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Sel- baby names and what they mean, with 11 results. Sel- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these boy names was at its most widespread in 2018. Seliga (TOP 23%) and Selke (18%) are common Sel- last names.

Sel- names

Sela - Selwyn

Sela, var. Selah
Derived fr. Hebrew. "Boulder, cliff." Popular as last names, and Sela (UPPER 34%) is comparable to popular last names Smela (UPPER 86%), Samela (55%), which also end with -ela.

Selby, var. Selbey
Stems fr. Old English. "Manor village." Selbey and Selby are scarce as men's names, and Selby exists often (TOP 2%) as a surname.

Seldon and variants

Seldon, var. Sellden, Selden
Source fr. Old English element. "Willow valley." Selden and Sellden are more novel as children's names among the variant forms of Seldon.

Selestino, Selestine
Forms of Celesto. Root fr. Latin element. "Heavenly." Selestine and Selestino are uncommon as birth names.

Selig1, var. Seligmann, Seligman
Origin fr. Old German. "Blessed." Not in popularity charts.

Form of Zelig. Derivative of Yiddish language. "Blessed, holy." Not in Top 2000.


Var. of Salim. Root fr. Arabic. "Peaceful." A common boys' name (#1961 IN CURRENT LIST), Selim is also used conventionally as a surname. See also Slim.

Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic. .. "kirk" means "church". Selki and Shakirk are creative forms.

Sellers, var. Sellars
Source fr. Old English element. "Marshland dweller." Sellers and Sellars are rarely used as children's names.

Form of Anselm. Derived fr. Old German language. "God's helmet." Selmo is an infrequently used given name. See also Shelomo.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Sel- names: Seldon, Selim, Selwyn

Selwyn and variants

Selwyn, var. Selwynne, Selwynn, Selwinn, Selwin
Stems fr. Old English language. "Manor-friend." Selwyn is widely used as a children's name among these versions.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Sel- names for boys.

1. Sela - Selwyn
Sela [Selah], Selby [Selbey], Seldon [Selden, Sellden], Celesto [Selestino, Selestine], Selig [Seligman, Seligmann], Zelig [Selig], Salim [Selim], Selkirk, Sellers [Sellars], Anselm [Selmo], Selwyn [Selwin, Selwinn, Selwynn, Selwynne]

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