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Jac- names beginning or starting with Jac- for women. Names that start with Jac- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Jac- names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its most widespread during 1980-1989 and is almost as widespread today, but with names such as Jacey, Jacquelyn, Jaclyn, Jacklyn and Jackie becoming somewhat dated. Jacqueline (#246) is the most fashionable baby name in this list.

Giacinta - Jacey

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[Jacinta, Jacintha, Jacynth, .. 4 more] Var. of Giacinta 1 Based on Italian element. "Hyacinth." The variation Jacinta is prevalent (Top 41%) as a first name, while Jacintha and Jacynth are rarely occurring in comparison.

[Jacenta, Jacinda, Jacinta, Jacintha, Jacinthe, Jackie, Jacky, Jacynth, .. 11 more] Var. of Hyacinth 2 Origin fr. Greek word. Name of a flower and a .. The variations Jacinda (Top 72%), Jacinta (41%) and Jackie (5%) are common female names, while the other names are rare comparatively, and Jacinthe occurs frequently (Top 94%) as a last name according to the US Census.

[Jacodi, Jaconda, .. 41 more] Var. of Ja- 3 Source fr. American. Combination of the Ja- prefix with .. The variations Jacodi and Jaconda are unique female names.

Jacaranda [Jacarannda, Jacarranda, .. 1 more] 4 Flower name .. The variations Jacaranda, Jacarannda and Jacarranda are unique as women's names.

Jacey [Jacee, Jacelyn, Jaci, Jacine, Jacy, .. 3 more] 5 Source fr. American word. Phonetic variant based on the initials .. The forms Jacelyn and Jacey are more common as given names for baby girls among the various variant forms of the name.

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[Giacinta - Jacey]
Giacinta [Jacynth, Jacinta, Jacintha], Hyacinth [Jacky, Jackie, Jacinta, Jacenta, Jacynth, Jacinda, Jacinthe, Jacintha], Ja- [Jacodi, Jaconda], Jacaranda [Jacarannda, Jacarranda], Jacey [Jacy, Jaci, Jacee, Jacine, Jacelyn]

[Jacinda - Jacquelyn]
Jacinda [Jacy, Jacynth, Jacintha, Jacinthe, Jacynthe, Jacyntha, Jacynthia, Jacinthia, ..], Jackie [Jacky, Jacki, Jacque, Jackey, Jacqui, Jacquie, Jacquey, Jacquetta], Jaclyn [Jacklyn, Jaclynn, Jackleen, Jacklynn], Jacobina [Jacky, Jacoba, Jackie, Jacobyna, Jacobine, Jackobina, Jacobetta, Jacobette], Jacqueline [Jacqui, Jaculine, Jacquine, Jacquetta, Jacquette, Jacquelynne, Jacquenetta, Jacquenette, ..], Jacquelyn [Jaclyn, Jacklyn]