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Dev- names beginning or starting with Dev- for women. Here is the list of Dev- names for boys. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 1991 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Devyn, Devan, Devon and Devin becoming less fashionable.

Davina - Devi

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[Devina, .. 14 more] Var. of Davina 1 Derivative of Scottish, Hebrew words. "Beloved." The form Devina is unusual as a women's name. See also Levina. ..

[Devora, Devorah, .. 22 more] Var. of Deborah 2 Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Bee." The variations Devorah and Devora are more commonly used as baby names among the different variant forms of the name. ..

Deva [Devi] 3 Derivative of Hindi word. "Divine, god-like." The forms Deva and Devi are unusual as women's names.

Devany [Devaney, Devanie, Devenny, Devinee, Devony] 4 Root fr. Irish element. "Dark-haired." These names are hardly found as feminine names. Devaney (Top 10%), Devany (65%) and Devenny (83%) appear often as surnames according to the US Census. ..

Devi 5 Derivative of Hindi word. "Goddess." Devi is unusual as a women's name. See also Debb. ..

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[Davina - Devi]
Davina [Devina], Deborah [Devora, Devorah], Deva [Devi], Devany [Devony, Devaney, Devanie, Devenny, Devinee], Devi

[Devin - Divina]
Devin [Deva, Devyn, Devon, Devvin, Devinne], Devon [Devin, Devyn, Devynn, Devvon, Devona, Devonne, Devonna, Devondra, ..], Devora [Devi, Devri, Devra, Devery, Devorah], Devri, Divina [Devina]