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Ga- names beginning or starting with Ga- for women. Names that start with Ga- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Ga- names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its apex during the years 1950-1959 and is almost as widespread today, but with names such as Gaye, Gayla, Gayle, Gay and Garnet becoming somewhat outmoded. Gabriella (#43), Gabrielle (#173) and Gabriela (#232) are three of the more chic birth names in this list.

Abigail - Jelena

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[Gael, Gail, Gaila, Gal, Gale, Gayel, Gayle, .. 36 more] Var. of Abigail 1 From Hebrew word. "Father of exaltation." The forms Gail (Top 4%), Gale (16%) and Gayle (9%) are recognizable as women's names, while the other names are scantly used in comparison. Gail (Top 25%), Gal (43%), Gale (3%) and Gayle (6%) occur regularly as surnames according to the US Census. ..

Gabrielle [Gabbe, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabi, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriell, Gabriella, Gabriellen, Gabriellia, Gabrila, Gabryel, Gabryelle, Gabryella, Gaby, Gabysia, Gavi, Gavra, Gavraila, Gavriella, Gavrielle, Gavrila, Gavrilla, Gavrina, .. 1 more] 2 Source fr. Hebrew language. "Heroine of God." The variations Gabriella, Gabriele, Gabriela, Gabriel and Gabrielle are more generally used as given names for girls among the different forms of the name. ..

Gada 3 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Fortunate." Atypical as a baby name. See also Mada.

Gae [Gay, Gaye] 4 Source fr. English element. "Blithe, cheerful." The variations Gaye, Gay and Gae are more commonplace as names for newborns among the various variant forms of the name. ..

Gaea [Gaia, Gaiana, Gaiea, Gala] 5 Origin fr. Greek element. "The earth." The version Gala is a recognizable (Top 89%) first name, while Gaea, Gaia, Gaiana and Gaiea are scantly used comparatively, and Gala appears commonly (Top 72%) as a last name in the US Census. ..

Gael [Gaelle] 6 Based on Gaelic word. "A Celt." The variant forms Gael and Gaelle are unique female names.

Gaetana [Gaetane] 7 From Italian, Latin words. "From Gaeta." The variations Gaetana and Gaetane are rarely occurring female names.

Gafna 8 Source fr. Hebrew element. "Vine." Unusual as a name for girls. See also Gavina.

Gail [Gael, Gahl, Gaila, Gaile, Gaill, Gal, Gale, Galia, Gayel, Gayelle, Gayla, Gayle, Gayleen, Gaylene, Gayline, Gayll, Gaylla, Gaylle] 9 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Father of exaltation." The variations Gail (Top 4%), Gale (16%), Gayla (24%), Gayle (9%) and Gaylene (68%) are commonplace as women's names, while the other names are infrequently used in comparison. Gahl (Top 58%), Gail (25%), Gal (43%), Gale (3%) and Gayle (6%) occur regularly as surnames according to the US Census. ..

Gala [Galla] 10 Based on Old French word. "Merrymaking, festivity." The version Galla is irregularly used as a women's name, while Gala is prevalent in comparison. Gala (Top 72%) and Galla (53%) appear regularly as surnames in the US Census.

Galatea [Galatee, Galathea] 11 From Greek word. "White as milk." The forms Galatea, Galatee and Galathea are rarely used as women's names.

Galiena [Galiana, Galianna, Galliena, Galyena] 12 Source fr. Old German element. "High one; the land of Gaul." The versions Galiana, Galianna, Galiena, Galliena and Galyena are intermittently used feminine names.

Galiana 13 From Arabic word. The name of a Moorish princess .. Galiana is a rarely occurring feminine name. See also Gilian.

Galila [Galilah, .. 6 more] 14 Based on Hebrew word. "Rolling hills." The versions Galila and Galilah are scarcely used as first names.

Galina [Galya] 15 Origin fr. Greek language. "Calm." The version Galina is recognizable (Top 85%) as a first name, while Galya is scantly used in comparison. ..

Gallia [Gala, Galla] 16 Based on Latin word. "Gaul." The variations Gala and Gallia are more commonly used as given names among the various versions of the name.

Galya [Galia, Gallia, Gallya] 17 From Hebrew word. "The Lord has redeemed." The versions Galia, Gallia, Gallya and Galya are uncommonly used female names.

Gambhira 18 Based on Hindi. "Well-born, of great dignity." Atypical as a girls' name.

Gana [Ganah, Ganit] 19 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Garden." The forms Gana, Ganah and Ganit are uncommon female names, and Gana appears frequently (Top 96%) as a last name according to the US Census.

