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Names starting with Ga- for girls

Page 1/4. 32 Ga- grouped name results beginning or starting with Ga- for females. Here is the list of Ga- names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in 1950-1959 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Gail, Gayle, Gale, Gay and Garnet falling out of fashion.

Abigail (Hebrew) "Father of exaltation." ..
[Gael, Gail, Gaila, Gal, Gale, Gayel, Gayle]

Gabrielle (Hebrew) "Heroine of God." ..
[Gabbe, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabi, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriell, Gabriella, Gabriellen, Gabriellia, Gabrila, Gabryel, Gabryelle, Gabryella, Gaby, Gabysia, Gavi, Gavra, Gavraila, Gavriella, Gavrielle, Gavrila, Gavrilla, Gavrina]

Gada (Hebrew) "Fortunate."

Gaea (Greek) "The earth." ..
[Gaia, Gaiana, Gaiea, Gala]

Gael (Gaelic) "A Celt."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ga- names: Gail, Gale, Gayle, Gabrielle, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriella

Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriella, Gabrielle, Gail, Gala, Gale and Gayle are commonly used names, while the other Ga- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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A to Z Index of all names (with variants) for girls

[Abigail - Gael]
Abigail [41], Gabrielle [26], Gada, Gaea [4], Gael [1]

[Gaetana - Gallia]
Gaetana [1], Gafna, Gail [18], Gala [1], Galatea [2], Galiena [4], Galiana, Galila [7], Galina [1], Gallia [2]

[Galya - Gay]
Galya [3], Gambhira, Gana [2], Gardenia, Garland [2], Gardner [3], Garnet [4], Gavina, Gavrila [3], Gay [3]

[Gayle - Jelena]
Gayle [6], Gaynor [3], Gazella [1], Gerda [2], Guinevere [52], Helen [78], Jelena [8]


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