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Ana- names beginning or starting with Ana- for females. Names that start with Ana- are used more often as feminine names. Here is the list of Ana- names for boys. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity in 2009 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Analia becoming less stylish. The more fashionable birth names in this list are Anabella (#530), Anabelle (#464), Anastasia (#240), Anaya (#432) and Ana (#222), with Ana and Anastasia undergoing a revival in usage.

Agnes - Anahi

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[Anais, .. 74 more] Var. of Agnes 1 Root fr. Greek. "Pure, holy." Somewhat unusual as a given name for girls. See also Anisa. ..

Ana [Analee, Analeigh, Analena, Anamaria, Anamarie, Anarosa, .. 2 more] 2 Derivative of Hebrew element. "Favored grace." The forms Anamaria and Ana are more commonplace as birth names for females among the various variant forms of the name. ..

Anabel [Anabelle, .. 3 more] 3 Combination of Anna and Belle. The variant form Anabelle has become progressively more popular with parents.

Anafa 4 Derivative of Hebrew element. "Heron." Anafa is an uncommonly used female name. See also Anaka.

Anahi 5 Of uncertain origin and meaning .. A popular choice for a name for baby girls. See also Annah.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ana- names: Ana, Anabel, Anabelle, Anahi, Anais

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[Agnes - Anahi]
Agnes [Anais], Ana [Analee, Analena, Anarosa, Analeigh, Anamaria, Anamarie], Anabel [Anabelle], Anafa, Anahi

[Anahita - Anaya]
Anahita, Anais [Anayas], Analia, Analilia, Ananda, Anani, Anastasia [Anastay, Anastatia, Anastazia, Anasztasia, Anastassia, Anasztaizia, ..], Anat [Anath], Anatolia [Anatola, Anatolya], Anaya [Anayeh]

[Anela - Rosa]
Anela [Anakela], Anika [Anaca, Anaka], Anne [Ana, Anabel], Annabel [Anabel, Anabella, Anabelle], Annalisa [Analise, Analisa, Analiese, Analisia, Analissa, Analyssa, ..], Inaya [Anaya], Rosa [Anarosa]