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Br- names

"BR" baby names beginning or starting with Br- are used more often as masculine names.

Usage of these relation of was at its highest in 1993 (usage of 0.0477%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0306%, down 35.9%), but with names like Brisa, Breanna, Brenna, Brenda and Britney becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable baby names here are Braylee (#537), Brynlee (#234), Bria (#521), Brinley (#458) and Bristol (#425). Braga (top 7%) and Brink (2%) are familiar Br- last names.

Here is the list of Br- names for boys.

pinBeracha - Breena

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Brandee, Brandi, Brandie, Brandy, Braylee

[Bracha, .. 2 more] Var. of Beracha 1 Root fr. Hebrew element. "A blessing." Popular as last name. Compare Bracha (upper 80%) and popular -ha last name Blacha (upper 97%). See also Brisha. ..

[Brita, Britt, Britta, .. 7 more] Var. of Birgit 2 From Norwegian element. "Exalted one." Brita, Britt and Britta are not often adopted as baby names. ..

[Branca, .. 6 more] Form of Blanche 3 Based on Old French, Old German words. "White, pure." A scarce girls' name, Branca is used more frequently as a last name. See also Branda.

Bracken 4 Plant name .. Not in popularity charts. Gender-neutral name.

Bradley [Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradleigh, Bradly] 5 Origin fr. Old English word. "Broad meadow." Outside Top 1000.

Brady [Bradee, Bradi, Bradie] 6 Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Descendant of Brádach." Bradi and variants are not Top 1000 names.

Bradyn 7 Derived fr. English element. Feminine of Braden. Outside Top 1000. See also Brandyn.

Brandilyn [Brandalyn, Brandalynn, Brandilynne, Brandolyn, Brandylyn] 8 Root fr. English. Combination of Brandy and Lynn. Outside Top 1000.

Brandy [Brand, Branda, Brandace, Brandais, Brande, Brandala, Brandea, Brandee, Brandei, Brandell, Brandeli, Brandelle, Brandelyn, Brandi, Brandie, Brandice, Brandii, Brandily, Brandin, Brandise, Brandis, Brandyce, Brandye, Brandyn, Brani, Branell, Brann, Branndais, Brannde, Branndi, Branndea, Branndie, Brantley, Branyell, .. 1 more] 9 Source fr. English language. .. Also probably invented as a feminine .. Less common today. Brandi and Brandy were versions last appearing (2007) in the Top 1000.

Branice 10 .. possibly a variation of Janice (Hebrew) .. Not Top 1000 name. See also Beranyce.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Brea, Breana, Breann, Breanna, Breanne

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Bree, Breonna

Branislava [Branka, Bronislawa] 11 From Slavic element. "Glorious defender." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Branwen [Brangwen] 12 Based on Welsh. Possibly "white, blessed raven" or a .. Banwen, Bernwen and Brangen are kreatif forms.

Braylee 13 Root fr. American. Possibly a combination of either the .. A common birth name. See also Bryley.

Braulia 14 Source fr. Spanish, Greek elements. "Shining." Unusual, with the unusual -lia ending, like Bonfilia. ..

Brayne 15 Derived fr. Yiddish language. "Brown." Brayne is not in the Top 1000. See also Blayne. ..

Breanna [Brea, Breah, Breana, Breanda, Breanne, Breann, Breauna, Breaunne, Breawna, Breea, Bree, Breean, Breeana, Breeann, Breeanne, Breeanna, Breeauna, Breelyn, Brei, Breiann, Breiana, Breigh, Breighann, Breila, Breona, Breina, Breonda, Breonna] 16 Derivative of English, Irish, Gaelic, Celtic languages. "High, noble, exalted." Popular as birth names, Breanna, Brea, etc. sound like the common Brianne. ..

Breck 17 Based on Irish. "Freckled." Also a boys' name. Not in Top 1000.

Breda [Breeda, Brid] 18 Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic element. .. See Bride and Bridget. Not in Top 1000.

Bree [Breehan, Brighe] 19 Source fr. Irish, Gaelic element. Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic .. Less used today. Bree was the variation last found (2012) in the Top 1000.

Breena [Breen, Brenee, Brina, Bryna] 20 Variant of Brenna .. Breena and variants are seldom used as children's names.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Br- names for girls.

Beracha - Breena
Beracha [Bracha], Birgit [Brita, Britt, Britta], Blanche [Branca], Bracken, Bradley [Bradly, Bradlee, Bradlea, Bradleigh], Brady [Bradi, Bradee, Bradie], Bradyn, Brandilyn [Brandylyn, Brandolyn, Brandalynn, Brandilynne], Brandy [Branndi, Branndie, Brantley, Branyell, ..], Branice, Branislava [Branka, Bronislawa], Branwen [Brangwen], Braylee, Braulia, Brayne, Breanna [Breina, Breona, Breonda, Breonna, ..], Breck, Breda [Brid, Breeda], Bree [Brighe, Breehan], Breena [Breen, Brina, Bryna, Brenee]

Brenda - Brit
Brenda [Brynda, Brinda, Brennda, Brenndah, ..], Brenna [Brenyn, Brinna, Brynna, Brynne, ..], Brennan, Brett [Britt, Bretta, Brette, Brettany], Brianda [Briand], Brianna [Brynna, Brynne, Brynnan, Breayanna, ..], Briar [Brya, Bryar, Brieta, Brietta, ..], Bride [Brid, Bridie], Bridget [Brygit, Bryjet, Bryjit, Brygitte, ..], Brie [Bree, Briette], Brier [Briar], Brigantia, Brigitte, Briley [Brily, Bryly, Brilie, Bryley], Brina [Bryna, Brynn, Brynna, Brynne, ..], Brinley [Brynlee], Brionna [Briona, Brione, Brionne, Bryonna], Brisa [Briza, Brisia, Brissa, Bryssa, ..], Bristol, Brit [Britt]

Brites - Brynn
Brites, Britney [Brittney, Brittnee, Brittini], Britt [Brit, Brita, Britta], Brittania [Britania, Britannia, Brittanya], Brittany [Bryttany, Bryttine, Bryttnee, Bryttney, ..], Brodie, Brogan [Brogyn, Brogann], Bronte, Bronach, Bronwyn [Bronya, Bronwin, Bronwen, Bronwynn, ..], Bronya, Brooke [Brooky, Brooks, Brooklynn, Brooklynne, ..], Brucie [Brucina, Brucine], Bruna [Brunella, Brunelle, Brunetta, Brunette], Brunhilda [Brunilda, Brynnhild, Brynnhilda, Brynnhilde, ..], Bryce, Brylee [Brilie, Bryleigh], Bryleigh [Brylee], Bryn [Brynna, Brynne, Brynnan, Brynelle, ..], Brynn [Bryn, Brinn, Brynne]

Bryony - Sabrina
Bryony [Brioni, Briony, Bryonie], Gabrielle [Brielle], Sabrina [Brina, Breena]