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De- names

"DE" baby names beginning or starting with De- are used more often as masculine names.

These girl names reached the apex of their popularity during 1960-1969 (adoption of 0.0468%) and are almost as common today (adoption 0.0112%, 76.1%), but with names like Deanna, Destinee, Denise, Desiree and Destiney becoming somewhat dated. Demi (#632), Delilah (#130), Delaney (#268) and Destiny (#160) are four of the more contemporarily stylish girl names here, and there is also a revival in birth name popularity for Delilah and Demi. Deal (top 1%) and Desai (2%) are conventional De- surnames.

Here is the list of De- names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of De- names: Deana, Deandra, Deann, Deanna, Deanne

[Del, Dell, Della, Delle, Delly, Delli, .. 52 more] Var. of Adelaide 1 Based on Old German language. "Noble kind." Dell (cf. Dovell) is a common -ell suffix last name. ..

[Delina, Deline, Dellina, Delly, Delyne, .. 24 more] Var. of Adeline 2 Derivative of Old German element. "Noble." Rare as children's names, but Delina, Delly, etc. are comparable to the more popular Delfina. ..

[Deena, Denah, .. 5 more] Forms of Adena 3 Root fr. Hebrew. "Decoration." Somewhat common as birth names, Deena and Denah are similar to the common Dayna.

[Dela, Della, .. 52 more] Forms of Alida 4 Origin fr. Latin element. "Small winged one." Daila and Dyla are kreatif forms. ..

[Demanda, .. 14 more] Form of Amanda 5 Based on Latin. "Fit to be loved, lovable." Unusual. Demanda (cf. Delinda) ends with -da. See also Deanda. ..

[Delia, .. 46 more] Form of Amelia 6 Source fr. Latin, Old German elements. "Rival, eager work." Rare. Delia, like Dalia, has the -lia ending. See also Delie. ..

[Delia, .. 2 more] Form of Bedelia 7 Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Exalted one." A somewhat rare birth name, Delia is found more often as a surname. See also Delle. ..

[Debranda, .. 34 more] Var. of Brandy 8 Derived fr. English language. .. Also probably invented as a feminine .. Rare, with the feminine -da ending for Debranda, like Dianda. See also Debriana.

[Delia, Delie, Della, .. 13 more] Var. of Cordelia 9 From Latin language. "Heart." Not in Top 1000. ..

[Deyci, .. 7 more] Var. of Dacey 10 Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "From the south." Not in popularity charts. See also Decca.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of De- names: Dee, Deena, Delia, Delisa, Dell

Top 1000 baby names ranking of De- names: Della, Denisha

[Deyse, Deysi, .. 7 more] Forms of Daisy 11 Origin fr. Old English language. "Day's eye." Not in popularity charts. ..

[Demaras, Demaris, Demarys, .. 16 more] Forms of Damaris 12 Stems fr. Greek, Latin. "Calf; to tame; gentle." Unique, with the androgynous -ris suffix for Demaris, like Demetris.

[Dee, Denae, Denay, Dene, .. 7 more] Forms of Danae 13 Root fr. Greek element. Mythology .. Denay and form peaked in popularity during 1960-1969 and have become less common, with Dee becoming less trendy.

[Deangellis, Deangelis, .. 2 more] Forms of Dangelis 14 Modern elaboration of Angela, perhaps suggested .. Unique, with the androgynous-sounding -lis suffix for Deangellis, Deangelis, like Damalis.

[Derrill, .. 22 more] Var. of Daryl 15 Origin fr. English language. .. Actress Daryl Hannah. Unisex name. Unusual. Derrill is not listed in the US Demographics.

[Devina, .. 14 more] Var. of Davina 16 Source fr. Scottish, Hebrew elements. "Beloved." Devina is unusual as a birth name. See also Devyn. ..

