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Names starting with Kh-

19 Kh- name results beginning or starting with Kh- for baby girls, listing 1-19. Here is the list of Kh- names for boys.

Candice (Latin) "Clarity, whiteness." ..
[Khandace, Khandice]

Candy (English) "Sweet." ..

Carissa (Latin, Greek) "Beloved; grace." ..

Charissa (Greek) "Grace." ..

Chloe (Greek) "Green shoot." ..
[Khloe, Khloey]

Chloris (Greek) "Green, greenish-yellow." ..

Christa (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Khrista, Khrysta]

Christian (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Christiana (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Khristanna, Khrystianne]

Christina (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Khristeen, Khristena, Khristina, Khristine, Khristya, Khrystyna]

Christine (French, Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Christy (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..
[Khristie, Khristy]

Crystal (Greek) "Ice." ..
[Khristalle, Khrystle]

Khadija (Arabic) "Early baby." ..
[Khadijah, Khadiya, Khadyja]

Khristina (Russian) Variant of Kristina, a Scandinavian form of Christina ..
[Khristeen, Khristen, Khristin, Khristine, Khristyana, Khristyna, Khrystina, Khrystyn, Khrystyna, Khrystyne]

Krista (Czechoslovakian) Variant of Christine ..
[Khris, Khristie, Khristy, Khrysta]

Kristen (Latin) "Follower of Christ." ..

Kristina (Scandinavian, Czechoslovakian) Variant of Christina.

Krystal Variant spelling of Crystal (Greek) "ice" ..
[Khristal, Khristalle, Khristel, Khrystal, Khrystle, Khrystalle]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Kh- names: Khloe, Khadijah

Khadijah is a commonly used name, while the other Kh- names are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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