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"JAY" names beginning or starting with Jay- for women. Names that start with Jay- are used more often as masculine names. Here is the list of Jay- names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its most widespread in 2011 (usage of 0.1984%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.1574%, down 20.7%), but with names such as Jayde, Jayme and Jayne becoming less stylish. The trendier baby names in this list are Jaycee (#618), Jayla (#209), Jaylah (#358), Jaylee (#696) and Jayleen (#416).

Jacey - Jaya

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[Jaycee, Jaycie, .. 6 more] Forms of Jacey 1 Derived fr. American element. Phonetic variant based on the initials .. Rare. Jaycie (cf. Francie, Tracie) ends with the common feminine-sounding -cie.

[Jayda, Jayde, Jaydee, Jayden, Jaydra, .. 19 more] Forms of Jade 2 Root fr. English. "Precious stone." Unique. Jayde, like Trude, Claramonde, ends with the common feminine -de.

[Jaya, Jaylee, Jayleen, Jaylene, Jaylynn, .. 7 more] Var. of Jae 3 Derived fr. American, Latin words. "Blue crested bird." Popular. Jaylee, like Jennylee, Adorlee, ends with the common feminine -lee. ..

[Jayel, Jayil, .. 1 more] Forms of Jael 4 Source fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain goat." Jayel and Jayil are not Top 1000 names.

[Jayme, Jaymee, .. 4 more] Var. of Jaime 5 Origin fr. Spanish word. Variant of James (Hebrew) he who .. Jayme has faded in popularity as a birth name since the 1980s.

[Jayme, Jaymee, Jaymie, .. 18 more] Var. of Jamie 6 Source fr. Hebrew. "He who supplants." Usage of Jayme as a birth name has fallen off since the 1980s. ..

[Jayna, Jayne, Jaynell, Jayni, Jaynie, .. 88 more] Var. of Jane 7 Source fr. Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Jayne (cf. Gayne, Thayne) is a common -ayne suffix surname. ..

Jay [Jaya, Jaycie, Jaye, Jayla, Jaylah, Jaylene, Jaylan, .. 6 more] 8 Root fr. Latin word. "Blue crested bird." Jay, Jaya, Jaye (cf. Jaw, Jah) are popular Ja- prefix last names. ..

Jaya 9 Based on Hindi word. "Victorious." Not Top 1000 name. See also Joye.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jay- names: Jaycee, Jaycie, Jayda, Jayde, Jayden, Jayla, Jaylah, Jaylee, Jayleen, Jaylene

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jay- names: Jaylynn, Jayme, Jayne

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[Jacey - Jaya]
Jacey [Jaycie], Jade [Jaydra, ..], Jae [Jaylynn, ..], Jael [Jayil], Jaime [Jaymee], Jamie [Jaymie, ..], Jane [Jaynie, ..], Jay [Jaylene, ..], Jaya