De- [Deangela, Dejana, Delana, Delandra, Delaree, Delara, Deleena, Delena, Delicia, Delinda, Delina, Delisa, Deloise, Delyn, Delyse, Delynden, Demeisha, Deneisha, Denell, Denisha, Denesha, Denita, Deshay] 17 Based on American element. Combination of the De prefix with .. Denita (upper 51%), Delinda (55%), Delana (57%), Delisa (58%) and Denisha (64%) are conventional as female names.

Dea 18 Source fr. Latin language. "Goddess." Outside Top 1000. See also Tea.

Deandra [Deanda, Deandrea, Deandria, Deeandra, .. 3 more] 19 Root fr. American word. Blend of Deanne plus variants of .. Somewhat widely used as girls' names, Deandra, Deandrea, etc. are similar to the conventional Leandra.

Deanna [Deana, Deane, Deann, Deanne, Deeann, Deeana, Deeanna, Deena, Deona, Deonna, Deondra, Deonne, .. 1 more] 20 Root fr. Old English element. "Valley; church leader." Adoption of Deanna and form was widespread during 1960-1969 and has become lower, with Deanna, Deena, Deanne, Deann and Deana becoming somewhat outmoded. ..

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for De- names for girls.

Adelaide - Deanna
Adelaide [Delli, Delly, ..], Adeline [Delly, Delyne, ..], Adena [Deena, Denah], Alida [Dela, Della], Amanda [Demanda], Amelia [Delia], Bedelia [Delia], Brandy [Debranda], Cordelia [Delie, Della], Dacey [Deyci], Daisy [Deyse, Deysi], Damaris [Demaris, Demarys], Danae [Dene, Denay, ..], Dangelis [Deangelis, Deangellis], Daryl [Derrill], Davina [Devina], De- [Denita, Deshay, ..], Dea, Deandra [Deandria, Deeandra, ..], Deanna [Deonna, Deonne, ..]

Debonnaire - Della
Debonnaire [Debonair, Debonaire], Deborah [Devora, Devorah, ..], Decca [Deka, Decka], Decembra, Decima [Decia], Dee [Deedee, Deeann, ..], Deifilia, Deiondra [Deionna], Deirdre [Derdre, Deirdra, ..], Deitra [Deetra, Detria], Deja [Dejanira, Deyanira, ..], Delana, Delancey [Delancy, Delancie], Delaney [Delena, Delene, ..], Delfina [Delphia, Delphine], Delia [Delya, Deelia], Delicia [Delysia, Delyssa, ..], Delight, Delilah [Delila], Della [Dellene, Delline, ..]

Delma - Desdemona
Delma [Delmy, Delmira], Delores [Delora, Deloris], Delphine [Delphinea, Delphinia, ..], Delta [Dellta], Demetria [Demitra, Demitras, ..], Demelza, Demi [Demie, Demiana, ..], Dena [Denna, Denni, ..], Denelle [Denell], Denise [Denys, Denyse, ..], Deolinda, Deora, Derica [Dericka, Derrica], Derinda, Derine, Derora [Derorit], Derry, Dervla [Dearbhla, Deirbhealla], Deryn [Derron, Derrynne, ..], Desdemona [Desmona]

Desiree - Dimona
Desiree [Deziray, Deziree, ..], Desma [Desme], Dessa, Destiny [Destyni, Destinie, ..], Detta, Deva [Devi], Devany [Devony, Devinee, ..], Devi, Devin [Devyn, Devvin, ..], Devon [Devyn, Devynn, ..], Devora [Devra, Devri, ..], Devri, Dextra [Dextera], Deyanira [Deianira, Dellanira], Diana [Dena, Deanna, ..], Diandra [Deandra], Didi [Deedee], Digna [Deenya], Dimitra [Demetra, Demetria], Dimona [Demona, Demonah]

Dinah - Geraldine
Dinah [Dena], Dionne [Deon, Deonne], Dionysia [Deonisia, Deonysia], Divina [Devina], Dolores [Deloria, Deloris, ..], Dorinda [Derinda], Dulce [Delcine, Delsine], Geraldine [Deena]