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Names starting with De- for girls

De- names beginning or starting with De- for women. Names that start with De- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of De- names for boys. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 1960-1969 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Debra, Debbie, Delores, Della and Deanna falling out of fashion. Demi (#632), Delilah (#130) and Deborah (#753) are three of the more fashionable birth names in this list, with these names enjoying a rebound in popularity.

Adelaide - Amanda

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[Del, Dell, Della, Delle, Delli, Delly, .. 51 more] Var. of Adelaide 1 Origin fr. Old German word. "Noble kind." The variations Dell (Top 59%) and Della (9%) are common as women's names, while the other names are rare in comparison. Del (Top 73%), Dell (5%), Della (59%), Delle (46%) and Delli (41%) appear regularly as surnames in the US Census. ..

[Delina, Deline, Dellina, Delly, Delyne, .. 20 more] Var. of Adeline 2 Source fr. Old German word. "Noble." The variations Delina, Deline, Dellina, Delly and Delyne are irregularly used as feminine names, and Deline occurs frequently (Top 34%) as a last name according to the US Census. ..

[Deena, Denah, .. 5 more] Var. of Adena 3 From Hebrew element. "Decoration." The variant form Deena is familiar (Top 21%) as a female name, while Denah is scarce in comparison.

[Dela, Della, .. 52 more] Var. of Alida 4 Source fr. Latin word. "Small winged one." Usage of Della as a baby name has declined over the years since 1880-1889. ..

[Demanda, .. 14 more] Var. of Amanda 5 Origin fr. Latin. "Fit to be loved, lovable." Scarcely used as a name for newborns. See also Deanda. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of De- names: Dell, Della, Deena

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Summary of all names grouped by variations for De- names for girls.

[Adelaide - Amanda]
Adelaide [Delly, ..], Adeline [Delyne, ..], Adena [Denah], Alida [Della], Amanda [Demanda]

[Amelia - Daryl]
Amelia [Delia], Bedelia [Delia], Brandy [Debranda], Cordelia [Della, ..], Dacey [Deyci], Daisy [Deysi], Damaris [Demarys, ..], Danae [Dene, ..], Dangelis [Deangelis], Daryl [Derrill]

[Davina - Decima]
Davina [Devina], De- [Deshay, ..], Dea, Deandra [Deeandra, ..], Deanna [Deonne, ..], Debonnaire [Debonaire], Deborah [Devorah, ..], Decca [Deka], Decembra, Decima [Decia]

[Dee - Delfina]
Dee [Deeann, ..], Deifilia, Deiondra [Deionna], Deirdre [Derdre, ..], Deitra [Detria], Deja [Deyanira, ..], Delana, Delancey [Delancy], Delaney [Delene, ..], Delfina [Delphine, ..]

[Delia - Demetria]
Delia [Delya], Delicia [Delyssa, ..], Delight, Delilah [Delila], Della [Delline, ..], Delma [Delmy, ..], Delores [Deloris], Delphine [Delphinia, ..], Delta [Dellta], Demetria [Demitras, ..]

[Demelza - Derine]
Demelza, Demi [Demie, ..], Dena [Denni, ..], Denelle [Denell], Denise [Denyse, ..], Deolinda, Deora, Derica [Derrica, ..], Derinda, Derine

[Derora - Detta]
Derora [Derorit], Derry, Dervla [Deirbhealla], Deryn [Derrynne, ..], Desdemona [Desmona], Desiree [Deziree, ..], Desma [Desme], Dessa, Destiny [Destyni, ..], Detta

[Deva - Diana]
Deva [Devi], Devany [Devony, ..], Devi, Devin [Devyn, ..], Devon [Devynn, ..], Devora [Devri, ..], Devri, Dextra [Dextera], Deyanira [Dellanira], Diana [Dena, ..]

[Diandra - Dolores]
Diandra [Deandra], Didi [Deedee], Digna [Deenya], Dimitra [Demetria], Dimona [Demonah], Dinah [Dena], Dionne [Deonne, ..], Dionysia [Deonysia], Divina [Devina], Dolores [Deloris, ..]

[Dorinda - Geraldine]
Dorinda [Derinda], Dulce [Delsine, ..], Geraldine [Deena]


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