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Cl- names

"CL" baby names beginning or starting with Cl-.

These girl names were at the height of their popularity during the years 1900-1909 (usage of 0.046%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0187%, 59.4% less), but with names like Claudia, Clarissa, Clare, Clora and Cleo becoming somewhat dated. Clara (#108) and Claire (#44) are two of the more trendy birth names in this list, with Claire and Clara going through a revival in popularity. Clapp (top 2%) and Clarida (27%) are popular Cl- last names.

Here is the list of Cl- names for boys.

pinChloe - Clementine

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Claire, Clara, Clarabelle, Clare, Claribel

[Clo, Cloe, Cloey, Clorinda, .. 4 more] Forms of Chloe 1 Origin fr. Greek word. "Green shoot." Cloeco, Cloeli and Cocloe are kreatif forms. ..

[Cloris, .. 3 more] Var. of Chloris 2 Derived fr. Greek language. "Green, greenish-yellow." Not in Top 1000. See also Clarisa. ..

Claire [Clair, Claireen, Clairene, Claireta, Clairey, Clairette, Clairice, Clairinda, Clairissa, Clairy, Clairita, Clara, Clarabel, Clarabelle, Clarene, Clare, Claresta, Clareta, Claretta, Clari, Clarey, Claribel, Claribella, Claribelle, Clarie, Clarice, Clarinda, Clarine, Clarisa, Clarisse, Clarissa, Clarita, Claritza, Clarrie, Clary, Clarry, Claryce, Clayre, Clayrette, Clayrinda, Clayrice, Clayrissa, Clerissa, Cliara, Clorinda, .. 16 more] 3 Origin fr. Latin. "Bright, famous." Ranked in Top 1000. ..

Clara [Claire, Clarabelle, Clarabeth, Clare, Claretta, Claretha, Claribel, Clarice, Clarie, Clarinda, Clarina, Clarine, Clarissa, Clarita, Clarizza, Claritza, Clarrie, Clarry, .. 3 more] 4 Root fr. Latin word. "Bright, famous." Listed in Top 1000. ..

Claramae [Claramay] 5 Derivative of English. A compound form of Clara with .. Uncommon, with the -ae ending for Claramae like Chanae.

Clare 6 Stems fr. Latin language. "Bright, famous." Listed in Top 1000. Also a boys' name. ..

Clarette 7 From Latin language. "Bright, famous." Uncommon, with the feminine -tte suffix like Coronette. See also Claretha. ..

Claribel 8 Derivative of Latin language. "Bright, famous and beautiful." Not in popularity charts. See also Claribelle. ..

Clarice [Claressa, Claris, Clarisa, Clarise, Claryce, Clarisse, Clerissa, Clerisse, Cleryce, Clerysse, .. 5 more] 9 From Latin language. "Fame." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Clarimond [Claramond, Claramonda, Claramonde, Clarimunde] 10 Origin fr. Latin, German words. "Shining defender." Unique, with the androgynous -nd suffix for Clarimond, Claramond like Caitland.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Clarice, Clarine, Clarisa, Clarissa, Claude

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Claudette, Claudia, Claudie, Claudine, Clementina

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cl- names: Clementine, Clemmie, Cloe

Clarinda [Clorinda] 11 From Latin language. "Bright, famous." Not in Top 1000. ..

Clarissa [Clairesa, Clairessa, Clairissa, Clara, Clarecia, Clare, Claresa, Claressa, Clarica, Clarisa, Claris, Clarisse, Clarissia, Clariza, Clarrisa, Clarrie, Clarrissa, Clarry, Clerissa, Clorissa, Classie, .. 3 more] 12 Derived fr. Latin. "Most bright, most famous." Prominent. Clarissa, var. (cf. Crissa) uses the favored feminine -ssa suffix. ..

Claudette 13 Derivative of French, Latin. "Lame." Outside Top 1000. ..

Claudia [Claude, Claudee, Claudella, Claudelle, Claudette, Claudetta, Claudex, Claudey, Claudiane, Claudina, Claudie, Claudine, Claudy, Clodia, .. 6 more] 14 From Latin. "Lame." Prevalent. Claudia, Clodia, like Cintia, ends with -ia. ..

Claudine [Claudean] 15 Stems fr. French, Latin languages. "Lame." Not in Top 1000. ..

Clea [Claea, .. 1 more] 16 Source fr. Greek. "Glory." Uncommon, with the androgynous -lea ending for Clea like Caralea. ..

Clelia [Cloelia] 17 Derived fr. Greek language. "Fame." Uncommon, with the feminine-sounding -elia ending for Clelia, Cloelia like Cerelia. ..

Clematis [Clematia, Clematice, Clematiss] 18 Derivative of Greek. "Climbing plant." Not Top 1000 names. ..

Clemence [Cleamence, Clem, Clemencia, Clemency, Clementine, Clementina, Clemmie] 19 Source fr. Latin. "Mercy." Unique. Clemence, Cleamence, like Cadance, uses the unusual -nce ending. ..

Clementine [Clem, Clemence, Clemency, Clementia, Clementya, Clementina, Clementyna, Clementyn, Clemmie, Clemmy, .. 3 more] 20 From Latin. "Merciful." Popular, with the androgynous-sounding -ine suffix for Clementine like Cellandine. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Cl- names for girls.

Chloe - Clementine
Chloe [Clo, Cloe, Cloey, Clorinda], Chloris [Cloris], Claire [Clayre, Cliara, Clayrice, Clerissa, Clorinda, Clayrette, Clayrissa, Clayrinda, ..], Clara [Clarry, Clarine, Clarrie, Clarita, Clarinda, Claritza, Clarizza, Clarissa, ..], Claramae [Claramay], Clare, Clarette, Claribel, Clarice [Claryce, Clarise, Clarisa, Cleryce, Clarisse, Clerissa, Clerisse, Clerysse, ..], Clarimond [Claramond, Claramonda, Claramonde, Clarimunde], Clarinda [Clorinda], Clarissa [Clarry, Classie, Clariza, Clarrie, Clarrisa, Clorissa, Clerissa, Clarrissa, ..], Claudette, Claudia [Clodia, Claudy, Claudie, Claudex, Claudey, Claudina, Claudine, Claudiane, ..], Claudine [Claudean], Clea [Claea], Clelia [Cloelia], Clematis [Clematia, Clematice, Clematiss], Clemence [Clem, Clemmie, Clemency, Cleamence, Clemencia, Clementina, Clementine], Clementine [Clemmy, Clemmie, Clemency, Clementya, Clementyn, Clementia, Clementyna, Clementina, ..]

Cleo - Klementina
Cleo [Clea, Clio], Cleone, Cleopatra [Clea, Cleo, Clio, Cleta, Cleone, Cleona, Cleonie], Cleta, Cleva, Cliantha [Cleantha, Cleanthe, Clianthe], Clio [Cleo], Cliona [Clio, Cleona, Cliodhna], Clodagh, Clorinda [Clora], Cloris, Clotilda [Clotilde, Clothilda, Clothilde], Cloudy, Clove, Clover [Clova], Cluny, Clymene, Clytie, Colette [Cloette], Klementina [Clemence, Clementine]