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Venceslao - Venturo

Var. of Wenceslaus. Stems fr. Slavic. "Greater glory."

Form of Benedict. Root fr. Latin element. "Blessed."

Venezio, var. Veneziano, Venetziano
Root fr. Italian element. "Venice."

Venyamin, Veniamin
Forms of Benjamin. Derived fr. Hebrew. "Son of the right hand."

Venturo, var. Venturio
Source fr. Spanish language. "Good fortune, good luck."

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ven- names for boys.

1. Venceslao - Venturo
Wenceslaus [Venceslao], Benedict [Venedictos], Venezio [Veneziano, Venetziano], Benjamin [Veniamin, Venyamin], Venturo [Venturio]


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