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Names starting with Ge-

Page 1/3. 46 Ge- name results beginning or starting with Ge- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Ge- names for boys.

Angela (Greek) "Messenger; angel, messenger of God." ..

Eugenia (Greek) "Noble aristocrat." ..
[Geena, Gena, Gene, Genia, Genie]

Galila (Hebrew) "Rolling hills."
[Gelila, Gelilah, Gelilia, Gelilya]

Geena (American) Variant of Gina made popular by actress Geena Davis.

Geila (Hebrew) "Joy."
[Geela, Geelah, Geelan, Geila, Geiliya, Geiliyah]

Gelsomina (Italian) Name of a type of jasmine plant.

Gemini (Greek) "Twin."
[Gemella, Gemelle, Gemina]

Gemma (Latin) "Gem, jewel."
[Gem, Gemmalyn, Gemmalynn]

Gene Diminutive of Eugenia (Greek) "well-born" or variant of Jean (Hebrew) "God's grace" ..

Genesis (Hebrew) "Origin, birth." ..
[Genesies, Genesiss, Genessa, Genisa, Genisia, Genisis, Gennesis, Gennesiss]

Geneva (Old French) "Juniper tree."
[Gena, Genever, Genevia, Genevra, Genevre, Genovefa, Genoveffa, Genoveva]

Genevieve (French) Possibly (Old German) "white wave" or (Celtic) "of the race of women" ..
[Gena, Genavieve, Geneva, Geneve, Geneveeve, Genevie, Genivee, Genivieve, Gennie, Genny, Genovera, Genoveva]

Genista Plant name ..

Genna (English) Rhyming variant of Jenna.
[Genae, Genaya, Genny]

Georgette (French, Latin) "Farmer." ..
[Georgetta, Georjetta]

Georgia (Greek, Latin) Feminine of George ..
[Georgeann, Georgeanne, Georgina, Georgena, Georgene, Georgetta, Georgette, Georgiana, Georgianna, Georgianne, Georgie, Georgienne, Georgina, Georgine, Georgyann, Georgyanne, Georgyana]

Georgina (Latin) Diminutive of Georgia ..
[Georgeanne, Georgeina, Georgena, Georgene, Georgejean, Georgiana, Georgianna, Georgianne, Georgienne, Georgine, Georgyana, Georjette]

Geraldine (Old German, French) "Spear ruler." ..
[Geralda, Geraldeen, Geraldene, Geraldina, Geralyn, Geralynn, Geralynne, Gerdene, Gerdine, Geri, Gerianna, Gerianne, Gerilynn, Gerri, Gerrilyn, Gerroldine, Gerry]

Geranium Flower name, which derives from the Greek word for "crane".

Gerardine (Old English) "Spear brave." ..
[Gerarda, Gerardina, Gerardyne, Gererdina, Gerrardene]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ge- names: Gena, Gene, Genie, Gemma, Genesis, Geneva, Genoveva, Genevieve, Georgette, Georgia

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ge- names: Georgina, Georgene, Georgiana, Georgianna, Georgie, Georgine, Geraldine, Geralyn, Geri, Gerri

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Ge- names: Gerry

Gemma, Gena, Gene, Genesis, Geneva, Genevie, Genevieve, Genia, Genie, Genna, Gennie, Genny, Genoveva, Georgeann, Georgene, Georgetta, Georgette, Georgia, Georgiana, Georgianna, Georgianne, Georgie, Georgina, Georgine, Geraldine, Geralyn, Geri, Gerri and Gerry are commonly used names, while the other Ge- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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