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Names starting with Cl-

Page 1/2. 40 Cl- name results beginning or starting with Cl- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Cl- names for boys.

Chloe (Greek) "Green shoot." ..
[Clo, Cloe, Cloey, Clorinda]

Chloris (Greek) "Green, greenish-yellow." ..

Claire (Latin) "Bright, famous." ..
[Clair, Claireen, Clairene, Claireta, Clairette, Clairey, Clairice, Clairinda, Clairissa, Clairita, Clairy, Clara, Clarabel, Clarabelle, Clare, Clarene, Claresta, Clareta, Claretta, Clarey, Clari, Claribel, Claribella, Claribelle, Clarice, Clarie, Clarinda, Clarine, Clarisa, Clarissa, Clarisse, Clarita, Claritza, Clarrie, Clarry, Clary, Claryce, Clayre, Clayrette, Clayrice, Clayrinda, Clayrissa, Clerissa, Cliara, Clorinda]

Clara (Latin) "Bright, famous." ..
[Claire, Clarabelle, Clarabeth, Clare, Claretha, Claretta, Claribel, Clarice, Clarie, Clarina, Clarinda, Clarine, Clarissa, Clarita, Claritza, Clarizza, Clarrie, Clarry]

Claramae (English) A compound form of Clara with May.

Clare (Latin) "Bright, famous." ..

Clarette (Latin) "Bright, famous." ..

Claribel (Latin) "Bright, famous and beautiful." ..

Clarice (Latin) "Fame." ..
[Claressa, Claris, Clarisa, Clarise, Clarisse, Claryce, Clerissa, Clerisse, Cleryce, Clerysse]

Clarimond (Latin, German) "Shining defender."
[Claramond, Claramonda, Claramonde, Clarimunde]

Clarinda (Latin) "Bright, famous." ..

Clarissa (Latin) "Most bright, most famous." ..
[Clairesa, Clairessa, Clairissa, Clara, Clare, Clarecia, Claresa, Claressa, Clarica, Claris, Clarisa, Clarisse, Clarissia, Clariza, Clarrie, Clarrisa, Clarrissa, Clarry, Clerissa, Classie, Clorissa]

Claudette (French, Latin) "Lame." ..

Claudia (Latin) "Lame." ..
[Claude, Claudee, Claudella, Claudelle, Claudetta, Claudette, Claudex, Claudey, Claudiane, Claudie, Claudina, Claudine, Claudy, Clodia]

Claudine (French, Latin) "Lame." ..

Clea (Greek) "Glory." ..

Clelia (Greek) "Fame." ..

Clematis (Greek) "Climbing plant." ..
[Clematia, Clematice, Clematiss]

Clemence (Latin) "Mercy." ..
[Cleamence, Clem, Clemencia, Clemency, Clementina, Clementine, Clemmie]

Clementine (Latin) "Merciful." ..
[Clem, Clemence, Clemency, Clementia, Clementina, Clementya, Clementyna, Clementyn, Clemmie, Clemmy]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Cloe, Claire, Clara, Clarabelle, Clare, Claribel, Clarice, Clarine, Clarisa, Clarissa

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Claudette, Claudia, Claude, Claudie, Claudine, Clementina, Clementine, Clemmie

Clair, Claire, Clara, Clare, Claretha, Claretta, Claribel, Clarice, Clarinda, Clarine, Claris, Clarisa, Clarissa, Clarita, Classie, Claude, Claudette, Claudia, Claudie, Claudine, Clelia, Clemencia, Clementina, Clementine, Clemmie and Clorinda are commonly used names, while the other Cl- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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