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Vi- baby names and what they mean, with 24 results. Vi- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity 105 years ago (usage of 0.7%) and are somewhat less widespread today (usage 0.4%, 49%), with names like Virgil going out of style. Vincenzo (#815) and Vicente (#733) are two of the more fashionable baby names here, while Vincenzi (top 52%) and Vicenzi (89%) are familiar Vi- last names. Here is the list of Vi- names for girls.

Vi- names

Viator - Vischer | Visscher - Vivian

Viator - Vischer

Based on Latin language. "Voyager (through life)." Viator (cf. Venator, Vidor) is a common -or suffix surname. See also Viktor.

Victor and variantsVictor, var. Vic, Vick, Victoriano, Victorien, Victorino, Victorin, Victorio, Vidor, Viktor, Vitorio, Vitor, Vittorio, Vittorios
Source fr. Latin word. "Conqueror." Usage of Viktor and variants was more pronounced among parents a century ago and is lower today, with Victor becoming less stylish.

Vidal and variantsVidal, var. Videl, Videlio
Root fr. Spanish, Latin languages. "Life-giving." Vidal is commonplace as a children's name compared to Videl, Videlio.

Root fr. Old Norse element. .. a son of Odin who was .. Vidar is not in the Top 2000. See also Vidal.

Viggo, var. Vigi
Source fr. Old Norse, Scandinavian languages. "Battle, fight." Vigo is a slightly prominent kid's name.

Vijay and variantsVijay, var. Vijun
Origin fr. Hindi, Sanskrit words. "Conquering." Vijun is unconventional as a birth name among the variant forms of Vijay.

Vilhelm, Villem
Var. of William. Derivative of Old German word. "Determined protector." Vilhelm and Villem are unusual as children's names.

19th century invented name .. Villard is not a Top 2000 name.

Source fr. French word. "Town-dweller." Not Top 2000 name.

Stems fr. Hungarian. "Determined fighter." Vilmos is not frequently adopted as a baby name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Vi- names: Vic, Vicente, Vick, Victor, Victoriano

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Vi- names: Vidal, Vijay, Viktor, Vince, Vincent

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Vi- names: Vincente, Vincenzo, Vinson, Vinton, Virgil, Virgilio

Vincent and variantsVincent, var. Vicente, Vicenzio, Vicenzo, Vin, Vincens, Vince, Vincente, Vincentius, Vincents, Vincenz, Vincenty, Vincenzio, Vincenzo, Vincien, Vinnie1, Vinicent, Vinny, Vinzenz
Based on Latin. "Prevailing." Vicente and Vincenzo have gained increasing favor as boys' names since 1880-1889.

Form of Calvin. Source fr. French element. "Little bald one." Cross-gender use. Seldom used as a birth name.

Var. of Melvin. .. (Irish, Gaelic) "polished chief". Unique as a birth name. Cross-gender use.

Based on Old English element. "Son of Vincent." Vinson is a scarcely used given name, existing regularly (upper 1%) as a surname. See also Vinton.

Origin fr. Old English language. "Vine settlement; Vincent's settlement." A somewhat uncommon boys' name, Vinton is used more frequently as a surname. See also Linton.

Nature name .. Compare last names Virto (top 77%), Virgo (21%).

Virgil and variantsVirgil, var. Virgilio
Based on Latin word. .. Clan name. Virgil and Virgilio became less trendy in 2015, dropping on average -27 rankings as boys' names with Virgil leading the decline.

Virginius, var. Virginio
Origin fr. Latin element. "Chaste." Uncommon as boys' names, but Virginius and Virginio are similar to the more conventional Virgilio.

Var. of Verlyn. Modern name of uncertain origin .. A scarce baby name.

Vischer, var. Visscher
Source fr. German language. "Fisherman." Not Top 2000 names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Vi- names for boys.

1. Viator - Vischer
Viator, Victor [Vidor, Vitor, Viktor, Vitorio, Victorio, Vittorio, Victorino, Vittorios, ..], Vidal [Videl, Videlio], Vidar, Viggo [Vigi], Vijay [Vijun], William [Villem, Vilhelm], Villard, Villiers, Vilmos, Vincent [Vinny, Vinnie, Vincien, Vinzenz, Vincenz, Vinicent, Vincenzo, Vincenzio, ..], Calvin [Vinnie], Melvin [Vinnie], Vinson, Vinton, Vireo, Virgil [Virgilio], Virginius [Virginio], Verlyn [Virle], Vischer [Visscher]

Fisher [Visscher], Vito [Vital, Vitus, Vitas, Vitale, Vitaly, Vitalis], Vivek, Vivian [Vivyan, Vivien, Viviani]

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