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"HI" names beginning or starting with Hi- for women. Names that start with Hi- are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "hi", and here for the list of Hi- names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its highest during the years 1900-1909 (usage of 0.0781%) and has become lower since, with names like Hildred, Hilma, Hildegard, Hildegarde and Hilary becoming somewhat dated.

Brunhilda - Mehitabel

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[Hilda, Hilde, Hildi, Hildie, Hildy, .. 15 more] Var. of Brunhilda 1 From Old German language. "Ready for battle." Not Top 1000 names.

[Hittie, .. 18 more] Var. of Esther 2 Derivative of Persian. "Myrtle, bride; star." Rare as a children's name, Hittie is found more commonly as a surname. See also Hettie. ..

[Hilly, .. 4 more] Var. of Halleli 3 Root fr. Hebrew. "Greatly praised." Rare. Hilly, like Lilly, Sessilly, ends with the favored feminine -lly. See also Halle. ..

Hibernia 4 From Latin language. Place name for Ireland. Hibernia is an uncommonly used female name.

Hibiscus 5 Derivative of Latin element. Flower name for the plant also .. Not in Top 1000.

Hilary [Hilaire, Hilaria, Hilarie, Hilary, Hillery, Hillary, Hilliary] 6 From Latin language. "Cheerful, happy." Hilarie and variants soared in popularity in 1992 and have become less widespread, with Hilary and Hillary becoming less stylish. ..

Hilda [Hilde, Hildie, Hildy, .. 1 more] 7 Derived fr. Old German. "Battle woman." Hilde occurs often (top 24%) as a surname.

Hildegarde [Hilda, Hildagard, Hildagarde, Hilde, Hildegaard, Hildegard, Hildegunn, Hille, .. 1 more] 8 Derived fr. Old German word. "Battle stronghold." Not in Top 1000. ..

Hildemar [Hildemarr] 9 Derivative of Old German language. "Battle-renowned." Hildemar and Hildemarr are rare as baby names.

Hildreth [Hildred] 10 Root fr. Old German language. "Battle counselor." Less popular today. Hildred was the variation last found (1920-1929) in the Top 1000.

Hilma 11 Source fr. Old German element. "Determined protector." Less popular today. Hilma was last found in 1910-1919 in the Top 1000. See also Vilma. ..

Hinda 12 Root fr. Hebrew language. "Doe, female deer." Rare. Compare Hinda with popular -nda surnames Honda (upper 9%), Pinda (96%). See also Cinda.

Hippolyta [Hippolita] 13 Stems fr. Greek language. "Stampeding horses." Not Top 1000 names. ..

[Himalda, .. 3 more] Var. of Imelda 14 From Old German, Italian languages. "Universal battle." Uncommon. Himalda, like Arnalda, Mafalda, ends with the popular feminine -alda.

[Hitty, .. 5 more] Form of Mehitabel 15 Root fr. Hebrew language. "God rejoices." Hitty is seldom adopted as a girls' name. See also Hatty.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Hi- names: Hilary, Hilda, Hildegard, Hildegarde, Hildred, Hillary, Hilma

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[Brunhilda - Mehitabel]
Brunhilda [Hildy, ..], Esther [Hittie], Halleli [Hilly], Hibernia, Hibiscus, Hilary [Hilliary, ..], Hilda [Hildy, ..], Hildegarde [Hille, ..], Hildemar [Hildemarr], Hildreth [Hildred], Hilma, Hinda, Hippolyta [Hippolita], Imelda [Himalda], Mehitabel [Hitty]