. "Noble or royal bear." Sparing use. Oberon, Oberron and Oeberon are not listed in the US Census.

Form of Aubrey. Source fr. Old German element. "Elf or magical being, power." Oberon is rarely used as a male name. See also Oberron.

Based on Old German element. "Wealthy and bright." A somewhat offbeat baby name, Obert is found more frequently as a last name. See also Abert.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of O- names: Octave, Octavio, Octavious, Octavius, Odell

Top 2000 baby names ranking of O- names: Odie, Odin, Oran

Stems fr. Nigerian word. "Heart." Rather quaint as a birth name, Obi is found more often as a last name.

Octavio and variantsOctavio, var. Octave, Octavius, Octavian, Octavious, Octovien, Octavo, Octavus, Ottavio
Derivative of Latin. "Eighth." Adoption of Octavio and variants as birth names in 2015 was down 39.8% compared to 2005.

Odell and variantsOdell2, var. Odall, Odie
Derivative of Old English language. "Woad hill." Less used today. Odell was the variant last recorded (1992) in the Top 2000.

Odhran and variantsOdhran, var. Odran, Oran
Derivative of Irish, Gaelic element. "Pale." Usage of Oran as a boys' name has declined since 1900-1909.

Odilo, var. Odile, Odilio, Odilon, Ottild, Otildo, Ottildo
Source fr. Old German. "Fortunate or prosperous in battle." Not in popularity charts.

Origin fr. Old Norse word. .. The Norse warriors known as Vikings .. Adoption of Odin is common among parents today. See also Owin.

.. The o ending is usually found .. Not in popularity charts.

Odolf, var. Odolff, Odulf
Based on Old German word. "Prosperous wolf." Odolf, Odolff and Odulf are not frequently adopted as baby names.

Var. of Edmund. Derived fr. Old English element. "Wealthy protector." Odon is rare as a given name, registering often (upper 51%) as a surname. See also Odo.

Odysseus, var. Odysse
Derived fr. Greek element. "Angry man." Not Top 2000 names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for O- names for boys.

1. O'Brien - Odysseus
Brian [O'Brien], O- [O'Shea, ..], Oakes [Ochs, ..], Oakley [Oakly, ..], Obadiah [Oved, ..], Obama, Oberon [Oberron], Auberon [Oeberon, ..], Aubrey [Oberon], Obert, Obi, Octavio [Ottavio, ..], Odell [Odie, ..], Odhran [Oran, ..], Odilo [Ottildo, ..], Odin, Odo, Odolf [Odulf, ..], Edmund [Odon], Odysseus [Odysse]

Ofir [Ophir, ..], Ogden [Ogdon, ..], Edgar [Ogier], Ohad [Ohed], Andre [Ondrey, ..], Andrew [Ondrey, ..], Angel [Onnjelo, ..], Oisin [Ossin, ..], Olaf [Olov, ..], Oleg, Olexei [Olexiy, ..], Olimpio [Olympus, ..], Olin [Olyn, ..], Olindo, Oliver [Ollivor, ..], Umar [Omer, ..], Omar [Omer, ..], Omari, Homer [Omero], Omri

Ondre [Onndre, ..], Neil [Oneal], Humphrey [Onofrio, ..], Onofrio [Onophrio, ..], Onslow [Ounslow, ..], Ophir [Ofir], Or, Oran [Orrin, ..], Horace [Orazio, ..], Orazio [Oratio], Orel [Orry, ..], Oren [Orrin, ..], Orestes [Oreste], Orford, Aurelio [Oriel], Orion [Oryon], George [Orjan], Roland [Orlando], Orlando [Orlondo, ..], Orman [Ormand]

Armand [Ormondo, ..], Ormond [Ormonde, ..], Arnett [Ornette, ..], Oro, Oron, Orpheus [Orphie, ..], Orrick [Orric], Orrin [Orren, ..], Orson [Orsonio, ..], Orton, Horton [Orton], Orval, Orville [Orvil, ..], Orvin [Orwynn, ..], Osage, Osbert, Osborn [Ozzie, ..], Oscar [Ozzy, ..], Osei, Osgood

Osher, Osier, Joseph [Osip], Osman [Osmunde, ..], Osmar, Osred, Osric [Osrick], Osten [Ostyn, ..], Austin [Ostynn, ..], Oswald [Ozzy, ..], Oswin [Oswynn, ..], Othman, Othniel [Otniel], Otis [Otys, ..], Ottfried [Ottfrid], Otto [Otys, ..], Oved [Obed], Ovid, Eoghan [Owain], Evan [Owen]

Euan [Owen], Owen [Owynn, ..], Eugene [Owen], Hewney [Owney], Oxford [Oxxford], Oz

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