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"BA" names beginning or starting with Ba- are used more often as masculine names.

These girl names were at the height of their popularity in the year 1997 (usage of 0.0232%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0172%, down 26.1%), but with names like Barbara, Barbra and Barb becoming less stylish. Baylee (#361), Bailee (#560) and Bailey (#104) are three of the more trendy birth names in this list. Bailes (top 7%) and Baynes (7%) are popular Ba- last names.

Here is the list of Ba- names for boys.

Babe - Barrie

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ba- names: Bailee, Bailey, Bama, Bambi, Barb

Babe 1 Origin fr. Greek. "Foreign." Babue, Bambe and Bibe are kreatif variations. ..

Babette 2 Derived fr. French, Greek, Hebrew. "Foreign; God is my oath." Unique, with the feminine-sounding -ette ending like Bernardette. See also Babbett. ..

Bader [Badr] 3 Root fr. Arabic language. "Full moon." Not in Top 1000.

Baila 4 Root fr. Spanish. "Dance." Uncommon, with the common -la suffix for Baila like Brandala. See also Bali.

Bailey [Bailee, Bailei, Baileigh, Bailie, Baillie, Bailley, Bailly, Baily, Baleigh, Bayla, Bali, Baylee, Bayleigh, Bayley, Bayly, Baylie] 5 From Old English element. "Berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification." Popular, with the common -ley ending for Bailey, Bailley, Bayley like Bentley.

Baja 6 Based on Spanish element. "Lower." Outside Top 1000. See also Basia.

Bakura 7 Root fr. Hebrew. "A ripe fruit." Unusual, with the -ra suffix like Barbara. See also Sakura.

Balbina [Balbine] 8 Source fr. Latin word. "Little stutterer." Unique. Balbina (cf. Bernardina) uses the feminine -ina suffix.

Ballade 9 Name of a musical or poetic .. Unusual, with the androgynous -de suffix like Brunhilde. See also Bolade.

Bama 10 Derived fr. Hebrew. "Son of prophecy." Rare, with the -ma ending like Basima. See also Basma. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ba- names: Barbara, Barbra, Baylee, Bayleigh, Baylie

Bambi [Bambalina, Bambie, Bambina, Bamby] 11 Root fr. Italian language. Pet name .. Not in Top 1000.

Banee 12 Source fr. Vietnamese word. Variant of Bonnie. Not in Top 1000. See also Ranee.

Bao 13 Derived fr. Chinese word. "Bundle or package; precious treasure; guarantee." Not Top 1000 name. See also Bee.

Baptista [Baptiste, Batista, Battista, Bautista] 14 Derivative of Latin, Greek. "To dip." Rare, with the feminine -ta suffix for Baptista, Batista, etc. like Beata.

Bara [Barah, Bari, Barra, Barrie] 15 Root fr. Hebrew, Arabic words. "To select; innocent." Outside Top 1000.

Barbara [Bab, Baba, Babara, Babb, Babbette, Babbett, Babbie, Babe, Babett, Babita, Babette, Babs, Baibin, Barabara, Barbar, Barb, Barbarella, Barbarit, Barbarita, Barbel, Barbeeleen, Barbera, Barbette, Barbey, Barbie, Barbi, Barbora, Barbra, Barbro, Barra, Barby, Basha, Basia, Baubie, Bauby, .. 18 more] 16 Based on Latin element. "Foreign woman." Ranked in Top 1000. ..

Barcelona 17 .. the second largest city in Spain, and the site of the 1992 Summer Olympics. Not in Top 1000.

Barinda 18 .. probably combined from Barbara and Linda. Not in Top 1000. See also Brynda.

Barra 19 .. diminutive of Barbara. Unisex name. Outside Top 1000.

Barrie [Bari, Barri] 20 Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Spear." Unusual, with the -ie suffix for Barrie like Bernie. ..

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Babe - Barrie
Babe, Babette, Bader [Badr], Baila, Bailey [Bali, Bayla, Bayly, Baylie, Bayley, Baylee, Baleigh, Bayleigh, ..], Baja, Bakura, Balbina [Balbine], Ballade, Bama, Bambi [Bamby, Bambie, Bambina, Bambalina], Banee, Bao, Baptista [Batista, Baptiste, Battista, Bautista], Bara [Bari, Barah, Barra, Barrie], Barbara [Barra, Barby, Bauby, Basha, Basia, Barbra, Baubie, Barbro, ..], Barcelona, Barinda, Barra, Barrie [Bari, Barri]

Bartha - Sebastiane
Bartha [Barta], Basha [Basia, Basja], Basilia [Bazile, Basile, Basilie, Basille, Bazilla, Bazille, Bazeelia, Bazeelle, ..], Basma [Basima, Baseema], Bat, Bathilda [Bathild, Batilda, Batilde, Bathilde], Bathsheba [Batya, Batshua, Bathseva, Bathshua, Batsheva, Batsheba], Bathshira, Batya [Basha, Batel], Bay, Behira [Bahira], Bellona [Ballona], Beracha [Barucha], Bernice [Barry, Barri, Barrie], Bettina [Battina], Elizabeth [Babette], Roberta [Baubie], Sebastiane [Bastia, Bastiana]