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Names starting with Hi-

15 Hi- name results beginning or starting with Hi- for baby girls, listing 1-15. Here is the list of Hi- names for boys.

Brunhilda (Old German) "Ready for battle."
[Hilda, Hilde, Hildi, Hildie, Hildy]

Esther (Persian) "Myrtle, bride; star." ..

Halleli (Hebrew) "Greatly praised." ..

Hibernia (Latin) Place name for Ireland.

Hibiscus (Latin) Flower name for the plant also known as the marsh mallow.

Hilary (Latin) "Cheerful, happy." ..
[Hilaire, Hilaria, Hilarie, Hilary, Hillary, Hillery, Hilliary]

Hilda (Old German) "Battle woman."
[Hilde, Hildie, Hildy]

Hildegarde (Old German) "Battle stronghold." ..
[Hilda, Hildagard, Hildagarde, Hilde, Hildegard, Hildegaard, Hildegunn, Hille]

Hildemar (Old German) "Battle-renowned."

Hildreth (Old German) "Battle counselor."

Hilma (Old German) "Determined protector." ..

Hinda (Hebrew) "Doe, female deer."

Hippolyta (Greek) "Stampeding horses." ..

Imelda (Old German, Italian) "Universal battle."

Mehitabel (Hebrew) "God rejoices."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Hi- names: Hilda, Hilary, Hillary, Hildegarde, Hildegard, Hildred, Hilma

Hilaria, Hilary, Hilda, Hilde, Hildegard, Hildegarde, Hildred, Hillary and Hilma are commonly used names, while the other Hi- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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