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"KE" names beginning or starting with Ke- for women. Names that start with Ke- are used more often as masculine names. Click here for the list of names containing the element "ke", and here for the list of Ke- names for boys. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity in 1994 (usage of 0.0512%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.0294%, down 42.5%), but with names like Kendal, Kelsie, Kenya, Keely and Kerri falling out of fashion. The trendier girl names in this list are Kenzie (#244), Kennedy (#54), Kendall (#131), Kendra (#259) and Keira (#228).

Akiva - Caoimhe

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[Keeva, Keevah, .. 6 more] Var. of Akiva 1 Derivative of Hebrew language. "Protect, shelter." Uncommon. Keeva, like Reva, Yeva, ends with the familiar feminine -eva.

[Keela, .. 1 more] Form of Cadhla 2 Source fr. Irish. "Beautiful, graceful." Not that prominent as a baby name. See also Keilah.

[Kendice, Kendis, .. 25 more] Var. of Candice 3 Based on Latin language. "Clarity, whiteness." Unconventional. Compare Kendice, Kendis, and popular last names Kendel (top 55%), Kendra (18%), which also begin with Ken-. ..

[Keelan, Keelin, .. 7 more] Forms of Caoilainn 4 Derivative of Irish. "Slender and white, fair or pure." Keelin (cf. Kelin, Yelin) is a common surname with the -elin ending. ..

[Keavy, Keeva, Keevah, Keva] Var. of Caoimhe 5 From Irish, Gaelic. "Gentle, beautiful, precious." Keavy, Keeva and Keevah are more unusual as birth names among the forms of Caoimhe.

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[Akiva - Caoimhe]
Akiva [Keeva, Keevah], Cadhla [Keela], Candice [Kendis, Kendice], Caoilainn [Keelan, Keelin], Caoimhe [Keva, Keeva, Keavy, Keevah]

[Carol - Keena]
Carol [Keryl, Kerril, Kerryl], Cecilia [Kekilia], Ceilidh [Keilidh], Ceinwen [Keyne], Ceri [Keri], Cesarina [Kesare], Cesia [Kesia], Cherith [Kerith, Kerrith], Ciara [Keara, Keira], Corinne [Kerrine], Erin [Kerin], Kamilla [Kemilla], Kanisha [Kenisha], Karen [Keryn, Kerron, Kerrynn, Kerynne, ..], Katrina [Ketryna, Ketrina, Ketreina], Kayla [Keyla], Keala, Keandra [Keandria, Keaundra], Keely [Keyley, Keylie, Keylley, Keyllie, ..], Keena [Keana, Keeana]

[Kefira - Kenisha]
Kefira [Kefeera, Kefeira, Kefirah, Kefirra], Keiba, Keiki, Keiko, Keila [Keilah], Keilana, Keilani, Keisha [Kesha, Kesia, Keicia, Keshia, ..], Keitha [Keithana], Kelby [Kelbea, Kelbey, Kellbie, Kelbeigh], Kelda [Kellda], Kelila [Kelula, Kelulah, Kelulla], Kellen [Kellan, Kellyn], Kelly [Kellye, Kellina, Kellyann, Kellyanne, ..], Kelpie, Kelsey [Kelsy, Kelsi, Kelsie, Kelseigh, ..], Kempley [Kemply, Kemplea, Kemplie, Kempleigh], Kendall [Kendal, Kendyl, Kendahl, Kendell], Kendra [Kenna, Kennah, Kenndra, Kenndrea, ..], Kenisha [Kennesha]

[Kenna - Kyra]
Kenna [Kenina, Kennia, Kennina, Kennette], Kennedy [Kenadee, Kennedie], Kenya [Kenia, Kennya], Kenzie [Kenza, Kenzy], Keren [Kerena, Kerensa], Kerensa [Kerenza], Kerrin [Keryn, Kerin, Kerryn], Kerry [Kerrie, Kerria, Kerridana, Kerrianne, ..], Kesia, Ketifa, Keturah [Ketura], Kevina [Kevyn, Kevynn, Kevinne, Kevynne, ..], Kezia [Ketzia, Keziah, Kezzie, Ketziah, ..], Kiana [Keona, Keanna, Keiana, Keonna], Kiara [Keira, Keearra], Kira [Keera], Kirsten [Kerstin, Kersten, Keirstin], Kylie [Keyely], Kyra [Keera, Keira]