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Fi- names

"FI" baby names beginning or starting with Fi-.

These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in the year 2013 (usage of 0.0124%) and have remained as popular to this day (usage 0.0122%, 0.9% less), but with names such as Filomena becoming less in vogue. Fiona (#204) is the most contemporarily stylish birth name in this list, and there is a resurgence in baby name usage for this name. Fine (top 2%) and Fike (3%) are familiar Fi- last names.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fi- names: Filomena, Fiona

[Fima, .. 21 more] Var. of Euphemia 1 Based on Greek element. "Good to speak." Not Top 1000 name. See also Rima. ..

[Filicia, Filisha, .. 28 more] Var. of Felicia 2 Source fr. Latin word. "Lucky, fortunate, happy." Not Top 1000 names. ..

[Finella, .. 1 more] Var. of Fenella 3 Source fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "White shoulder." Unconventional. Compare Finella with popular -la last name Frisella (top 36%). See also Fidella. ..

Fiala 4 Source fr. Czechoslovakian. "Violet." Fiala was not among 2014's Top names. See also Fila.

Fiammetta [Fiamma] 5 Based on Italian language. "Little fiery one." Outside Top 1000. ..

Fiby 6 From Spanish, Greek. "Shining, brilliant." Not in popularity charts. See also Liby. ..

Fidelity [Fideila, Fidela, Fidele, Fidelia, Fidelita, Fidelina, Fidella, Fidelma, Fidessa, .. 1 more] 7 From Latin word. "Loyalty." Fideila, Fidele, Fidelina, Fidelita and Fidelity are more unusual as girls' names. ..

Fidelma 8 Derivative of Irish, Gaelic element. Latin form of Fiedhelm .. Not in popularity charts. See also Fidelina.

Fiesta 9 Stems fr. Spanish, Latin elements. "Carnival, celebration." Fiesta is not a Top 1000 name. ..

Fifi [Fifine] 10 Origin fr. French, Hebrew words. "Jehovah increases." Fefi, Fifo and Fofi are kreatif variations. ..

Filia 11 Derivative of Greek language. "Friendship." Not Top 1000 name. See also Cilia.

Filippa 12 Derivative of Greek element. "Lover of horses." Outside Top 1000. See also Felipa. ..

Filomena 13 Source fr. Italian. "Beloved." A moderately offbeat baby name, Filomena is however used somewhat often as a surname. See also Filomene. ..

Filis 14 Derivative of Greek element. "Greenery." Outside Top 1000. See also Eilis. ..

Fina 15 Stems fr. Spanish. Short form of Josefina (Hebrew) Jehovah .. Fina is not a Top 1000 name. See also Lina.

Finella 16 Derivative of Gaelic. "White, fair." Not in popularity charts. See also Finola. ..

Finola 17 Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "White, fair." Not Top 1000 name. See also Winola. ..

Fiona [Fione, Fionna, .. 5 more] 18 Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "White, fair." Fione and Fionna are more unconventional as children's names among the variations of Fiona.

Fionnula [Finella, Finola, Finuala, Fionnuala, Fionola, Fionnualagh, .. 3 more] 19 Based on Irish, Gaelic. "White shoulder." Fionnula, Finuala, etc. are not in the Top 1000. ..

Fiora 20 Origin fr. Gaelic element. .. E. Outside Top 1000. See also Liora.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Fi- names for girls.

Euphemia - Fiora
Euphemia [Fima], Felicia [Filicia, Filisha], Fenella [Finella], Fiala, Fiammetta [Fiamma], Fiby, Fidelity [Fidela, Fidele, Fidelia, Fidella, Fidelma, Fidessa, Fidelita, Fidelina], Fidelma, Fiesta, Fifi [Fifine], Filia, Filippa, Filomena, Filis, Fina, Finella, Finola, Fiona [Fione, Fionna], Fionnula [Finola, Finuala, Finella, Fionola, Fionnuala, Fionnualagh], Fiora

Flora - Phyllis
Flora [Fiora, Fiori, Fiore, Fiorella, Fiordenni], Florence [Firenze, Fiorenza, Fiorentina], Guinevere [Finnabhair], Josephine [Fifi, Fina, Fifine, Finetta, Finette], Ophelia [Filia], Phila [Fila], Philana [Filania, Filanna], Philantha [Filanthia], Philiberta [Filberta, Filiberta], Philippa [Filipa, Filippa, Filipina], Phillida [Fillida], Philomena [Filimena, Filomena, Filomene, Filumena], Philopena [Filipina, Filippina, Filippine], Philothea [Filothea, Filotheya], Philyra [Fillira], Phyllis [Filis, Fillis, Fillys]