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Names starting with Jo-

Page 1/3. 53 Jo- name results beginning or starting with Jo- for baby girls, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Jo- names for boys.

Geneva (Old French) "Juniper tree."
[Joneva, Jonevah]

Georgette (French, Latin) "Farmer." ..
[Jorjetta, Jorjette]

Georgia (Greek, Latin) Feminine of George ..

Gioia (Italian) "Joy."

Giovanna (Italian, Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Jovana, Jovanna, Jovanne]

Giuseppina (Italian, Hebrew) "The Lord adds." ..

Ioanna (Hebrew) "He (God) has favored me." ..

Iolanthe (Greek) "Violet flower." ..
[Jolantha, Jolanthe]

Jaffa (Hebrew) "Beautiful."

Jaleesa Modern name: the Ja- prefix with Lisa ..
[Joleesa, Joleisa]

Jane (Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Joan, Joana, Joanna, Johanna, Johnetta, Johnna, Jonella, Jonelle, Joni, Jonie]

Janelle Modern elaborated form of Jane, with the feminine ending -elle from names like Danielle ..
[Johnelle, Jonelle]

Janet (Scottish) Originally a diminutive of Jane, from the French Jeanette ..
[Johnetta, Johnette, Jonet, Jonette]

Jeorjia (American) Phonetic variant of Georgia.

Jiselle (American) "Pledge." ..
[Joselle, Jozelle]

Jo (American) An independent name and short form of names like Joanna, Joanne, Jody and Josephine ..
[Jobelle, Jobeth, Jodean, Jodelle, Joetta, Joette, Jolana, Joleesa, Jolene, Jolinda, Jolisa, Jolise, Jolissa, Jolyn, Jolynn, Jomarie, Jonell, Jonelle, Jonessa, Jonetia, Joniece, Jonique, Jonisa, Joquise, Jorene, Josanna, Josanne, Jovelle, Jozette]

Joakima (Hebrew) "Established by God." ..
[Joaquina, Joaquine]

Joan (Hebrew) "God is gracious." ..
[Joane, Joanie, Joannue, Jone, Jonee, Joni]

Joanna Variant of Joan or Jane ..
[Jo, Joana, Joanie, Joann, Joanne, Joanne, Joeann, Joeanna, Joeanne, Johanna, Johannah]

Joaquina (Spanish) Feminine of Joaquin.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Josefina, Joanna, Joan, Joana, Johanna, Johnna, Joni, Jorja, Jo, Joetta

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Jo- names: Jolene, Joanie, Joann, Joanne, Johannah

Jo, Joan, Joana, Joane, Joanie, Joann, Joanna, Joanne, Joaquina, Joeann, Joetta, Joette, Johanna, Johnetta, Johnette, Johnna, Jolene, Jolyn, Jolynn, Jone, Jonell, Jonelle, Joni, Jonie, Josefina and Joya are commonly used names, while the other Jo- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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