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Baja 6 Based on Spanish. "Lower." Baja is a unique feminine name. See also Basja.

Bakura 7 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "A ripe fruit." Not often used as a baby name.

Balbina [Balbine] 8 Source fr. Latin language. "Little stutterer." The versions Balbina and Balbine are atypical female names.

Ballade 9 Name of a musical or poetic .. Ballade is irregularly used as a female name.

Bambi [Bambalina, Bambie, Bambina, Bamby] 10 Source fr. Italian language. Pet name .. The variation Bambi is commonly occurring (Top 36%) as a women's name, while Bambalina, Bambie, Bambina and Bamby are uncommonly used in comparison.

Banee 11 From Vietnamese word. Variant of Bonnie. Banee is an unusual women's name. See also Bianey.

Bao 12 Source fr. Chinese language. "Bundle or package; precious treasure; guarantee." A birth name which is not broadly used nowadays, but recorded often as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Beau.

Baptista [Baptiste, Batista, Battista, Bautista] 13 Origin fr. Latin, Greek elements. "To dip." The versions Baptista, Baptiste, Batista, Battista and Bautista are atypical as given names. Baptista (Top 15%), Baptiste (4%), Batista (3%), Battista (11%) and Bautista (2%) occur regularly as surnames according to the US Census.

Bara [Barah, Bari, Barra, Barrie] 14 Based on Hebrew, Arabic words. "To select; innocent." The variations Barrie, Bari and Bara are more widely used as given names for baby girls among the different variant forms of the name.

Barbara [Bab, Baba, Babara, Babb, Babbett, Babbette, Babbie, Babe, Babett, Babette, Babita, Babs, Baibin, Barabara, Barb, Barbar, Barbarella, Barbarit, Barbarita, Barbeeleen, Barbel, Barbera, Barbette, Barbey, Barbi, Barbie, Barbora, Barbra, Barbro, Barby, Barra, Basha, Basia, Baubie, Bauby, .. 18 more] 15 From Latin word. "Foreign woman." Barbara, Barbra and Barb have faded in popularity as names for newborns over time. ..

Barcelona 16 Geography name .. Barcelona is rare as a first name, appearing frequently (Top 85%) as a last name in the US Census.

Barinda 17 Modern name .. Barinda is an infrequently used given name. See also Brinda.

Barra 18 Variant of Barrie .. Barra is atypical as a female name, and it occurs commonly (Top 15%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Bari.

Barrie [Bari, Barri] 19 Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Spear." The variations Bari and Barrie are more commonplace as given names for girls among the different variations of the name. ..

Bartha [Barta] 20 Based on Old German word. "Shining, brilliant." The variations Barta and Bartha are unique as feminine names. Barta (Top 9%) and Bartha (39%) occur commonly as last names according to the US Census. ..

Basha [Basia, Basja] 21 From Polish word. "Stranger." The variations Basha, Basia and Basja are irregularly used female names, and Basha occurs frequently (Top 60%) as a last name according to the US Census. ..

Basilia [Baseele, Baseelia, Baseelle, Bazeele, Bazeelia, Bazeelle, Basile, Basilie, Basille, Bazile, Bazille, Bazilla] 22 Source fr. Greek element. "Royal, regal." These names are seldom found as given names. Basile (Top 6%) and Bazile (14%) appear often as surnames in the US Census. ..

Basma [Baseema, Basima] 23 From Arabic word. "Smile." The forms Baseema, Basima and Basma are unconventional as feminine names. ..

Bat 24 Source fr. Hebrew element. "Daughter." Bat is an uncommon women's name. See also Beta. ..

Bathilda [Bathild, Bathilde, Batilda, Batilde, .. 4 more] 25 Origin fr. Old German element. "Woman warrior." The variant forms Bathild, Bathilda, Bathilde, Batilda and Batilde are intermittently used as given names. ..

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