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Names starting with Fi- from Fiby - Fina

Page 2/4. 35 Fi- grouped name results beginning or starting with Fi- for females. Listing 6-15.

Fiby (Spanish) Variant of Phoebe (Greek) "shining, brilliant".

Fidelity (Latin) "Loyalty." ..
[Fideila, Fidela, Fidele, Fidelia, Fidelina, Fidelita, Fidella, Fidelma, Fidessa]

Fidelma (Irish, Gaelic) Latin form of Fiedhelm ..

Fiesta (Spanish, Latin) "Carnival, celebration."

Fifi (French, Hebrew) "Jehovah increases." ..

Filia (Greek) "Friendship."

Filippa (Greek) "Lover of horses." ..

Filomena (Italian) "Beloved." ..

Filis (Greek) "Greenery." ..

Fina (Spanish) Short form of Josefina (Hebrew) "Jehovah increases".

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Fi- names: Filomena

Fidela, Fidelia and Filomena are commonly used names, while Fiby, Fideila, Fidele, Fidelina, Fidelita, Fidelity, Fidella, Fidelma, Fidessa, Fiesta, Fifi, Fifine, Filia, Filippa, Filis and Fina are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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[Euphemia - Fiammetta], [Fiby - Fina], [Finella - Phila], [Philana - Phyllis]


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