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Jes- baby names and what they mean, with 8 results. Here is the list of Jes- names for girls.

Jesekijel - Jesus

Var. of Ezekiel. Derived fr. Hebrew. "God strengthens."

Jesimiel, var. Jessimiel
Root fr. Hebrew language. "The Lord establishes."

Var. of Jasper. Based on Greek element. .. Possibly (Persian) "treasure keeper".

Jessamine, var. Jessamyn
Source fr. English. Variant of Jesse ..

Jesse, var. Jessy, Jessie, Jesiah, Jessey, Jess
Derived fr. Hebrew element. "The Lord exists."

Jessup, Jessop
Forms of Joseph. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Jehovah increases."

Jestin, var. Jeston, Jesstin
Derivative of Welsh word. Variant of Justin.

Jesus, var. Jesous
Source fr. Hebrew element. "The Lord is salvation."

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1. Jesekijel - Jesus
Ezekiel [Jesekijel], Jesimiel [Jessimiel], Jasper [Jesper], Jessamine [Jessamyn], Jesse [Jess, Jessy, Jessey, Jesiah, Jessie], Joseph [Jessop, Jessup], Jestin [Jeston, Jesstin], Jesus [Jesous]


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