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Jo- names

"JO" baby names beginning or starting with Jo-.

These girl names reached the height of their popularity during 1960-1969 (usage of 0.0464%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0262%, 43.6% less), but with names such as Joselyn, Joslyn, Jolie, Jordin and Jocelynn becoming somewhat outmoded. The most fashionable girl names among these are Josie (#254), Joy (#462), Josephine (#147), Jordyn (#127) and Joanna (#327), with Joanna, Josephine and Josie enjoying a resurgence in usage. Jordal (top 53%) and Jorde (36%) are familiar Jo- surnames.

Here is the list of Jo- names for boys.

pinGeneva - Joaquina

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jo, Joan, Joana, Joanie, Joann

[Joneva, Jonevah, .. 16 more] Var. of Geneva 1 Root fr. Old French language. "Juniper tree." Joneja and Jonena are kreatif variations. ..

[Jorjetta, Jorjette, .. 2 more] Forms of Georgette 2 From French, Greek. "Farmer." Rare, with the favored feminine-sounding -etta ending for Jorjetta like Jacobetta. ..

[Jorgina, .. 23 more] Var. of Georgia 3 Root fr. Greek element. "Farmer." Not Top 1000 name. ..

[Joya, .. 1 more] Form of Gioia 4 Origin fr. Italian element. "Joy." Not in Top 1000. See also Joi.

[Jovana, Jovanna, Jovanne, .. 4 more] Var. of Giovanna 5 Based on Italian, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Uncommon, with the -nna ending for Jovanna like Julyanna. ..

[Josefina, .. 1 more] Form of Giuseppina 6 Root fr. Italian, Hebrew. "The Lord increases." Rare, with the favored feminine -ina ending for Josefina like Jelina. See also Josephina. ..

[Joanna, .. 4 more] Var. of Ioanna 7 Derived fr. Hebrew language. "He (God) has favored me." Prevalent. Joanna (cf. Jillianna) uses the common -anna suffix. See also Juana. ..

[Jolantha, Jolanthe, .. 7 more] Var. of Iolanthe 8 Source fr. Greek language. "Violet flower." Outside Top 1000. ..

[Joppa, .. 1 more] Form of Jaffa 9 Derivative of Hebrew word. "Beautiful." Not in popularity charts.

[Joleesa, Joleisa, .. 5 more] Var. of Jaleesa 10 Modern name .. Not in popularity charts.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Joanna, Joanne, Joetta, Johanna, Johannah

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Johnna, Jolene, Joni, Jorja, Josefina

[Joan, Joana, Joanna, Johanna, Johnna, Johnetta, Jonella, Jonelle, Joni, Jonie, .. 83 more] Forms of Jane 11 Source fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Unique, with the common -ana suffix for Joana like Jaelana. ..

[Johnelle, Jonelle, .. 13 more] Forms of Janelle 12 .. See also Jeanelle. Outside Top 1000.

[Johnetta, Johnette, Jonet, Jonette, .. 18 more] Forms of Janet 13 Derivative of Scottish word. Originally a diminutive of Jane, from .. Unusual, with the -tte ending for Johnette, Jonette like Jette.

[Jorja] Var. of Jeorjia 14 From American language. Phonetic variant of Georgia. Not Top 1000 name.

[Joselle, Jozelle, .. 2 more] Var. of Jiselle 15 Derivative of American language. "Pledge." Unusual. Joselle, Jozelle, like Jonelle, uses the common -lle ending. ..

Jo [Jobelle, Jobeth, Jodean, Jodelle, Joette, Joetta, Jolana, Joleesa, Jolene, Jolisa, Jolinda, Jolise, Jolissa, Jolyn, Jomarie, Jolynn, Jonell, Jonelle, Jonessa, Joniece, Jonetia, Jonique, Jonisa, Joquise, Josanna, Jorene, Josanne, Jovelle, Jozette] 16 From American word. An independent name and short form .. Ranked in Top 1000.

Joakima [Joaquina, Joaquine] 17 Origin fr. Hebrew element. "Established by God." Uncommon. Joakima (cf. Jemima) uses the -ima suffix. ..

Joan [Joane, Joanie, Joannue, Jone, Joni, Jonee] 18 From Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Uncommon. Joan, like Jourdan, uses the common -an ending. ..

Joanna [Jo, Joana, Joanie, Joann, Joanne, Joanne, Joeann, Joeanna, Joeanne, Johannah, Johanna] 19 .. Biblical. Listed in Top 1000.

Joaquina 20 Derived fr. Spanish language. Feminine of Joaquin. Unique, with the -ina ending like Josefina.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Jo- names for girls.

Geneva - Joaquina
Geneva [Joneva, Jonevah], Georgette [Jorjetta, Jorjette], Georgia [Jorgina], Gioia [Joya], Giovanna [Jovana, Jovanna, Jovanne], Giuseppina [Josefina], Ioanna [Joanna], Iolanthe [Jolantha, Jolanthe], Jaffa [Joppa], Jaleesa [Joleesa, Joleisa], Jane [Joni, Jonie, Johnna, Jonelle, Jonella, Johnetta, ..], Janelle [Jonelle, Johnelle], Janet [Jonet, Jonette, Johnetta, Johnette], Jeorjia [Jorja], Jiselle [Joselle, Jozelle], Jo [Jorene, Joquise, Josanna, Josanne, Jovelle, Jozette, ..], Joakima [Joaquina, Joaquine], Joan [Joni, Jone, Joane, Jonee, Joanie, Joannue], Joanna [Joeann, Joanne, Joeanna, Joeanne, Johanna, Johannah, ..], Joaquina

Jobeth - Jorgina
Jobeth, Joby [Jobi, Jobey, Jobie, Jobina, Jobyna], Jocelyn [Jozlyn, Josslyn, Josselyn, Joycelin, Joycelyn, Josselynne, ..], Jocosa, Joda, Jodelle [Jodell], Jody [Jodi, Jodee, Jodey, Jodie], Joelle [Joely, Joetta, Joellyn, Jowella, Joelynn, Jowelle, ..], Johanna [Joanna, Johana, Johanne, Jovanna, Johannah, Joehannah], Johnella [Jonel, Jonell, Johnel, Johnella], Johnna [Jonna, Jonni, Jonnie, Jonnae, Jovanna, Jonnelle, ..], Joie [Joi], Jolan [Jola, Jolaine, Jolande, Jolanne, Jolanta, Jolantha], Jolene [Jolyn, Jolynn, Jolyna, Jolyne, Jolleen, Jollene, ..], Jolie [Joli, Joly, Joley, Joliet, Jolietta, Joliette, ..], Jonina, Joquil, Jorah, Jordan [Jori, Jorie, Jorry, Jorey, Jorrdan, Jourdan, ..], Jorgina [Jorjana, Jorgeanne, Jorgelina]

Josalind - Yosepha
Josalind, Josephine [Josy, Jozsa, Josie, Josiane, Josianna, Josianne, ..], Josie [Josina, Josette, Jozette], Jovana [Jovena, Jovina, Jovita, Jovanna], Jovita, Joy [Joya, Joye, Joyann, Joyanne, Joyelle, Joyanna, ..], Joyce [Joyse, Joysel, Joycie, Joyous, Joycelyn, Joycelynn, ..], Judith [Jody, Jodie], Julia [Joleta, Joletta, Jolette], Julie [Jooley, Joolie], Violet [Jolanda, Jolande, Jolanta, Jolantha, Jolanthe], Yolanda [Jolan, Jolanna, Jolanne, Jolanta, Jolantha, Jolanthe], Yonina [Jona, Jonati, Jonina], Yosepha [Josefa, Josepha]