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Names starting with Ch-

Page 1/7. 122 Ch- name results beginning or starting with Ch- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Ch- names for boys.

Carissa (Latin, Greek) "Beloved; grace." ..

Carmen (Hebrew) "Garden, orchard." ..

Carol (Old German) "Free man." ..
[Charla, Charleen, Charlena, Charlene, Charlotta, Charlotte, Charmain, Charmaine, Charmian, Charmion, Charyl, Cheryl, Cherlyn]

Caroline (Old German) "Free man." ..
[Charla, Charleen, Charleena, Charlena, Charlene, Charline, Charlyne]

Cerise (English, French) "Cherry." ..
[Charisse, Cherise]

Cha- (American) Combination of the Cha- and Che- prefixes with various name endings ..
[Chalia, Chalise, Chalon, Chalonn, Chalonne, Chalyse, Chanae, Chanee, Chanice, Chanise, Chaquita, Charelle, Charice, Charis, Chavonne, Chenay, Cherie, Chevelle, Chevon, Chevonne]

Chalice (Latin) "Cup." ..

Chalina (Spanish) Diminutive form of Rosalina.

Chamania (Hebrew) "Sunflower."

Chana (Hebrew) "He (God) has favored me." ..
[Chaanach, Chaanah, Chanach, Chanah, Chani, Channa]

Chanda (Hindi, Sanskrit) "Hot, fierce, passionate."

Chandana (Sanskrit) "Sandalwood."
[Chandanika, Chandanpreet]

Chandelle (French) "Candle."
[Chandel, Chantelle]

Chandler (Middle English, Old French) "Candle maker."

Chandra (Hindi, Sanskrit) "Moon shining."
[Chader, Chanda, Chandara, Chandria, Chandrika, Chandy, Chaundra]

Chanel (Old French) "Pipe."
[Chanele, Chanell, Chanelle, Channell, Channelle, Chenelle]

Chaney (Middle English, Old French) "Candle maker." ..
[Chainey, Chayney]

Chanina (Hebrew) "Gracious."

Chante (French) "To sing." ..
[Chantae, Chantay, Chaunte]

Chantal (Old French) "Stone."
[Chandal, Chanta, Chantaal, Chantae, Chantael, Chantai, Chantale, Chantall, Chantalle, Chantara, Chantarai, Chantasia, Chantay, Chantaye, Chante, Chantea, Chanteau, Chantee, Chanteese, Chantel, Chantela, Chantele, Chantell, Chantella, Chantelle, Chanter, Chantey, Chantez, Chantiel, Chantielle, Chantil, Chantila, Chantill, Chantille, Chantle, Chantoya, Chantra, Chantrel, Chantrell, Chantrelle, Chantress, Chantri, Chantrice, Chantriel, Chantrill, Chaunta, Chauntay, Chaunte, Chauntel, Chauntell, Chauntelle, Chawntelle, Chonda, Chontel]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ch- names: Charissa, Charmaine, Charla, Charleen, Charlene, Charlotte, Cheryl, Charline, Charisse, Cherise

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ch- names: Cherie, Chana, Chanda, Chantelle, Chandler, Chandra, Chanel, Chanelle, Chante, Chantal

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ch- names: Chantel

Chana, Chanda, Chandra, Chanel, Chanell, Chanelle, Chantal, Chantay, Chante, Chantel, Chantell, Chantelle, Charis, Charissa, Charisse, Charla, Charleen, Charlena, Charlene, Charline, Charlotte, Charmain, Charmaine, Cherie, Cherise, Cherlyn and Cheryl are commonly used names, while the other Ch- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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