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Names starting with Cr-

Page 1/2. 23 Cr- name results beginning or starting with Cr- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Cr- names for boys.

Chriselda (Greek) "Bearing Christ." ..

Chrissie (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Christa (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Crista, Crysta, Crystie]

Christabel (Latin, French) "Beautiful Christian." ..
[Cristabel, Cristabell, Cristabella, Cristabelle, Crystabel, Crystabella]

Christen (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Cristen, Cristin, Cristyn]

Christian (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Cristian, Cristiana, Cristianna, Cristianne]

Christiana (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Christina (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Cris, Crissey, Crissie, Crissy, Crista, Cristal, Cristel, Cristelle, Cristen, Cristena, Cristi, Cristie, Cristin, Cristina, Cristine, Cristiona, Cristy, Crysta, Crystal, Crystena, Crystene, Crystie, Crystina, Crystine, Crystyna]

Christine (French, Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Cristine, Crystin]

Christy (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Crissa, Crissie, Crissy, Cristi, Cristie, Cristy]

Chrysantha (Greek) "Golden flower." ..

Cordelia (Latin) "Heart." ..

Crecia (Latin) "Succeed." ..

Cree (Native American Indian) Name of a tribe in Canada, which derives via French from the Cree word "kiristino" ..

Creola (French, Portuguese) "Of American birth but European descent."
[Creole, Creolla, Criolla]

Crescent (Old French, Latin) "Increasing, growing."
[Crescence, Crescenta, Crescentia, Cressant, Cressent, Cressentia, Cressentya]

Cressida (Greek) "Gold." ..
[Cressa, Cressy]

Crisanta (Greek) "Golden flower."

Crispina (Latin) "Curly-haired." ..

Cristina (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Cr- names: Crissy, Cristin, Cristal, Cristina, Cristy, Crystal, Creola

Creola, Cris, Criselda, Crissy, Crista, Cristal, Cristen, Cristi, Cristie, Cristin, Cristina, Cristine, Cristy, Crysta and Crystal are commonly used names, while the other Cr- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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