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V baby names and what they mean, with 74 results. Valentino (#675), Vaughn (#886), Vicente (#733) and Vincenzo (#815) are four of the more fashionable boy names in this list, while Vought (TOP 12%) and Vaugh (27%) are conventional V- last names. Here is the list of V- names for girls.

Vachel - Vardon | Varick - Verrier | Verrill - Vireo | Virgil - Von

Vachel - Vardon

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Val, Valente, Valentin, Valentine, Valentino

Vachel, var. Vachell
Source fr. Old French. "Small cow." Uncommon. Compare Vachel with common -hel surnames Voshel (TOP 94%), Machel (86%).

Vail, var. Vale, Vaill, Vaile
Derivative of Old English element. "Valley." Rare as boys' names, but Vaile, Vail, etc. sound like the more conventional Val.


Short form of Valentine .. Val is a frequently occurring (TOP 89%) masculine name, and is found frequently (TOP 28%) as a last name. Unisex name.

Based on Old German word. "Renowned leader." Not Top 2000 name.

Form of Waldemar. Based on Old German word. "Renowned ruler." Outside Top 2000.


Based on Italian, Portuguese. "Valiant." Adoption of Valente was common among parents in 1993. See also Valentyn.

Valentine and variants

Valentine, var. Vallen, Valentyn, Valentinus, Valentinian, Valentino, Valentin, Valentijn, Val2, Valen
Stems fr. Latin. "Strong, healthy." Valentin and Valentino were Top birth names in 2015.

Valerian, var. Valeryan, Valery, Valerius, Valerien, Valerio
Derivative of Latin language. "Strong, healthy." Valery and variants are uncommon as boys' names.

Based on Old Norse. .. a warlike son of Odin. Vali, like the similar-sounding Vale, exists more often as a surname. See also Pali.

Valther, Valter
Var. of Walter. Root fr. Old German element. "Army ruler." Unconventional. Valter and Valther are not found in the US Census.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Van, Vance, Vander, Vane, Vann, Von


Form of Evan. Root fr. Hebrew, Welsh, Scottish elements. "God is gracious." Van is commonly used as a boys' name among the variations of Evan. Unisex name.

Van and variants

Van2, var. Vonn, Von, Vann
Based on Danish element. "Of." Van (TOP 40%) and Von (95%) are conventional as men's names, whereas Vann and Vonn are unique.


From Old English language. "Marshland." Usage of Vance as a birth name in 2015 was up 29.9% compared to 2014. See also Yance.


Possibly (Dutch) "from the" or a .. Moderately unfamiliar as a boys' name, Vander exists more often as a surname. See also Zander.

Source fr. Danish. "Of the dyke." Vandyke is unusual as a children's name.


Derivative of Old English language. "Banner." Used somewhat widely as a boys' name, Vane is similar to the common Vance. See also Bane.

Vanya1, Vanko, Vanek
Var. of John. Derivative of Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Vano (TOP 33%), Vanco (56%) are common last names.

Vangelo, Vangelis, Vangelios
Forms of Evangel. Root fr. Greek word. "Good news." Sparing use. Vangelios, Vangelis and Vangelo are not listed in the US Demographics.

Stems fr. Russian, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Also used for girls. Vanya is a unique masculine name, occurring regularly (TOP 74%) as a surname.

Vardon, var. Verdun, Verdon, Varden
Origin fr. Old French element. "Green knoll." Vardon, Verdon, etc. are hardly found as given names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for V- names for boys.

1. Vachel - Vardon
Vachel [Vachell], Vail [Vale, Vaile, Vaill], Val, Valdemar, Waldemar [Valdemar], Valente, Valentine [Vallen, Valentyn, Valentino, Valentinus, ..], Valerian [Valery, Valerio, Valerius, Valeryan, ..], Vali, Walter [Valter, Valther], Evan [Van], Van [Von, Vann, Vonn], Vance, Vander, Vandyke, Vane, John [Vanek, Vanko, Vanya], Evangel [Vangelo, Vangelis, Vangelios], Vanya, Vardon [Varden, Verdon, Verdun]

Varick [Varrick], Varten, Varun [Varoun], Basil [Vasily, Vassily, Vasilus, Vassilij, ..], Vasilis [Vasya, Vasos, Vassily, Vassilij, ..], Vaughn [Vaughan], Veltry, Wenceslaus [Venceslao, Vlacheslav, Vyachaslav, Vyacheslav], Benedict [Venedictos], Venezio [Veneziano, Venetziano], Benjamin [Veniamin, Venyamin], Venturo [Venturio], Verdell [Vernell], Vere, Verlyn [Vyrle, Virle, Verlon, Verllin, ..], Vermont, Bernard [Vernados], Werner [Verner], Vernon [Vernee, Vernen, Verney, Vernin, ..], Verrier

Verrill [Veryl, Verrall, Verroll, Verrell, ..], Vester, Fester [Vester], Vesuvio, Viator, Victor [Vitor, Vitorio, Vittorio, Vittorios, ..], Vidal [Videl, Videlio], Vidar, Viggo [Vigi], Vijay [Vijun, Veejay], William [Villem, Vilhelm], Villard, Villiers, Vilmos, Vincent [Vinny, Vinnie, Vinzenz, Vinicent, ..], Calvin [Vinnie], Melvin [Vinnie], Vinson, Vinton, Vireo

Virgil [Verge, Vergil, Vergilio, Virgilio], Virginius [Virginio], Vischer [Visscher], Fisher [Visscher], Vito [Vitus, Vitas, Vitaly, Vitalis, ..], Vivek, Vivian [Vivien, Vivyan, Vyvian, Vyvyan, ..], Vladimir [Vladamir, Vladimeer], Vladislav [Vlad, Vladja], Wolfgang [Volfango], Folker [Volker, Vollker], Volker, Volney, Von [Vonn, Vondell, Vontell]

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