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Names starting with Jac-

11 Jac- name results beginning or starting with Jac- for baby girls, listing 1-11. Here is the list of Jac- names for boys.

Giacinta (Italian) "Hyacinth."
[Jacinta, Jacintha, Jacynth]

Hyacinth (Greek) Name of a flower and a color that ranges from sapphire to violet ..
[Jacenta, Jacinda, Jacinta, Jacintha, Jacinthe, Jackie, Jacky, Jacynth]

Ja- (American) Combination of the Ja- prefix with various endings ..
[Jacodi, Jaconda]

Jacaranda Flower name: a tree with purple blossoms that thrives in warm climates.
[Jacarannda, Jacarranda]

Jacey (American) Phonetic variant based on the initials JC or a nickname for any name beginning with J- ..
[Jacee, Jacelyn, Jaci, Jacine, Jacy]

Jacinda (Spanish) Variant of Hyacinth (Greek) ..
[Jacenda, Jacenia, Jacenta, Jacey, Jacie, Jacindia, Jacinna, Jacinta, Jacinth, Jacintha, Jacinthe, Jacinthia, Jacy, Jacynth, Jacyntha, Jacynthe, Jacynthia]

Jackie Diminutive and pet form of Jacqueline ..
[Jackee, Jackey, Jacki, Jacky, Jacque, Jacquetta, Jacquey, Jacqui, Jacquie]

Jaclyn (American) Simplified spelling of Jacquelyn ..
[Jackleen, Jacklyn, Jacklynn, Jaclynn]

Jacobina (Hebrew) "He who supplants." ..
[Jackee, Jackie, Jackobina, Jacky, Jacoba, Jacobetta, Jacobette, Jacobine, Jacobyna]

Jacqueline (French, Hebrew) "He who supplants." ..
[Jacalin, Jacalyn, Jacalynn, Jackalin, Jackalinne, Jackelyn, Jacketta, Jackette, Jacki, Jackie, Jacklin, Jacklyn, Jacklynne, Jackqueline, Jacky, Jaclin, Jaclyn, Jacolyn, Jacqi, Jacqlyn, Jacqualine, Jacqualyn, Jacquel, Jacquelean, Jacqueleen, Jacquelin, Jacquelina, Jacquella, Jacquelle, Jacquelyn, Jacquelyne, Jacquelynn, Jacquelynne, Jacquenetta, Jacquenette, Jacquetta, Jacquette, Jacqui, Jacquine, Jaculine]

Jacquelyn Respelling of Jacqueline with the -lyn suffix.
[Jacklyn, Jaclyn]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jac- names: Jackie, Jacey, Jacque, Jaclyn, Jacklyn, Jacqueline, Jacalyn, Jacquelin, Jacquelyn

Jacalyn, Jacelyn, Jacinda, Jacinta, Jackelyn, Jacki, Jackie, Jacklyn, Jackqueline, Jaclyn, Jacqualine, Jacque, Jacquelin, Jacqueline, Jacquelyn, Jacquelyne, Jacquelynn, Jacquetta, Jacqui and Jacquie are commonly used names, while the other Jac- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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