Gardenia 20 Based on English word. A name from nature .. Atypical as a name for baby girls. See also Gardener.

Garland [Garlande, Garldina] 21 From Old French word. "Garland, wreath." The forms Garland, Garlande and Garldina are unique first names, and Garland occurs frequently (Top 1%) as a last name in the US Census.

Gardner [Gardener, Gardie, Gardiner] 22 Source fr. Middle English element. "Gardener." The variant forms Gardener, Gardie, Gardiner and Gardner are scarcely used as first names. Gardener (Top 11%), Gardiner (3%) and Gardner (1%) occur commonly as last names according to the US Census. ..

Garnet [Garnette, .. 3 more] 23 Origin fr. Middle English element. A dark red gemstone named for .. The variant form Garnet is conventional (Top 36%) as a women's name, while Garnette is unique in comparison. Garnet (Top 95%) and Garnette (53%) occur often as surnames according to the US Census.

Gavina 24 Based on Latin word. "From Gabio." Gavina is a rare female name, and it appears commonly (Top 36%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Ravina. ..

Gavrila [Gavrilla, Gavryla, Gavrylla] 25 Variant of Gabrielle (Hebrew) heroine of .. The variant forms Gavrila, Gavrilla, Gavryla and Gavrylla are rarely used given names.

Gay [Gae, Gai, Gaye] 26 Source fr. Old French element. "Blithe, cheerful." The names Gay and Gaye have been on a downward trend in favor as names for baby girls over time. ..

Gayle [Gala, Galea, Galen, Galena, Gayla, Gaylen] 27 From English word. Variant of Gail .. Usage of the names Gayle and Gayla as names for newborns has been on a downward trend over time.

Gaynor [Gaenor, Gayna, Gayner] 28 Based on Welsh word. "White and smooth, soft." The variations Gaenor, Gayna, Gayner and Gaynor are scantly used as women's names. Gayner (Top 38%) and Gaynor (6%) appear often as surnames according to the US Census. ..

Gazella [Gazelle] 29 From Latin. "Gazelle." The variant forms Gazella and Gazelle are atypical given names, and Gazella appears often (Top 64%) as a surname according to the US Census.

[Garda, .. 1 more] Var. of Gerda 30 Source fr. Old Norse element. "Shelter." An unusual given name for girls. See also Gerta.

[Gaenna, Gaynor, .. 50 more] Var. of Guinevere 31 From Welsh word. "Fair and smooth." The versions Gaenna and Gaynor are unique as women's names, and Gaynor occurs regularly (Top 6%) as a surname in the US Census. ..

[Galina, .. 77 more] Var. of Helen 32 Source fr. Greek element. "Sun ray." Usage is scant as a name for babies nowadays. Galina is still recorded regularly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Galia. ..

[Galina, .. 7 more] Var. of Jelena 33 Origin fr. Russian, Greek elements. "Sun ray." The form Galina is more commonplace as a name for baby girls among the different forms of the name. See also Galianna. ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ga- names: Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabrielle, Gail, Gale, Garnet, Gay, Gaye, Gayla, Gayle

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[Abigail - Jelena]
Abigail [Gal, Gael, Gale, Gail, Gayle, Gayel, Gaila], Gabrielle [Gavi, Gavra, Gavrina, Gavrila, Gavraila, Gavrilla, Gavrielle, Gavriella, ..], Gada, Gae [Gay, Gaye], Gaea [Gala, Gaia, Gaiea, Gaiana], Gael [Gaelle], Gaetana [Gaetane], Gafna, Gail [Gayla, Gayle, Gayll, Gaylla, Gaylle, Gayline, Gaylene, Gayleen, ..], Gala [Galla], Galatea [Galatee, Galathea], Galiena [Galyena, Galiana, Galliena, Galianna], Galiana, Galila [Galilah], Galina [Galya], Gallia [Gala, Galla], Galya [Galia, Gallia, Gallya], Gambhira, Gana [Ganah, Ganit], Gardenia, Garland [Garlande, Garldina], Gardner [Gardie, Gardener, Gardiner], Garnet [Garnette], Gavina, Gavrila [Gavryla, Gavrilla, Gavrylla], Gay [Gae, Gai, Gaye], Gayle [Gala, Galen, Gayla, Galea, Galena, Gaylen], Gaynor [Gayna, Gaenor, Gayner], Gazella [Gazelle], Gerda [Garda], Guinevere [Gaenna, Gaynor], Helen [Galina], Jelena [Galina]