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Anna- names beginning or starting with Anna- for women. Names that start with Anna- are used more often as feminine names. Adoption of these girl names is at its apex presently, except for names such as Annamae and Annabell which have become less stylish. Annabel (#448), Annabella (#256), Annalise (#457) and Annabelle (#57) are four of the more chic girl names among these, with Annabel, Annabelle and Annalise undergoing a revival in popularity.

Agnes - Anika

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[Annais, .. 74 more] Var. of Agnes 1 Stems fr. Greek language. "Pure, holy." Unique as a name for kids. See also Annys. ..

[Annabel, Annabella, Annabelle, .. 1 more] Var. of Anabel 2 Combination of Anna and Belle. The variations Annabelle, Annabella and Annabel are more widely used as names for kids among the different forms of the name.

[Anna, Annastasia, .. 45 more] Var. of Anastasia 3 Stems fr. Greek element. "Resurrection." The version Annastasia is infrequently used as a given name. ..

[Annaymone, .. 2 more] Var. of Anemone 4 Derived fr. Greek. "Windflower." Rarely used as a given name for baby girls.

[Annaka, .. 8 more] Var. of Anika 5 Stems fr. Hausa element. "Sweet-faced." The form Annaka is unique as a women's name. See also Annuska.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Anna- names: Annabel, Annabella, Annabelle

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[Agnes - Anika]
Agnes [Annais], Anabel [Annabel, Annabella, Annabelle], Anastasia [Anna, Annastasia], Anemone [Annaymone], Anika [Annaka]

[Anne - Annemae]
Anne [Anna, Annabel, Annaelle, Annalisa, Annabelle, Annabella], Anna [Annah, Annalee, Annabeth, Annamarie], Annabel [Annabal, Annabell, Annabelle, Annabella, Annabelinda], Annalisa [Annalie, Annalise, Annaleisa, Annaliese, Annalissa, Annaliesa], Annamaria [Annamarie], Annemae [Annamae, Annamay]