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Henderson - Henry

Henderson, var. Henryson, Hendron, Hendries, Hendrie
Root fr. Old English word. "Son of Henry."

Hendrick1, var. Hendrik1
Stems fr. English, Danish, Old German languages. "Home leader."

Henley1, Henleigh, Henlee1, Henlea
Var. of Hanley. Source fr. Old English. "High meadow."

Henley2, var. Henlie, Henlee2
Source fr. Old English. "High meadow."

Henry, var. Henryk, Henrique, Henrik, Henri, Henning, Henerik, Henk, Hendrik2, Hendrick2
Root fr. Old German word. "Home leader."

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1. Henderson - Henry
Henderson [Hendrie, Hendron, Henryson, Hendries], Hendrick [Hendrik], Hanley [Henlee, Henley, Henlea, Henleigh], Henley [Henlee, Henlie], Henry [Henk, Henri, Henrik, Henryk, Hendrik, Henerik, Henning, Henrique, ..]