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Names starting with Br-

Page 1/3. 57 Br- name results beginning or starting with Br- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Br- names for boys.

Beracha (Hebrew) "A blessing." ..

Birgit (Norwegian) "Exalted one." ..
[Brita, Britt, Britta]

Blanche (Old French, Old German) "White, pure."

Bracken Plant name: a large coarse fern.

Bradley (Old English) "Broad meadow."
[Bradlea, Bradlee, Bradleigh, Bradly]

Brady (Irish, Gaelic) "Descendant of Brádach."
[Bradee, Bradi, Bradie]

Bradyn (English) Feminine of Braden.

Brandilyn (English) Combination of Brandy and Lynn.
[Brandalyn, Brandalynn, Brandilynne, Brandolyn, Brandylyn]

Brandy (English) The name of the distilled wine, which comes from the Dutch term "brandewijn", used as a given name ..
[Brand, Branda, Brandace, Brandais, Brandala, Brande, Brandea, Brandee, Brandei, Brandeli, Brandell, Brandelle, Brandelyn, Brandi, Brandice, Brandie, Brandii, Brandily, Brandin, Brandis, Brandise, Brandyce, Brandye, Brandyn, Branell, Brani, Brann, Branndais, Brannde, Branndea, Branndi, Branndie, Brantley, Branyell]

Branice Contemporary invention: possibly a variation of Janice (Hebrew) "God's grace".

Branislava (Slavic) "Glorious defender." ..
[Branka, Bronislawa]

Branwen (Welsh) Possibly "white, blessed raven" or a variant of Bronwen ..

Braulia (Spanish, Greek) "Shining." ..

Brayne (Yiddish) "Brown." ..

Breanna (English) Variant spelling of Brianna.
[Brea, Breah, Breana, Breanda, Breann, Breanne, Breauna, Breaunne, Breawna, Bree, Breea, Breean, Breeana, Breeann, Breeanna, Breeanne, Breeauna, Breelyn, Brei, Breiana, Breiann, Breigh, Breighann, Breila, Breina, Breona, Breonda, Breonna]

Breck (Irish) "Freckled."

Breda (Irish, Gaelic) Anglicized form of Gaelic Bríd ..
[Breeda, Brid]

Bree (Irish, Gaelic) Anglicized form of the Irish Gaelic name Bríghe, a variant of Brighid (see Bridget) ..
[Breehan, Brighe]

Breena Variant of Brenna ..
[Breen, Brenee, Brina, Bryna]

Brenda (Old Norse) "Sword." ..
[Bren, Brendah, Brendalynn, Brendell, Brendette, Brendie, Brendolyn, Brendyl, Brenn, Brennda, Brenndah, Brinda, Brynda]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Brandy, Brandee, Brandi, Brandie, Breanna, Brea, Breana, Breann, Breanne, Bree

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Br- names: Breonna, Brenda

Branda, Brande, Brandee, Brandi, Brandie, Brandy, Breana, Breann, Breanna, Breanne, Bree, Brenda, Brinda, Britt and Britta are commonly used names, while the other Br- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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